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Unlock the power of emotions (#NTKY2012)


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. @geert_martens Unlock the power of emotions @geert_martens, competence leader customer experience, 4C Consulting Brussels, 15th May 2012 Prepared for “Nice to Know You 2012”, by SAS Institute
  • 2. @geert_martens 4C Consulting  |  Service portfolio g | p C t Customer E Experience M i t Management Naïve‐to‐Natural  |  Emotional Signature  |  Moments of Truth  |  Multi‐channel Strategy  |  Unique Customer View  |  CRM Roadmap Marketing Excellence Sales Excellence Service Excellence • Marketing Maturity Assessment • SFA Management & Automation • Customer Service Automation • Campaign Management & Automation • Sales Portfolio Management • Self Service Strategy & Management • Campaign Management Outsourcing p g g g • Sales Middle Office • Complaints Handling p g • Marketing Resource Management • Training & Coaching  Customer Insight Management Intelligent reporting  |  Data Quality  |  Data Integration  |  Advanced Analytics 2
  • 3. Book us for customer experience inspiration:• Conference speaking• Inspiration workshopsHire us for customer experience transformation:• Customer experience statement• Emotional Signature l• Moments of Truth transformation• CeX training & coachingGeert Martens, competence leader customer experience• Mobile: +32 477 365 166• Email:• Twitter: @geert_martens• Linkedin: p // / / g• Slideshare:
  • 4. @geert_martens The age The age of the customer the customer
  • 5. Age of the Customer Power comes from engaging on an emotional level with empowered customers Age of Information g Connected PCs and  supply chains mean those who control the  information fl i f ti flow dominate Age of Distribution Global connections and  transportation systems i make distribution keyAge of Manufacturing of ManufacturingMass manufacturingmakes individual power houses successful
  • 6. @geert_martens 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
  • 7. @geert_martens
  • 8. @geert_martens
  • 9. @geert_martens When your customer are emotionally engaged, they... When your customer are emotionally engaged they Forgive Pay a price Cost less to Promote Buy more Stay loyal operational p premium serve your brand y hiccups Emotional E ti l Customer Engagement
  • 10. @geert_martens What is a is a customer experience?
  • 11. @geert_martens A customer experience is em j jou orga g otio rn nizati ns ey on How a customer a journey of  with and about feels and remembers interactions an organization
  • 12. AffectionAngerAnnoyanceAnxietyApathyArousal ImpactingAweCared for the way the way you feel ContemptCuriosityBoredom i about  DepressionDesireDespair i iDisappointmentDisgust At  At The brand  DreadEcstasyEmbarrassment each i iEmpathyEnergized interaction,  The EnvyEuphoria emotions company  FearFocusedFretfulFrustration are  i iGratitudeGrief evoked The  productsGuiltHappinessHatredHopeHorrorHostility  i  i The  serviceHurriedHysteriaIndifferenceInterestIrritationJealousyLoathing  i  i The peopleLonelinessLoveLustMisery ValueNeglected receivedPamperedPityPleasedPrideRage Other gRegret customersRemorseSadnessSatisfactionShameShockShynessSorrow YourselfSufferingSurpriseStressedTrustValuedWonderWorrySource:
  • 13. @geert_martens         Make or Break moments Break moments  “Moments of Truth”      
  • 14. @geert_martens What is a is a great customer g experience?
  • 15. @geert_martens Deliberate D lib t Valued on an emotional level Great customer p experiences Perfect on all Moments of Truth Consistent across touchpoints & custo e ecyc e & customer lifecycle
  • 16. @geert_martens
  • 17. @geert_martens
  • 18. @geert_martens
  • 19. @geert_martens Reason Conclusions Emotion ActionThe essential difference between emotion and reason isthat emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusionsDonald Calne
  • 20. @geert_martens“Emotions color Emotions color  pthe experience and,more importantly, how the experiencehow the experiencewill be remembered”Donald A. NormanD ld A NSource:
  • 21. @geert_martensPeople will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, people will forget what you did,but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou
  • 22. @geert_martensSource: @ColinShaw_CX , @MicahSolomon and @geert_martens
  • 23. @geert_martens
  • 24. @geert_martens
  • 25. @geert_martens
  • 26. @geert_martens
  • 27. @geert_martens Consistent across touchpoints & lifecycle
  • 28. @geert_martens Next practices
  • 29. @geert_martens
  • 30. @geert_martensYou can’t stop the waves,but you can learn how to surfb l h fJon Kabat‐Zinn
  • 31. @geert_martens Build a CeX statement Define & measure KPIs Break‐down the CeX statement into:  +/‐ emotions, traits & desired behavior Calculate ROI Customize for core segments & Define  touch points code of conduct Identify improvement opportunities Id if i ii Define fit‐gap & identify quick wins 1.Define 4. Measure 4. Measure 2. Design Design implementation roadmap &  D i i l i d & 3. Implement 3.  3. Implement implement Quick Wins Design behavioral principles  per business unit Implement the Moments of Truth Map the customer journey  f h t for each core segment Communicate. Repeat. Identify the Moments of Truth (MoT)  for each journey Train & coach Design the MoT: emotions, behavioral  Design the MoT: emotions behavioral principles, processes, tools & KPIs
  • 32.