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Presentation on finding government information delivered at the Maine Library Association Conference, Spring 2012

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  • Welcome to Government Information for All Agenda for today History Overview of resources Locations in State and region Electronic resources About Orono Questions Tri-State Region explanation
  • Take aways from presentation Types of info available How to access Where to turn for further assistance Is there interest in posting online presentation site such as slideshare?
  • Outgrowth of librarianship tenants Unofficial motto many gov docs librarians believe Madison 4th President Friend of Thomas Jefferson 3rd President
  • Tenants of access Great amount of useful info produced, but sometimes little used Historical/cultural importance of the material to American citizens--this is American history, our history. Example, Maine National Guard lists from 1920's Estimates vary on percent electronically digitized of overall 40-60% some estimates as low as 25% New material 95% Reason for FDLP system will describe in a few slides
  • Also known as GPO Printing Act of 1895 transfers Superintendent of Documents to GPO streamlined shipment of materials to libraries Bill Boardman current Public Printer on NBC 22 minutes can pickup if you choose later from slideshare Explain color on depository libraries as some are in process of leaving
  • Logo is displayed at entrances for all libraries participating in FDLP program Many libraries are now displaying it on their web sites Knowledge that all gov resources in library are available to entering public Directory of libraries in program at
  • All libraries in FDLP have this set.  Most have much larger set Libraries may have items in multiple formats electronic, paper, and cd to accommodate patron needs. Mention reason for red is question on continuing in the future due to budget issues Types of materials text, video, cd, posters, maps, charts, atlas, photographs, increasingly electronic Discuss electronic access in a few slides
  • Additional titles that are part of the basic collection every library has  Unites States Code is set of federal laws organized by category.  Includes constitution in first volume.
  • Regional/selective arrangement to program Cooperative agreements BPL and Husson/Hospitals Beginnings significant libraries in the state UMaine started post civil war
  • Orono has items from 1789 on We have 60-70% of items published over time Staff working to add pre 1976 records to URSUS Currently collecting especially pre 1966 materials   Mention Portland Public items intake Mention Congressional Record from Michigan Most libraries retaining shorter time period
  • Brief review of numbering system in case patron brings in record May help in tracking other material on subject
  • Archival arrangement to numbering Stems changed over time some added some changed some discontinued  example: War Dept W, Navy N now D Defense FW Federal Works 1930's 1940's  HS Homeland Security added since 2001 Some libraries do convert their items to LC or Dewey and interfile on the shelf, most retain the SuDoc scheme some move perm to collection but leave bulk in SuDoc
  • Categories types of material produced by agency /2 /3 means series usually after cutter /2 implies that something similar has used cutter number
  • Shortly added to Marvel database lists These are listed in URSUS and MaineCat
  • Patent and Trademark depository Contact Science/Eng for assistance Many of the libraries that are FDLP also house MaineDocs
  • Summer Hours Mon-Thur 8am-7pm Friday 8am- 5pm Sat Noon-5pm Sun 12:30-7pm
  • Posters used by school for civics classes  Ability to copy and print those posters Smithsonian  and LC books visually interesting to public History buffs find great deal in the Defense Dept history series Health information for all that  is available in pamphlets Nutrition Breast cancer Heart disease Multiple languages for many items, especially in health area Maine State Plan Maine Library Commission, Larger Libraries Group, URSUS libraries group, now MLA 
  • FDLP Connection Newsletter signup for email distribution Govdocs-L discussion list
  • Questions Dept will reach one of four staff that are able to check reference, etc. Twitter retweet info from many of the gov feeds, Maine related, or local library if appropriate for larger audience
  • Government Information 2012

    1. 1. Government Information for All Tri-State Region Maine New Hampshire Vermont May 21, 2012
    2. 2. Objectives of presentationo Types of government information that is available for all citizenso How to access government produced information both electronic and in tangible formatso Where to turn for further assistance
    3. 3. James MadisonA popular Government without popular information, or themeans of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or aTragedy, or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever governignorance, and a people who mean to be their ownGovernors, must arm themselves with the power whichknowledge gives.August 4, 1822
    4. 4. Tenants of Government Information Access• The public has the right of access to government information;• Government has the obligation to disseminate and provide broad public access to its information;• Government has an obligation to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of its information;• Government has an obligation to preserve its information; and• Government information created and compiled by government employees or at government expense should remain in the public domain.
