LS Spring Advising 2011


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LS Advising Presentation for Freshmen in Europe.

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LS Spring Advising 2011

  1. 1. LS Spring Advising 2011
  2. 2. Goals for this Session► Touch on Key Points of the Fall Registration Process► Clear Students to Register► Discuss how to identify and achieve Long Term Academic Goals► Outline the Transition to NYC► Q and A
  3. 3. Registering for Fall Classes An Overview
  4. 4. Registering for Fall Classes: Get Ready1. Identify Your Classes through Albert  Classes posted in late March/early April2. Construct several possible Fall Schedules3. Take Care of Your Blocks: Adviser Clearance/Health Stops4. Know Your Assigned Day/Time to Register5. Know your requirements
  5. 5. Registering for Fall Classes: Set► Know Your Time/Day to Register► April 27/8 for MOST FYA Students► Account for the Time Difference (it will be in EST)► Have your mock schedule and backups
  6. 6. Registering for Fall Classes: Go► Register through Albert on NYUHome► Go to the Register Screen to enter the Call numbers of the classes for your fall schedule► Hit Submit
  7. 7. Registering for Fall Classes The Nitty Gritty
  8. 8. Constructing the Fall Schedule► Know Your School and Major Requirements► Spread Your Classes Over Several Days► Educate Yourself on Your Educators► Make Sure Your Meet the Prequisites► Get our Your Pen and Paper (Make Mock Schedules with Course Call numbers)
  9. 9. A Word about Requirements► Liberal Studies► Major/Minor Requirements► BA School Requirements
  10. 10. LS Requirements: To Transition► Writing I/II► Social Foundations I/II/III► Cultural Foundations I/II/III► and one math or science► 64 credits► Your Official High School Transcript on File► 3.0 GPAN.B. The above also earns students an AA.
  11. 11. LS Requirements Impact on Fall RegistrationCultural Foundations III and Social Foundations III► Take CF III or SF III in the fall semester. NOT BOTH.► Students who register for both must have a persuasive reason (or will be dropped from one)Science Requirement► History of the Universe and the Science of Technology► Life Science and Environmental Studies
  12. 12. The Major/Minor Requirements► Students begin registering now for classes toward their majors and minors in the fall of sophomore year► Start with the Intro Courses► Research the Major/Minors List for Reqs
  13. 13. BA School Requirements► Each BA School has requirements► Many of the LS core classes will satisfy reqs at the BA school► Additional coursework is often required in science, math (“QR”), and foreign language
  14. 14. The Science RequirementTwo Course Requirement for most schools► Often called Natural Science I (aka “Nat Sci I”) and Natural Science II (aka “Nat Sci II”)► One Biology-based (Nat Sci II), one Physics-based (Nat Sci I)How LS Sciences Match Up:► Nat Sci I: History of the Universe OR the Science of Technology► Nat Sci II: Life Science OR Environmental StudiesMany AP Exams (or other Advanced Standing examinations) also satisfy this requirement
  15. 15. The Math or “QR” RequirementMajor/Minor Courses that satisfy the QR Req► Calculus (Prehealth, Business Studies)► Statistics (Economics)► Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (Psychology and Sociology)► Quantitative Methods in Political Research (Politics)Advanced Placement that Satisfies the QR Req► AP credit in Statistics or Calculus
  16. 16. Trivia BreakWhat was the first capital of the United States?
  17. 17. Putting it all Together: A Sample Schedule The Freshman YearFall Semester Spring Semester► Writing I ► Writing II► SF I ► SF II► CF I ► CF II► Italian or French ► Italian or French
  18. 18. Putting it all Together: A Sample Schedule The Sophomore YearFall Semester Spring Semester► CF III ► SF III► History of the Universe ► Life Science► Foundations of ► Statistics for the Journalism Behavioral Sciences► Intro to Psychology ► Journalistic Inquiry
  19. 19. Stops on RegistrationThree Kinds of Stops► Advisor Clearance► Bursar, Admissions, Health Center► Date/TimeHow to Find Out if You Have AnyRefer to the Registration Status Screen on AlbertNote: It will say that you cannot register until your assigned registration time.
  20. 20. Important Registration DatesApril 10: Students Should Clear Up Any Stops by THIS DateApprox April 28: FYA Students Register for Classes Make sure to take into account the time difference!
  21. 21. Trivia BreakWhat’s the Tallest Building in NYC?
