The internet of robots


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An introduction to the Internet of Robots

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The internet of robots

  1. 1. The Internet of Robots
  2. 2. Internet Robotics in ten years the Internet will host a trillion robots using fully synthetic software and systems every Internet robot is uniquely different each robot has an audience of one all are fully personalized tools or toys Internet robots work well together in teams they’re good at looking, listening, and learning they constantly evolve and they’re easy to clone so Internet robots will multiply like rabbits
  3. 3. The Old Internet of Media this is the familiar Internet we all use today Email, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, et. al. it’s an Internet of isolated information islands it’s the Internet handcrafted for hackers by hackers The New Internet of Mechanization the Internet of Things plus the Internet of Robots gradually replacing the Internet we use today great new tools and toys built by everyone for all using state of the art automation science
  4. 4. What are Internet Robots? they’re not solid robots that make and move things they’re soft robots that model and manage things they mechanize the minutia of modern life they’re mass-customized, micro-scale automata soft and solid robots team up really well Internet robots develop and deploy your robots and they help you design your personalized robots Internet robots processes plain language & plain logic so they’re always as smart as a pencil and paper
  5. 5. Using the Internet of Robots the serious game of real life ported to the Internet automating all aspects of your labor & leisure lives it sounds like Siri, it looks like World of Warcraft it works with perceptual automation (e.g. Kinect) it’s your own completely personalized Internet with your own staff of specialized robots tuned and tailored for your unique life much less Internet effort, much more success
  6. 6. Internet Robots are Intimate your personal robots constantly model your life by monitoring your personal audio & video streams plus your kinematic and physiological sensors in order to learn what you do and how you do it and provide perfect recall for all personal information they gauge the geometry of everything automatically they know what’s going on around you at all times they know what you’re doing & help you get it done they know what you need and when you need it they alert you to significant obstacles & opportunities
  7. 7. Robots Maximize Internet Collective Intelligence all of us together are far smarter than any of us that’s why the Internet of Robots is really smart islands limit Internet collective intelligence today but the Internet of Robots has no limits so everyone will have better choices and everyone will share in collective success
  8. 8. Internet Robotics Technology no bullshit (e.g. artificial intelligence) computer science is mostly irrelevant hard science and high technology are sufficient building on a mature $100B technology base automation engineering (design, defense, etc.) old, reliable, pick and shovel technologies boring, workable, no big breakthroughs old time-tested, trustworthy tools and techniques
  9. 9. Internet Robots Are Built With Synthetic Software automata synthesis has been routine for decades complex engineered system synthesis at vast scales tool suppliers include Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys hardware is just frozen software after all synthetic spaghetti structures are really smart total automated testing of subject matter models but synthesis works only for mechanization software because it’s automatic rather than algorithmic note that algorithmic synthesis is unworkable so media processing requires manual coding
  10. 10. Strong Plain Language Specification Technology soft robots are synthesized from plain language plain English first, other major languages later entirely obvious to middle school students we all have a Ph.D. in plain language the key enabling technology for Internet robots borrowed from the publishing and defense industries based on a century of mature prior art far superior to soft programming languages strong enough for the principled professions e.g. management, medicine, law, engineering
  11. 11. Internet Robotics Infrastructure based on existing Internet standards and practices mostly scalable NoSQL databases (Redis, Cassandra) mass-scale asynchronous incremental automata vast sparse automata structures and spaces mostly schemaless modeling, schemas will be rare models are shared via big data & document engines synthesis generates JavaScript now, bytecodes later robots are disposable rather than durable most robot code runs only once, much never does
  12. 12. Digital Media on the New Internet still lots of digital media on the new Internet but all information islands will be eliminated so no need for big websites or big search engines precision specialized search with unlimited findability mass federation of media sourcing and searching automated supply chains end information overload with radically better media searching and sharing institutional IT will decline and disappear agile enterprise automation is the replacement
  13. 13. Engineered Synthetics are the Future of Software everyone agrees that software is eating the world but software is still a primitive handicraft industry now a quantum leap in quality & quantity is required we need precision software mass modeling systems we need cheap mass custom automated production we need software based on solid engineering science that's why synthetics are the inevitable future all that’s required is retargeting mature technologies Internet robots are the synthetics technology driver
  14. 14. Hacker Capitalism Will Decline primitive handicraft code can’t compete with robots engineered synthetics are vastly superior in all ways handcrafted code severely limits Internet innovation hacking is truly dangerous on the new Internet Automation Capitalism Will Dawn robots will reinvent & reinvigorate Internet capitalism new economic advantages of specialization, not scale Internet industrialization with interchangeable parts a trillion lines of perfect new custom code daily
  15. 15. Executive Summary islands are the fatal flaw in the Internet of Media so mechanization is the only workable Internet future robots are the simple, easy, cheap way to this future a new Internet built by reusing mature technologies a radically bigger, better, cheaper, faster Internet powered by familiar plain language and plain logic built by engineers and MBAs using true high tech all human mass systems will migrate to the Internet and these will be thoroughly mechanized with robots
  16. 16. Backup
