Best Affiliate Marketing eBook To Help You Get Started In The Affiliate Business Model


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Best Affiliate Marketing eBook To Help You Get Started In The Affiliate Business Model

  1. 1. The best affiliate marketing eBook that I have come across that teaches how to get started within the affiliate business model is that of Jeniffer Ledbetter (AKA. Potpiegirl) who published the One Week Marketing eBook.
  2. 2. I say this is the best I have read as it isnt your typical PDFthat tells you how to write an article or how it is supposed to have x amount of keyword density and so on.
  3. 3. Instead, Jeniffer cuts through all that by not repeating any of the usual stuff you hear everyday. This is because the guide isnt designed to teach you this stuff. It is her ownpersonal action plan that she used to get her to where she is today. Which at the time of writing this is her 4 year anniversary of starting to work online.
  4. 4. The action plan takes you through all the stuff you need to know to make the IM puzzle come together. You get the knowledge of how to perform keyword research, how todecide if it is a phrase worth pursuing and what to do with the keywords that you find.
  5. 5. Its all about picking up on the low hanging keywordphrases that the bigger affiliates dont want to work with.
  6. 6. Taking phrases that can only get perhaps 10 searches a month and scaling up your first business by sticking to a plan that is already developed for you so that you have 1new campaign going to work for you every week while you go on and build another.
  7. 7. One of the perks that benefited me was the bonus area ofthe guide. The mind maps area as its called. It details with graphics about how all these little campaigns come together at the end of the week and unlike a lot of products this is one that works. Not only because it is thepersonal daily action plan of potpiegirl but because before it was released there was a guy went through the teachings to make it work and after his first few days hewas profiting from the internet. The conversation they hadis also included in a separate file. I havent read that as its over 130 pages long but the first few pages seemed interesting. Not enough to read all the document right enough but it is there if you get bored and want something else to read.
  8. 8. I used the action plan a while back, but unlike what Im supposed to do with it, and use it weekly for several campaigns, I only followed it for 2 weeks and thosecampaigns continue to makes commissions both from the revenue sharing site their published on as well as the affiliate marketing referral commissions that are madefrom the web pages. From time to time, if I havent muchon, in terms of work Ill find myself reverting back to it to put another campaign together.
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