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Presentation gloob

  1. 1. An enterprise by Alumni from IIT and IIMs, India’s first multi categorydesign and production enterprise in the space of home décor andfurnishing.Working with a vision of redefining how people decorate their spaces byintroducing them to clutter breaking home décor and furnishingproducts.Create a market differentiation by bringing the highest level of productquality and service to partners which creates value in their associationGloob: Who art thou?
  2. 2. Arguably India’s fastest growing home décor brand!4500+1.5 lakh40150+20000Unique Products (manufactureable in-house)Size and colour variantsExclusive store spacesNetwork partners across India, UK and BahrainCumulative store space area in Sq ftGloob: The road so far
  3. 3. Presence in 60+ major cities in India20000 sq. ft.(+) of cumulative display areaInternational distribution in UK, BahrainOver 40 exclusive store spaces in IndiaCurrent network
  4. 4. Current networkBaroda, Indore, Dewas, Ajmer, Mumbai, Delhi
  5. 5. Current networkJaipur, Kochi, Hydreabad, Calikut, Noida, Chennai
  6. 6. Current networkTrissur, Kakinada, Vijaywada
  7. 7. Current networkUdaipur, Bahrain, |
  8. 8. 2. MARKET SIZE
  9. 9. FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES FURNISHINGWALL DECOR71000 Cr 20000 Cr14000 CrSofas, tables, wall cabinets,book shelves, sculpturesCurtains, bed and bathproducts, cushions, rugs* All stats for IndiaGLOOBDecorative paints, wall paperGloob: Market scope
  10. 10. FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES FURNISHINGWALL DECOR71000 Cr 20000 Cr14000 Cr 5%15% 45%GLOOB* All stats for IndiaOnly wall paper and wall graphicsOrganized OrganizedGloob: Addressable market
  11. 11. FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES FURNISHINGWALL DECOR71000 Cr 20000 Cr14000 Cr 5%15% 45%20350 Cr$ 3.7 BillGLOOB* All stats for IndiaGloob: Addressable market
  13. 13. To become among the 5 biggest players in décor and furnishing in thenext 3 years.To acquire 10% of the total market share of the addressable market inthe next 3-5 years. (Revenue size 2000 crores)To become one of the 3 biggest players in India and among the top 10in the world in the next 6-8 years.To create phenomenal value for partners so as to make at least500Crorepatisin India over next 6-8 years.TO BE A BRAND RESPECTED FOR BUSINESS ETHICS ANDDELIVERANCE OF VALUE TO PARTNERS AND CUSTOMERS.Gloob: Vision!
  15. 15. Living RoomKitchenKids roomBathroomHooksBorders MotifsAcrylicWoodDecalFibreTable topsWall framesVasesStoolsWall cabinetsBook shelvesFramedUnframedCustomizedWall graphics Clocks SculpturesPaintings FurnitureCustomizeddesignerwallpaperWallpaperProduct portfolio
  16. 16. Gloob in India’s largestmanufacturer of wallgraphics both in terms ofvariety and distributionreach. Made from an ultra-thin self-adhesive vinyl filmthey are excellentsubstitutes to wallpapersand paints.Extremely easy to applythem on walls or any flat,smooth surface like a tattoothey let you redefine yourspaces within minutes.Wall graphics
  17. 17. Gloob Graphics for kids room are fab ways to decorate the spaces aroundlittle ones without spending a bomb. They are excellent substitutes towallpapers and are available in a range of appealing character shapes andthemes.Kids graphics
  18. 18. Gloob Decals for your worship space. Have the almighty inyour heart as well on your walls. Available in different color aswell as size variants. Highly durable and pocket friendlycomplement to statues and deities.Religious graphics
  19. 19. And graphicsfor everybody
  20. 20. Gloob Graphics can combine to create beautiful full wallthemes which can decorate your spaces like none else…Full wall graphics
  21. 21. Gloob Graphics can combine to create beautiful full wallthemes which can decorate your spaces like none else…Full wall graphics
  22. 22. Wall hangersGloob Graphics accessories combine the idea of wall graphics with hooks andhangers to make beautiful and unique designs for hangers and hooks in your livingroom, bed room or even you bathroom.Graphics accessories
  23. 23. More hangers…Graphics accessories
  24. 24. Restrooms and bathroom decor…Graphics accessories
  25. 25. Restrooms and bathroom decor…Graphics accessories
  26. 26. Kitchen, fridge and cupboards…Graphics accessories
  27. 27. Kitchen, fridge and cupboards…Graphics accessories