  22. 22. Transitions to Your BA SchoolOn-Track Transition Off-Track► Process Begins Spring ► Either FR or So. Semester Sophomore Transition Year ► Requires additional► One-click Response to Internal Transfer Email from Admissions Application► Complete Process by ► May Require Portfolio Commencement of or Audition Junior Year Fall ► May Require Courswork
  23. 23. CAS: A Solid Option with a Diversity of Choices► Majority of LS Students Transition On-Track to CAS► 3.0 GPA to transition and Completion of LS requirements► LS Core Satisfies Most of the CAS Core Reqs► Students may still need to complete Science, Math, or Foreign Language Requirements in addition to Major/Minor Reqs to graduate► 63 majors, 73 Minors► For more information:
  24. 24. GLS: Make Yourself Marketable for the Global Marketplace Still to Time to Apply! Deadline: April 1, 2011 Highlights of the Program► Junior Year Overseas (with ► Experiential Learning: Learn Fieldwork) through Doing (Out in the  Paris World)  Madrid  Buenos Aires ► Advanced Language Proficiency  Shanghai  Berlin ► Senior Thesis  Florence ► Innovative Use of Technology:► Tight Knit, Global Community: Simonides, Web-based Small Classes, Hands-on Conferencing, etc. Mentoring and Advising
  25. 25. GLS Con’d► Shares the Interdisciplinary Character of LS► Interdisciplinary Classes Model the syncretic thinking that students will use in their thesis► Highly Sequential Courses and Interlinking Courses that Build on Prior Work► Allows for Students to Develop two areas of expertise: One in Global Liberal Studies, the Second in their chosen Area of Research► Strengthens their International Work and Research Portfolio through the Year Abroad and Senior Thesis
  26. 26. Gallatin► Offers students a “Individualized Plan of Study”► Does have requirements: K Credits (6 Gallatin Classes, including 4 Interdisciplinary Seminars), Science or Math (no language)► Best for students with a very specific plan of study not offered elsewhere at the university► Not good for students who simply want to combine two majors (like Psych and French), students wanting to pursue science or business► Off-track Transfer for Junior Year► Not permitted to study abroad in the first semester in Gallatin
  27. 27. Stern: BusinessOff-Track Transfer► Requirements to Apply Off-Track Just to be Considered  By the End of the Fall Semester, take the Following: ► Calculus I ► Principles of Financial Accounting ► Econ I ► Econ II  3.8 GPA minimum for consideration► Alternatives to Stern  Econ, Business Studies  Minors in Social Entrepreneurship, Management and Public Policy, Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology, etc.  MBA
  28. 28. Steinhardt: Media, Culture, and EducationOff-Track Transfer for Most Students► First Year Transfer for:  Music and Arts  Nutrition and Health  Education► Second Year Transfer for:  Media, Culture, and Communicaiton (MCC or “Communications”) ► Should have around a 3.5 for a successful off-track transfer ► Different from the Journalism major in that it’s geared more toward a variety of modes of communication and not “just” reporting/journalism.  Applied Psychology
  29. 29. TischOff-Track Transfer for Most Students► First Year Transfer  Requirements for Transfer ► Generally requires auditions or portfolios ► Generally requires a 3.0 GPA mininum► Second Year Transfer  Students may still choose to transfer off-track to Tisch  BUT students will likely need to spend an additional THREE years in Tisch (making for a 5 year undergraduate degree)
  30. 30. Trivia BreakHow old is the NYC subway?
  31. 31. Other Academic Matters► Summer Coursework► Questions► Academic Advising
  32. 32. Summer Classes at NYU in NYC► Summer Classes at NYU in New York  G/LS Summer Classes: HOU and Environmental Studies  Sign-up Up to the Date before the class begins  May Affect Your Financial Aid  Costs about $1200 per credit  Two Six-Week Summer Sessions: I and II  Summer Housing
  33. 33. Summer Classes Elsewhere► Summer Classes Abroad  Through NYU, 25 locations worldwide (UG and GA)  Suggested Application Deadline: March 15► Summer Classes at another University  First Identify Classes You’d Want to Take  Then Get the Syllabi  Email Me to See if NYU will Give you Credit  Caution: Language Courses, Sciences (Lab), Prehealth
  34. 34. Questions?
  35. 35. Trivia BreakWhat is the name of the Dean of Liberal Studies?
