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Presentation of Conference Report

Presentation of Conference Report

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  • 1. FEDERATION OF JESUIT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF INDIA SIXTH NATIONAL CONGRESS FEBRUARY 4 – 6, 2011 HOSTED BY ST. XAVIER’S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, PATNA ST. XAVIER’S HIGH SCHOOL, PATNA Presentation of Conference ReportThe theme for deliberations at the VIth National Congress of JAAI atPatna was “Public - Private Partnership For Better Education”.The matter which is of great concern and importance attracteddivergent and conflicting views and opinions in course of discussionsand deliberations.The delegates having deliberated extensively on the subject „Public-Private Participation for Better Education‟ have unanimously adoptedon this the 5th day of February 2011 the following resolutions:1. That the Public-Private Partnership For Better Education is the immediate need of the hour.2. That the Public-Private Partnership should be modeled on the basis of the needs of the respective areas.3. To impart quality education to ensure appropriate vocational opportunities.4. That the Jesuit Alumni/ae should act as catalysts in policy making, infrastructural development and effective
  • 2. implementation of Public-Private Partnerships with special focus towards underdeveloped areas.“All must love the human form, In Heathen, Turk or Jew.Where mercy, Love and Pity dwell, There god is dwelling too.” These words of William Blake certainly outlines the moral foundationof St. Xavier’s High School. Throughout the journey of 7 decades, it hasbeen serving its students in a special manner and has become a landmark.Today, we students of such a charitable, educational institution have got thisGolden Opportunity to host the mega program of Jesuit Alumni Associationof India, National Conference, 2011. The Federation of Jesuit AlumniAssociation of India (JAAI) is a body of Alumni Association of JesuitAcademic Institution of India. It hopes to bring together all the JesuitsAlumni of the country and direct their energies for the betterment of society,of course with the motto “ To Give and Not to Count the Cost.” Standing here, I feel extremely privileged to be a part of such a grandevent. It is truly on honour that we are entrusted with the responsibility tocompare such an excellent event. When we were given this responsibility,we all were struck with a unanimous question – “Can we do it ?” Just then,there came an inherent support from within when our teachers assured uswith lots of motivation – “Of course we can.” Gradually and eventually, wegot engrossed in the plethora of activities the brimming enthusiasm, withzeal and zest, even in harsh and chilled winter, remained ignited which willcertainly make this show a grand success. We students belonging to Jesuit Schools have an innate ability toexcel wherever we go and act as pioneers to all the noblest deeds. With themoral virtues like discipline, perseverance and focus instilled in usthroughout our school life will never let the reputation of our institutiondown. We have acted in compliance with the noble words of St. IgnatiusLoyola who always dreamt of spreading light in the hearts of people througheducation. He wanted education to become a torch through which countlessamen and women in every country could awake to become true humanbeings. Jesuits-Being the Disciple of St. Ignatius Loyola have trulypropagated His preaching. They have devoted their lives and soul to serveall. I feel all the audience here are groomed and nurtured under the enriching
  • 3. guidance of Jesuits and I take extreme pride in accepting this universal truth.We, the present Xavarians and alumni all over the country will foreverbehold the moral virtues and dignity of their institutions in all the paths oflife. As I, Aman Pratik, a board examinee this year, stand to bid adieu tomy School, my heart is gripped with nostalgia and eyes with tears, St.Xavier’s has done its task of developing us into good human beings. Now,its our turn to make our school proud of us. We should all take a pledge thatwe will keep the fire, which Jesuits have injected in us, burning andilluminate the whole world with its light. We Xavarians are explicablyprivileged to get the guidance of Jesuits and will ever remain adhered to ourmotto “For God And Country”. Finally I conclude with the famous lines of Robert Frost – “Wood are lovely, dark and deep And I have promises to keep And miles to go, before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep.” AMAN PRATIK St. Xavier’s High School, Patna Press – ReleaseThe two newspapers headlines said it all: PPP must to attain education goalsand PPP is no panacea. The VIth National Congress of the Jesuit AlumniAssociation of India (JAAI) commenced on the evening of 4 th February 2011to debate Public-Private Partnership for Better Education. At the inauguralceremony the Chief Guest Rev. William D’Souza, SJ Archbishop of Patnaexpressed the hope that the deliberations would result in positive solutions