  28. 28. Borders available by running feet. Used for wall highlighting. Various colours. Nowastage.Can be used horizontally, vertically or in any other manner. Can replace wall paper.Wall borders
  29. 29. Wall borders
  30. 30. Amazing applications to instantly change the look of your wall. Cheaper than designerwall paper.Available by piece, multiple colours, no wastage, choose pieces according to your owntheme.Wall motifs
  31. 31. Designer stools and small furniture elements to add a touchof eleganceDesigner furniture
  32. 32. Invisible book shelves designs.Available in various shapes andconfigurationsUniquewall cabinetdesigns made out of ultralight weight wood.Available in differentshapes andconfigurations*In productionAmazing wall cabinets and bookshelves…Designer furniture
  33. 33. Vases, stools and ethnic wall hangings made from resin andfibreVases and sculptures
  34. 34. The clock frame madeout of Self AdhesiveVinyl gets easily pastedto the wall as a stickergiving the impression ofbeing painted on thewall while the solidclock frame stands outto break theconventions in clockdesigns.Wall graphic clocks
  35. 35. Gloob Acrylic Clocks availablein multiple color are uniquedesigner clocks crafted to makeyour interiors race ahead oftime. The Clock Frame craftedout of acrylic in interestingshapes, can be hung on thewall while the solid needles onit give it a sleek and trendy feel.Acrylic clocks
  36. 36. Gloob wooden clocks areunique designer clocks craftedto make your interiors raceahead of time. The clockframe made out of light weightwood livens your spaces togive it an elegant feel.Wooden clocks
  37. 37. Gloob canvas paintings are a result of masterful artwork on canvas. Available invarious sizes and framing styles they serve as excellent gifting options except actingas great décorative options.Canvas paintings
  38. 38. Textured self adhesive vinyl. Amazing art work based wall papers which can be customizedto wall size and shape.Customized wall papers
  39. 39. Customized wallpapers
  40. 40. Customized wallpapers
  41. 41. Personalized wall papers on photographs sent by you.Personalized wallpapers
  42. 42. Amazing 3-d wall papers for the first time in India3-d wallpapers
  43. 43. Amazing 3-d wall papers for the first time in India3-d wallpapers
  44. 44. Amazing 3-d wall paper for the first time in India3-d wallpapers
  45. 45. CorporatesSchoolsPre-schoolsRestaurantsPillowcoversBedsheetsCurtainsChairsTablesWallcabinetsPlatesSaucersCupsGlassesJugsMetalWoodResinPlasticWall graphics Upholstery FurnitureLamps CutleryEye into the futureFuture productexpanse1 lakh uniqueproducts1 million variants by2016CustomizeddesignerflooringFlooring
  46. 46. BUSINESS MODELWho can associate with Gloob?• Small and medium scale business owners in home décor space• Furnishing shop, Wall-Paper shop, Furniture shop owners• Architects, Interior designers &Consultants, Real estate developers• Gift shop/ Wall clock shop /Accessory shop owners• Designer furniture stores• Single individuals who wish to start a new business/expandtheir current portfolio
  47. 47. BUSINESS MODELBENEFITS AND USP1. Access to over 4500 products and growing in home décor1. High quality assurance and warranties for every product1. Strong support for breakage/damage replacement1. New products every month matching different ethnic sensibilities2. Free 3-d lay-outing and customization support
  49. 49. 1. India’s only company to provide 3-d layout for customers’ environmentsUsually when a customer buys a home furnishing product (wall paper, wall graphic,painting, clock), they cannot imagine how it will look when they finally apply it in theirhouse. Gloob solves this problem by providing them composited environments and 3-dlayouts2. India’s only company to provide custom products for big size projectsOften premium customers want something exclusive for their homes which is muchbeyond the catalogue. Gloob provides them with exclusive and customized designs forprojects of high value3. Direct interaction with client if and when requiredSometimes, customers’ requirements are vague and it helps to understand theirrequirement directly while keeping the partners in loopInstitutional sales mechanism
  50. 50. Example project 1Udaipur school external wall décorProblem statement – To design external wall décor with inspirationalquotes. Free 3-d layout created for project and approval taken aftermanagement could visualize the actual environment.