  36. 36. Advising Beyond the Freshman Year► Sophomore Year Advisors: Will Reach Out to Students Before the End of the Spring Semester► Junior Year: Students Transition to their Major advisor OR School Advisor (unless GLS)► Students should continue to be in touch with their freshman year professors and advisor► Mentoring by LS Upperclassmen
  37. 37. LS Advising Center► LS Advising Center (  Open 9-5, Monday through Friday  726 Broadway (steps from campus)  Team Led by Dean Paul Naour ►Claudie Deshommes ►Jeff Walker ►Jason Chan ►Yenifer Romero Badia ►Leah Guarino-Ramirez
  38. 38. Trivia BreakWho founded NYU?
  39. 39. Spring Semester:Preparing for NYC► Complete Housing Lottery  Phase III► Initiate Visa Process  Apply for AFCOE  Gather Paperwork  Apply for Visa no Later than June 1► Apply for the Dean’s Circle  Application Info should be announced in late April/early May  Honors Society: 3.65 GPA, Essay, Recommendation from Faculty
  40. 40. Spring Semester: Preparing for NYC► Plug Yourself In Early  Sign Up to Be a LS International Ambassador ►Email with Incoming Students ►Create Programming for LS Students on the International Theme  Volunteer for an Admissions Event in late April► Identify Your Goals for Fall
  41. 41. Trivia BreakWhat are the two major league baseball teams in NYC?
  42. 42. Summer: Transition To-Dos► Check Your Emails► Keep on Top of Any Deadlines  Visas  Housing  Make Travel Plans for NYC: August 28 Arrival► Look for a Job  Wasserman Website  Volunteer Opportunities
  43. 43. And Then You’re There: Welcome Week, NYC August 28-September 5Sunday, August 28Move In and Check in at the LS Offices/Meet LS AmbassadorsMonday, August 29FYA Orientation Meeting (AM) and Presidential Address (PM)Monday, August 29Reception for FYA parents, only. Time and Location TBA.Tuesday, August 30Group Advising Meetings and Bus TourWednesday, August 31Walking Tours with LS Faculty and more QR/Calc/FLP Exams (as necessary)Thursday through Monday, September 1-5: University-wide events and “Reunions”Tuesday, September 6: First day of Classes
  44. 44. Trivia BreakWhat was the first NYU study abroad site?
  45. 45. Preparing for NYC: Identify Your GoalsThe Destination Postcard► Identify a Concrete Goal You have for the Fall Semester  Make New Friends  Get a Work Study Job at NYU► Note 3-4 Ways of Making Progress toward that Goal  Go to Club Fair During the 2nd Week of Class  Join a Club by myself  Volunteer with the LS International Corps  Ask One of my fellow students to Study together
  46. 46. The Destination Postard in Action: Get a Job for the Sophomore Year► Goal: To Get an On-Campus Job for the Sophomore Year► Steps to Getting a Job  Summer ► Put Together Your Resume ► Use the Wasserman Website Database for Searches ► Identify Departments or Offices You’d Like to Work for and Contact Them Separately ► Use Other Contacts for Information about Job Openings ► Send Out a Target # of Resumes with Tailored Cover Letters  Fall ► Attend a Wasserman Information Session ► If no luck with on-campus, begin search off campus
  47. 47. The Destination Postard in Action: Make New Friends► Make New Friends Outside of the FYA Circle► Steps  Spring/Summer ►Contact mentors about where they met new people ►Research Clubs ►Consider living with non-FYA students in the Dorms  Fall ►Attend the Club Fair ►Get involved with LS Student Government
  48. 48. The Destination Postcard: Identify Major and Minor► Goal: Identify which major/minors to pursue for the BA (and even which school to go to!)► Steps to Getting There  Spring/Summer ► Identify which Classes in the LS Core (and which topics) interested you most ► Go through CAS majors minor list ► Identify Broad Industries/Companies of Interest: Publishing, Sports, Non-profits ► Register for one or two classes in your potential major/minor  Fall ► Go to the CAS Majors Fair ► Visit Wasserman to discuss potential Careers
  49. 49. Preparing for NYC: Making a Successful Transition► Create a Healthy Schedule & Make Time for All of You  Balance between academics, friends, working out, and work► Know Where to Get Support  The Counseling Center  The LS Advising Center  The Office of International Programs► Knowing the Contours of the Transition  Peaks and Valleys to Acclimation  Sophomore Slump  The Way Out of the Woods
  50. 50. Loose Ends and Sundry Details► ID Cards► Meal Plans► Safety and Transportation► Summer Webinar► Declaring the major/minors► Placement Exams: What Happens if you didn’t register for the one today
  51. 51. Questions?