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Renaissance By  Miss Gloria Diuco
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Renaissance By Miss Gloria Diuco


renaissance music

renaissance music

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  • He sketched the 1 st parachute, 1 st airplane, 1 st tank, first repeating rifle, swinging bridge, paddle boat and 1 st motor car.wrote his ideas backward so that they could only be read in a mirror
  • “ I have never liked the common saying of some people that if you know how to sign your name and can figure out your balance, you have enough education.”
  • Reason not faith
  • Famous for her mysterious smile.”La Gioconda”…. Not fond of eyebrows
  • Most famous painting in the world
  • The only work of Michaelangelo with his signature on it
  • Altar of the Sistine chapel.
  • All biblical characters
  • Work by Rapahael
  • Most famous painting in the world


  • 1. RENAISSANCE P RIOD E 1450 – 1600 By: Miss Gloria Diuco Page 1
  • 2. “If you know how to sign your name and can figure out your balance, you have enough education” This is unacceptable if you are living in the Renaissance periodRenaissance Page 2
  • 3. The Renaissance ManRenaissance Page 3
  • 4. Why is Leonardo da Vinci described as the renaissance man?Renaissance Page 4
  • 5. Leonardo da Vinci  He was a painter, architect, inventor, scientist, poet,musician, and teacher.He sketched the 1st parachute, 1st airplane,1st tank, 1strepeating rifle, swinging bridge, paddle boat, 1st motor car .Renaissance Page 5
  • 6. Renaissance started in ITALY.Renaissance Page 6
  • 7. HUMANISM PHILOSOPHYRenaissance Page 7
  • 8. MAN is the builder of the world in which he is to live and to rule.Renaissance Page 8
  • 9. The weight is on the quality of life on earth, much diverse from earlier beliefs that life should be visioned as a preparation for death.Renaissance Page 9
  • 10. The Renaissance was turning from God to man.   Science and the arts were turning out to be more significant Does God exist?Renaissance Page 10
  • 11. SCIENTOLOGIST Tom Cruise.John Travolta “I don’t believe in God, I believe in Science” Page 11
  • 12. Inventions,Accomplishments Page 12
  • 13. PRE SS INT IN G PRRenaissance Page 13
  • 14. The printing press allowed music to be printed quickly.   Before the Renaissance, music had to be copied by hand.  Renaissance Page 14
  • 15. Mona Lisa by LEONARDO DA VINCI Painted in 1404, took 6 years to complete.Renaissance Page 15
  • 16. The Last Supper By Leonardo da VinciRenaissance Page 16
  • 17. Pieta MichaelangeloRenaissance Page 17
  • 18. LAST JUDGMENT -Renaissance Michaelangelo 18 Page
  • 19. Ceiling of the SISTINE CHAPEL MichaelangeloRenaissance Page 19
  • 20. Renaissance SCHOOL OF ATHENS Page 20
  • 22. Is there anyone living in this generation you would regard as a Renaissance person?  Is it harder to be Renaissance person nowadays than during the Renaissance?Renaissance Page 22 HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • 23. Renaissance MusicRenaissance Page 23
  • 24. The nobles and the royal courts used music to show the wealth and power of their countriesRenaissance Page 24
  • 25. Musical NotationRenaissance Page 25
  • 26. SONG FORMS Madrigals *performed in groups of four-six singers. * usually love songs.    M adr igalRenaissance Page 26
  • 27. Mad rigalRenaissance Page 27
  • 28. A Cappella: -That means that singers sang without instruments. Vocal music was still more important than instrumental music.Renaissance Page 28
  • 29. A MOTET is a polyphonic work with four or five voice parts singing one religious text. Example: MAY BUKAS PA (in 4 voices) TE T M ORenaissance Page 29
  • 30. T TE T O E M T M ORenaissance Page 30
  • 31. MASS was an important part of the Catholic Churchs religious service. The mass would be sung in Latin.  MA SSRenaissance Page 31
  • 32. . Here is the order in which the MUSICAL MASS would be performed:  1.Kyrie- means God. This is the first piece in a musical mass. 2.Gloria- means Glory and follows the Kyrie. 3.Credo-means Creed of Belief. It follows the Gloria. 4.Sanctus-means Holy. 5.Benedictus-means Blessed. 6.Agnus Dei- means Lamb of God.Renaissance Page 32
  • 33. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Lute- most prominent instrument ute LRenaissance Page 33
  • 34. la vihuela, or rhythm guitar vi hueRenaissance Page 34
  • 35. recorder rd er recoRenaissance Page 35
  • 36. la vihuela, or rhythm guitar vi hueRenaissance Page 36
  • 37. violsRenaissance Page 37
  • 38. DA IOLA V BA GAMRenaissance Page 38
  • 39. COMPOSERS Claudio MonteverdiRenaissance Page 39
  • 40. PALESTRINARenaissance Page 40
  • 41. COMPOSITIONS Madrigal-secular music L’homme armee Monteverdi, LOrfeo- Prologue- Dal mio Permesso_Renaissance Page 41
  • 42. Most famous music GREENSLEEVESRenaissance Page 42
  • 43. You look so dumb right now Standing outside my house GREENSLEEVES Trying to apologize You’re so ugly when you cryAlas my love you__ do me wrong Please, just cut it out To__ cast me off___ don’t tell me you’re sorry ’cause discourteously you’re notAnd I have loved____you so long Baby when I know you’re only De__light___ing in__ your sorry you got caught company But you put on quite a show Greensleeves__ was all my joy__ Really had me going And greens___leeves___was my But now it’s time to go delight Curtain’s finally closingGreensleeves was my heart of gold That was quite a show And___who but my Very entertaining lady’s___greensleeeves But it’s over now (but it’s over now) Go on and take a bowRenaissance Page 43
  • 44. GUIDE QUESTIONS1. Compare the madrigal to a contemporary love song..*What can you say about the lyrics of each song?* Do you see any similarity in the two songs?2. What are the prominent features of a renaissance song? Dennis de YoungRenaissance Page 44
  • 45. VALUE INTEGRATIONINTE GR ITY OF CR EATI O N Renaissance was all about empowering the human being.We, the greatest creation of God has been bestowed with so much potentials and power. We have explored theunexplored and invented technologies that are unimaginable 10-20 years ago. We have discovered our potentials but let us not forget the ONE who gave us all these gifts of knowledge and wisdom.Renaissance Page 45
  • 46. References^ Halsey, William D., ed. Colliers Encyclopedia. Vol. 16. NewYork: MacMillan Educational Company, 1991.[citation needed]^ Ringer, Mark. Operas First Master: The Musical Dramas ofClaudio Monteverdi. Canada: Amadeus Press, 2006.[page needed] The Renaissance Period or Renaissance Era Was a Time of ... Page 46