Customer experience in a digital age (preview)


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We're no longer living in material world, we're living in an experience world. It's no longer Madonna, it's Lady Gaga who rules the world. What is the impact of the digital age on the way consumers take decisions? And how can you impact this from a business perspective? The answer: great customer experiences

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Customer experience in a digital age (preview)

  1. 1. Customer Experience in a digital ageGeert Martens, practice leader 4C Consulting p g @geert_martens
  2. 2. May 2011 2B 2 Billion Internet users 255M 255 Million websites 294B 294 Billion emails sent every day 600M 600 Million people on Facebook 5.3B 5 3B 5.3 Billion people with mobile devices 300M 300 Million people on Twitter 17B 17 Billion sms every day 2‐3Y Within 3 to 5 years Mobile more popular 3 to 5 years, Mobile more popular  2B 2 Billion videos per day  2 Billion videos per day than PC to get on the Web  watched on YoutubeSource: State of the Internet 2010,  &
  3. 3. Source: @@dadovanpeteghem
  4. 4. 5% of total media spend p in Belgium is online vs. 6% of all 38% of Belgian 41% TV, 33% print & conversations are consumers have made 13% radio & 7% outdoor online, 14% by an online purchase in phone & 80% F2F 2010 5 38 7 6 41 14 13 80 33 It’s not all online today! 62Source: The Conversation Manager ‐ Steven Van Belleghem, OMD Belgium ‐ Investissements publicitaires mars 2011 via @theafter, via
  5. 5. Multitude of  Multitude of customer  touchpoints Increased  transparancy Powershift from  Enhanced advertiser to advertiser to community  consumer Information spirit overload Experience Authenticity driven economy
  6. 6. What does this mean for the business professional?
  7. 7. Decision journey  |  Traditional funnel j y | 7McKinsey Quarterly: The consumer decision journey – June 2009
  8. 8. Decision journey  |  Actual journey j y | j y trigger 8Source: McKinsey Quarterly: The consumer decision journey – June 2009
  9. 9. Decision journey  |  Impact of CeX & digital j y | p g Information scanning through information overload Recommendations Point-of-sale signage Enhance speed of evaluation Peer reviews SEO Enhance speed of SMA decision taking SEA Change th rules: Ch the l Own experiences & recommendations trigger SMA Peer reviews Communities Interact with your customers in search of emotional engagement 9Source:
  10. 10. Fundamental value‐drivers  in the digital world:  h d l ld y authenticity borne out of experience p and content. 
  11. 11. We’re no longerliving in a materialliving in a material world
  12. 12. We’re living in anin an experience world
  13. 13. What iscustomer experience
  14. 14. A customer experience is em j jou orga g otio rn nizati ns ey on How you feel a journey of  with and aboutand remember interactions an organization
  15. 15. What is a GREATcustomer experience
  16. 16. Great customer experience is  G t t i i gNOT about doing whatever it takes  to “wow” customers 
  17. 17. Great customer experience is NOT about  O bdelighting all your customers, all the timedelighting all your customers, all the time
  18. 18. A great A great customer experience isis  deliberate, valued& consistent across touch points and lifecycle& consistent across touch points and lifecycle
  19. 19. •Emotional drivers mapped Deliberate •Customer Valued experience defined Emotionally Great Customer Experiences engaged customers •Customer Journey mapped Consistent •Moments of truth M t f t th across designed touchpoints •Touchpoint & lifecyclerequirements defined q
  20. 20. You can’t stop the waves,but you can learn how to surfb l h fJon Kabat‐Zinn
  21. 21. Customer Experience Service Portfolio 2011 p The Principles of  Customer Experience The Power of Customer  Experience Customer Experience  St t Statement t Naïve‐to‐Natural  Define Moments of Truth  Maturity Assessment Transformation Emotional  Emotional Signature Segmentation Customer Experience  Assess &  Experience‐driven  Process Audit Process Audit Realize Complaints handling Complaints handling Measure CE Performance  Experience‐enhanced  Management Churn prevention Experience‐driven  E i di Segment Planning CE training & coaching 21
  22. 22.