  17. 17. But It’s the Wrong Kind of Software! that’s what the software experts will tell you not the sort of software done on the Internet today but it’s the ideal sort for Internet industrialization mysterious to hackers and computer scientists but routine for decades in automation engineering old Internet things must be done in new ways but mainly these will be better ways with a far better user experience and much less user effort
  18. 18. A True High Technology of Software surprising to most hackers and computer scientists but old hat to many automation engineers a complete working mechanics of practical software enterprise, economic, & engineering mechanisms as well as all kinds of familiar everyday mechanisms complete coverage of principles and phenomena with testable engineering science theories and tools but not applicable to antique handcrafted software because soft pattern hacking models are a mystery
  19. 19. The Internet of Robots Innovation Cycle Internet of Islands innovation is costly & lengthy but Internet of Robots innovation is quick and easy in much the same way as cooking innovation incremental innovation costs are nearly zero minor innovations take just a few minutes the minimum viable innovation audience is one innovation lifecycle costs are negligible since all Internet robots are unique so innovation is continuous, evolutionary
  20. 20. Plain Language is Intrinsically Mechanistic because the minutia of modern life is mechanistic diverse sorts of familiar subject matter mechanics with about a million subject matter specialties plain language = practical + personal language practical language is grounded in physical reality so its meaning is always entirely mechanistic some personal language lacks strong mechanics but this language can be strengthened sufficiently and much personal language has strong mechanics
  21. 21. Plain Language and Plain Logic are Sufficient the only tools we have for modeling modern life they’re mass technologies evolving for ten millennia and they’re always perfect for all practical purpose due to the invisible hand of information economics that’s why there’s no need for private languages the sole exception is handcrafted software hacking now plain language has been ported to the Internet and this is the beginning of Internet industrialization because everyone’s now an Internet robotics expert
  22. 22. Robots Provide Unlimited Internet Scalability someday the Internet will become a single vast robot made up of layered levels of smaller robots because the modern world is one vast mechanism made up of layered levels of smaller mechanisms in this way robots reflect the reality of modern life robots are subject matter state mechanics automata and these are always strictly additive at all scales so there will be no isolated Internet robot islands handcrafted software models are symbol automata these are never additive so each is an Internet island
  23. 23. Engineering Automata Theory the solid engineering science behind Internet robots fully unifies all sorts of subject matter mechanics throughout all basic, natural, and applied sciences about a hundred basic kinds of automata models all share the same differential, dimensional logic the plain logic of plain language is mechanistic so this logic is readily reducible to automata models synthesis turns automata models into software with perfect plain language documentation and total automated test coverage
  24. 24. Internet of Robots Standardization plain language itself is the only standard required this is the strongest modeling standard possible it’s always the beginning of all other standards we all use plain language in exactly the same way and that’s exactly why it always works so well plain language is implementation independent so plain language models never become obsolete and they work with all existing Internet standards this solves the ISO layer 7 standardization problem that’s the thorny application layer problem
  25. 25. The Internet of Robots Enables the Internet of Things the Internet of Things hasn’t happened yet just billions of digital things on the Internet so far nearly all these things are isolated Internet islands with vast untapped automation value potential but all automation applications are special cases and handcrafting the required software is impractical so mass custom software industrialization is required and Internet robots are the perfect solution digital things and robots are a match made in heaven they’re the Internet of Mechanization building blocks
  26. 26. Robot Specialization is Simple there are no start from scratch robots on the Internet all new robots evolve from some existing robot often from one of thousands of stock starter robots then each is specialized for some particular purpose using familiar plain language visual or verbal models this is how robots are precisely personalized all robots work with many other robots so all robots must constantly coevolve and each is frequently regenerated
  27. 27. A Plain Logic Refresher recall the elements of exposition from middle school these elements are rigor, rationale, and rhetoric rigor: quantity and quality rationale: who, what, where, when, why, how rhetoric: compare, contrast, classify, and compose these elements expose plain language structures they’re strong mechanistic meaning structures a simple logic easily testable in the laboratory of life they’re practical logics based on physical reality shared by all the hard sciences and high technologies
  28. 28. Strong Specification Systems strong specification has a simple acid test: can you always say all you mean & mean all you say, without ever saying too much or tool little, with safely and simplicity for any subject matter? plain language is the only workable way to do this for any and all specialized practical purposes so all other specification systems are very soft including all possible programming languages plus all other purely symbolic specification systems
  29. 29. The Internet of Robots is Asynchronous the Internet is already becoming asynchronous node.js and browser code are primary examples but spreadsheets are asynchronous automata too Internet robots are nested asynchronous automata all robots share strong mass scale world models how the world works and how we work in the world these are plain language and plain logic models so you can always see what your robots are doing no need for obscure artificial logics and languages
  30. 30. Will Robots Lead to an Internet Singularity? robots are based on automation technology, not AI robots are powered by our collective intelligence just like everything else in the modern world robots are new Internet collective intelligence tools and in this way they’ll help the world get far smarter but robots can’t be smarter than a pencil & paper that’s the fundamental specification technology limit the singularity is a science fiction superintelligence that requires a totally new specification technology and even the AI folks have no idea what this might be