  51. 51. Example project 2Kids room designProblem statement – To put graphics on cupboard for a kids room withEnstein quotes. Two options provided. Option 2 approved andmanufactured. No extra design cost.
  52. 52. Example project 3Theme for a mall in KochiProblem statement – To put graphics based on Bollywood and music fora winding staircase for a mall in Kochi. Options provided with a 3-denvironment. No extra design cost.
  53. 53. Example project 4Corporate theme implementationTo put a corporate theme with inspirational quotes from businessleaders for 5000 sq. ft. office in Goa. Actual photographs for projectimplementation after approval.
  54. 54. Example project 5Hotel theme implementationTo put a full décor comprising of paintings, clocks and graphics for 100room project in Ajmer. Mock up with products put in 3-denvironment. Client required Rajasthani theme.
  55. 55. Custom clock options on Rajasthani theme.
  56. 56. Example project 6Custom implementation of pre schoolGraphic theme covering full walls and having a learning objective forstudents. To be implemented across 10 pre-schools in India. A singlewall theme to give young kids an idea about Alphabets and animalsrelated to them, number counting from 1-10, different fruits, colours,time reading and much more. This theme can be created for any wallsize or design.
  57. 57. Example project 7Products matching religious, ethnicsensibilitiesCustom clocks made for SyedanaSaheb, a religious leader of BohriMuslim community. 200 clocks sold through the community.Sri SriRavishankarJi’s custom clocks made to be pitched for the Art ofLiving foundation.
  58. 58. Example project 8Reception design and paintings for hospitalin BarodaDifferent theme designs for a leading hospital in Baroda.Specific paintings made on floral theme to suit the mood of the hospital.
  59. 59. Example project 9Designer paintings in staircase area
  60. 60. Example project 10Wall paper design for a kids wardrobe
  61. 61. Example project 12Complete house design for UdaipurBungalow
  62. 62. Custom paintings for entry area
  63. 63. Custom paintings for entry area
  64. 64. Custom paintings forentry area
  65. 65. Custom design for cupboard decoration
  66. 66. Custom design for cupboard decoration
  67. 67. Custom design for area where music system is placed
  68. 68. Custom design for ceiling
  69. 69. Custom design for ceiling
  70. 70. Custom design for living room area
  71. 71. Custom design for graphic plus photo-frame plus wall-panel for dining room
  72. 72. Example project 13Wall paper (3-d plus regular) for ChennaiSuper kings common area for IPL
  73. 73. Custom 3-d wall paper for meeting area of IPL Chennai Super Kings
  74. 74. Custom 3-d wall paper for meeting area of IPL Chennai Super Kings
  75. 75. Example project 14Complete design for bungalow in Hyderabad
  76. 76. Custom wall paper for big panel in living room
  77. 77. Custom wall paper for big panel in living room
  78. 78. Designer furniture for garden area
  79. 79. Designer furniture for garden area
  80. 80. Custom wall paper for cupboard in teenage girl’s room
  81. 81. Custom wall paper for cupboard in teenage girl’s room
  82. 82. Dialogue box book shelf for study room area
  83. 83. Designer towel hanger for basin area
  84. 84. Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how theydid something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, theyjust saw something. It seemed obvious to them after awhile…Unfortunately, that’s too rare a commodity.Every once in a while a revolutionary idea comes along that changeseverything. … One is very fortunate if you get to work on just one of thesein your career, more so, if you’re able to introduce a few of these into theworld.Steve JobsBorn - 1955 – Became immortal - 2011
  85. 85. Contact us atinfo@gloob.in0916775553009022109576