  • 4. while being mindful of the core concerns of education. His Grace blessed theoccasion in a speech that indicated purpose and intent. The HRD Minister,Mr. P.K. Sahi made an impassioned appeal to Jesuits and soughtcollaborative partnership with Corporate and Private Entrepreneurs to sharethe government’s efforts to meet the huge deficit in education. The Presidentof JAAI, Dr. Santosh Rolland drew an interesting parallel between the credoof JAAI namely, Excellence, Innovation and Honor which any PPP initiativein education should transcribe into its model to blend its excellence andemancipation. President of the World Union of Jesuit Alumni, Dr. ThomasBausch commended the excellent work of the Jesuits with Patna taking apride of place. PPP should focus on the concerns of the disadvantaged, hemaintained. Mr. J.K. Sinha, President of the SXAA, Patna and former JointDirector RAW spoke of corporate social responsibility that ought to urge theprivate players to engage with the country’s education program. Fr. JoyKarayapuram, SJ Provincial and Fr. Ignatius Arun Abraham, SJ, Moderatorof SXAA and Rector St. Xavier’s Patna, expressed the hope that thedeliberations on Public Private Partnership would harmonize excellence andworth on one hand and ethics on the other. The program was ably anchoredby the Secretary of SXAA, Dr. Amulya Singh. Dr. Sandeep Sen, Vice
  • 5. President of SXAA and Treasurer of JAAI thanked all the guests anddelegates for their purposeful contributions and participation.Over 400 Jesuit alumni and 40 Jesuit priests from India and countries suchas USA, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Boumundi and France. Mr. Pablo Diaz,Chili’s Ambassador to Australia was among the many dignitaries to gracethe occasion and participate with avid camaraderie on the deliberations thattook place on the constructive role of the Alumni/ae in the context of PPP.On day-2 at the plenary session Mr. N.K. Singh, well known bureaucrat andRajya Sabha member enumerated the various challenges and worries that theeducation faces today as we switch from a static socialistic economy to onethat offers a wider global choices increasing competition and catapultingeconomic growth. The challenge of PPP was to reconcile the irreconcilable.The contradictions that one has to engage with are to harmonize access withquality, the need to pay for the quality and the commercialization ofeducation, and called for a flexible approach to tide over the crisis ofresources.
  • 6. Professor Jittu Singh, Professor of XLRI questioned the usefulness of theRTE if inadequate and non quality education was to be provided. He calledfor the Public and Private sectors to merge their resources in order to tacklethe dual problem of creating educational infrastructure and a good teacher.The resources he said, should be pooled in for purposes with focusedpriorities.Prof. Shankar Dutt, Professor of English at Patna University spoke of thethree phases of education in India, the colonial, the post-independent and thepost WTO when education had become a service to be consumed anddisseminated in the international market place. There is a need to address thedichotomy of quality and quantity as also regional imbalances, academicfreedom and the disparities between Central and State Universities. He alsoraised the people’s concerns with good teaching while discouraging theirown children from becoming teachers.Mr. J.K. Sinha presided over the session while the Vice Presiden, Mr. MohitAhluwalia conducted the session. Mr. Sanjay Mishra, President of St.Michael’s Allumni Association, Patna gave the vote of thanks.
  • 7. The panel discussions that followed on the conference theme debated thiscontentious issue and adopted the following resolutions: 1. That the Public Private Partnership for Better Education is the immediate need of the hour. 2. That the Public Private Partnership should be modeled on the needs of respective areas. 3. To impart quality education and to ensure appropriate vocational opportunities. 4. That the Jesuit alumni/ae should act as catalyst in policy making, infrastructural development and effective implementation of PPP with special focus on under developed areas.Hon’ble Justice Abhijit Sinha, former President SXAA coordinated thepanel discussions and presented the conference report in the second plenarysession.Mr. Fabio Tobon, Past President WUJA invited all delegates to the nextWorld Congress of WUJA to be held at Medline, Columbia in 2013. Later,Power Point presentations were made by a number of member associations.The JAAI National Congress combined profit and pleasure. The culturalprogram presented by the school children and teachers of St. Xavier’s
  • 8. School, Patna brilliantly showcased the cultural pluralism of India, of itsrichness and infinite variety of words rhythms and colours. The audiencewas completely mesmerized by the quality of the performance, its meaningand purpose.On the concluding day there was a meeting of the accredited delegates andalso the Governing Council meeting of JAAI in which new office bearerswere elected unanimously. Mr Naresh Gupta was elected as President, Mr.Shapath Shah as Secretary, and Mr Bobby Jacob as Treasurer of JAAIGoverning Council. It was also decided that the next Congress of JAAI willbe held at Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 2014.The outgoing members of theGoverning Council were felicitated with mementos by Fr William Currie,the delegate of Fr Superior General of the Society of Jesus. Mr.Vikramaditya Sinha anchored the concluding session.The concluding address was given by Fr George Nedumattam, SJ –Principal, St. Xavier’s, Patna and Province Coordinator of Alumni of PatnaProvince. -----------------------------------