    5. 5. Government Printing Office History• GPO officially established in 1813 with contract printers• Began in house printing during the 1860’s• Government one of largest publishers• 1,250 depository libraries• Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) was established, 1895, by Congress to ensure that the American public has access to its Governments information• Free access to any citizen at any depository library
    6. 6. FDLP LogoDisplayed at all library entrances participating in program
    7. 7. ResourcesEvery library has: • Crime in the United States• Budget of the United • Economic Report of the States President• Catalog of Federal • Federal Register Domestic Assistance • Franchise Opportunities• Census Bureau Catalog Handbook• Census of Housing • Historical Statistics of the• Census of Population U.S.• Code of Federal • Monthly Catalog of Gov Regulations (CFR) Publications• Congressional Directory • Occupational Outlook• County-City Data Book Handbook
    8. 8. Resources continued • Publications Reference File • Slip Laws • Statistical Abstract • Statutes at Large • Subject Bibliographies • Supreme Court Reports • United States Code • United States Government Manual • United States Industrial Outlook • Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
    9. 9. History of Univ of Maine and Tri-State• Regional/Selective libraries• Twenty-six libraries in ME, NH, VT that participate in FDLP• UMaine is not oldest in the state: Colby, Bates, Bowdoin, Portland Public Library, Bangor Public Library 1884• UMaine beginnings 1890• 1907 Land Grant• 1962 regional• 1966 Tri-State regional (one of 46 regional libraries in country)• Locations Map for libraries participating in program
    10. 10. In Maine Libraries• URSUS records for all new items• URSUS/MaineCat links to online resources through 856 field• 2.2 million items in UMaine collection• UMaine retain everything call for pre-1976 items spotty in URSUS• Others 5 years and limited selection• Listings for UMaine,UMLaw, Bangor Public Library, Maine Law Legislative Reference Library, UMaine Presque Isle in URSUS• MaineInfoNet: Portland Public Library, Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Maine Maritime Academy• Limit in URSUS to gov docs, gov docs serial, gov docs maps, gov doc computer• Can request items through URSUS/Minerva/MaineInfoNet• Can request items through traditional ILL, OCLC, Docline
    11. 11. SuDoc Numbers OverviewDoesn’t work the same as LC or DeweyNA 1250.A85989.134 .R23GP 1.2: IN 3/2 Keeping America InformedArranged by Dept/sub dept/bureau and type information
    12. 12. SuDoc Class Stems aka Departments GP 1.2: IN 3/2 Keeping America Informed A Currently 59 Class Stems Agriculture AE Numbers after the initial National Archives & Records Department designation refer Administration B Broacasting sub of to the Board departments, Governors cabinets, offices, etc. These C are arranged 1-x Commerce Dept alphabetically by the name of CC Federal the office at the time of Communications creation Commission D Defense Dept E Energy Dept
    13. 13. SuDoc Subordinate Structure .5 LawsNumbers after decimal .6 Regulations, rules, andindicate the following: instructions .7 Press releases .8 Handbooks, manuals,.1 Annual Reports and guides.2 General Publications .9 Bibliographies and lists.3 Bulletins of publications.4 Circulars .10 Directories .11 Maps and charts .12 Posters .13 Forms .14 Addresses
    14. 14. Government Web SitesUSA.Gov - American Fact Finder Topics: Your Pathway to Government Projects Registry Guide
    15. 15. Our web pagesWeb page documents links Nations Experiment Station deptsPatents (Science & Engineering)Maine docs (Special Collections)
    16. 16. Service Hours at Orono Hours during academic semester Mon - Thur 8am - 9pm Fri 8am - 5pm Sat 10am - 5pm Sun 12:30pm - 9pm
    17. 17. Future• Continue with born-digital of government information FDSys• Increase amount of historical material digitized through partnerships such as the Registry• Discussion of reorganizing the regional/selective program in the age of digital--survey and planning ongoing at national level (State Forecasts and State Action Plans)• Funding for the GPO• Nationally some libraries are leaving--two regionals, but in region all current libraries plan to stay in program. Many are moving to electronic selection.• Maine State Plan for Government Information Does anyone want to join?
    18. 18. More Info• Fogler Government Info pages• Tri-State Web Site state-libraries/home• FDLP Desktop• Slideshare of this presentation
    19. 19. Questions? Office: (207) 581-1681 Dept: (207) 581-1680 Twitter: @gmalbcTumblr: