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from a session on the topic of using tablets in early learning by Gail Lovely

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  • As we work to develop a criteria for the selection of apps for learners 3 - 7 years of age. The intended bias is for apps which are not just tools for learning something, but for practicing or learning things we value.
  • Ipad in Early Learning by Gail Lovely

    1. 1. iPads in Early Learning Infinite Possibilities Gail LovelyGail@GailLovely.com LovelyLearning.com Gail@GailLovely.com
    2. 2.  Explore the infinite possibilities iPads and iPods offer. Gail offers for your learners and . Youll see why iPad and iPod applications are terrific ways to teach and learn— with aGail@GailLovely.com touch of the finger.
    3. 3. SECOND DAY OFKINDERGARTENhttp://vimeo.com/27964370
    4. 4. The App Store…Like a box of chocolate
    5. 5. The App Store…A HUGE box of chocolate
    6. 6. SOME STATS…http://148apps.biz/app-store-metrics/ Apps available for download: 659,936 Education Category: 65,530 (active) Average App price: $1.99
    7. 7. What are the numbers? From 2009 to 2011 apps for toddlers - elementary school have grown from 47% to 72% of the education collection*.Gail@GailLovely.com *(iTunes)
    8. 8. Price…  Free? Really?Gail@GailLovely.com
    9. 9. “All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching?” Nicholas Johnson
    10. 10. Educational Criteria  Teach or practice curriculum or skills of value  Create evidence of knowledge or skills  Produce materials to learn with or from  More than CUTE, ENGAGING, FUN.Gail@GailLovely.com
    11. 11. Apps and Application of Apps Educational researchers and practitioners alike assert that the potential of new technologies for learning is likely to be found not in the technologies themselves but in the way in which these technologies are used as tools for learning (Means & Olson, 1995; Owston, 1997; Valdez et al., 1999).Gail@GailLovely.com From NCREL: http://www.ncrel.org/sdrs/areas/issues/content/cntareas/reading/li300.htm
    12. 12. Gail@GailLovely.com Book Creator
    13. 13. “Don’t bring in an elephant to teach the color gray.” - Madeleine Hunter
    14. 14. Educational Criteria  Ability to play well with other files and apps  Appropriate learning curve  Useability Let’s Look at Some!Gail@GailLovely.com
    15. 15. Gail@GailLovely.com StoryKit
    16. 16. Additionally – format matters  Does the app consider multiple users? Bluster and Futaba are examples of this…Gail@GailLovely.com
    17. 17. Additionally – strategy matters Does the app target the users appropriately? Toontastic is a wonderful example of this…Gail@GailLovely.com
    18. 18. App Selection  A few ―technical‖ things to look for…Gail@GailLovely.com
    19. 19. Technical Criteria  Ability to get files off device  Screenchomp (free) ◦ Output to link on their site (with ads) ◦ On the iPad on which it was made  Explain Everything ($2.99) ◦ Output to: Email, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, YouTube…Gail@GailLovely.com
    20. 20. You HAVE to be Careful…  There is a reason 30% of apps are opened only once.Gail@GailLovely.com
    21. 21. Gail@GailLovely.com Reading Level MisMatchScreenshot from Casey’s Contraptions
    22. 22. Confusing…?Gail@GailLovely.com Screenshots from Live ABC
    23. 23. Gail@GailLovely.com Lets Look…
    24. 24. ExamplesDropBox My favorite file management andsharing tool… all platforms (free)AudioNote Note taking – voice, text anddrawing (4.99)Explain Everything Annotate on almost anything,voice, draw, etc ($2.99)
    25. 25. And More!Fotopedia HERITAGE An amazing collection of images andinformation of World Heritage Sites (free)Zapper Scanner The best QR code reader andcreator so far! (free for now)Sling Note Best tool for capturing parts ofwebsites, annotating, etc! ($2.99)
    26. 26. A couple more…TinkerBox HD Incredible problem solving, spatialthinking ―game‖ (free)Futaba Classroom Games for Kids A reading game – customizable -upgrade to paid version ($4.99)Book Creator My current favorite book makingtool. ($4.99)
    27. 27. Just a few more?AudioBoo (also web)A super easy way to record audiofreeWrite my Name by InjiniCustomizable handwriting practice3.99Little Solver Preschool LogicCritical thinking analogies.99
    28. 28. Just one more…Math DoodlesAmazing math practice in gameformat $2.99
    29. 29. Apps by Blooms Taxonomy  http://www.edutopia.org/ipad- apps-elementary-blooms- taxomony-diane-darrowGail@GailLovely.com
    30. 30. Apps by Bloom’s Taxonomy  http://www.schrockguide.net/bloo min-apps.htmlGail@GailLovely.com
    31. 31. Apps by Student Action  http://edtechteacher.org/index.p hp/teaching-technology/mobile- technology-apps/ipad-asGail@GailLovely.com
    32. 32. App Selection  Places to hear from others  http://www.tcea.org/ipadGail@GailLovely.com
    33. 33. App Selection  Places to hear from others  http://www.iear.org/Gail@GailLovely.com
    34. 34. Reviewers of Apps Children’s Technology Review - http://childrenstech.com/ Common Sense Media - http://www.commonsensemedia.org/ Also educators on Pinterest and Twitter and User Ratings (in the store orGail@GailLovely.com marketplace)
    35. 35. App Selection  Places to hear from others  http://teachwithyouripad.wikispac es.com/iPAD+Apps  http://www.techchef4u.com/Gail@GailLovely.com
    36. 36. App Selection  http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/sur prisinglyeduappsGail@GailLovely.com
    37. 37. Android…  Not my area of expertise, but here is the best resource I know:  http://www.android4schools.com/Gail@GailLovely.com
    38. 38. Managing iPads/iPods  Encase them and Label Them Number 1Gail@GailLovely.com Sample Wallpaper Big Grips
    39. 39. Organize the Day  Start the day with a productive iPad task – journal, image, riddle, search task  Have a signal to signify if the iPads will be used that day (red – no, yellow – maybe, green – yes)  Know when to be flexible and when to stand firmGail@GailLovely.com
    40. 40. Learn TOGETHER  Learn from and with the students ◦ Have them share their discoveries with you and each other regularly. ◦ NO ONE touches someone else’s technology  Expect the unexpected ◦ Have students help you solve the challengesGail@GailLovely.com  Be prepared to put them away…
    41. 41. Over-Whelming Support  Lists, lists, lists… (not just apps)  http://www.livebinders.com/play/ play/26195  http://www.livebinders.com/play/ play/40590  http://ipadeducators.ning.com/pr ofiles/blogs/preparing-your-school-Gail@GailLovely.com for-an/
    42. 42. New ISTE SIG Forming… Early Learning and Technologies Show your support – http://earlylearningandtechnologi es.comGail@GailLovely.com
    43. 43. Thanks for your interest in choosing the BEST for our children!  Gail Lovely  Gail@GailLovely.com  http://LovelyLearning.comGail@GailLovely.com
    44. 44. Download a PDF version … Or follow this link:Gail@GailLovely.com http://Suddenlyitclicks.com/ and choose ―SDE Resources‖