Womanhood: Disorders and Remedies


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Womanhood: Disorders and Remedies

  1. 1. Ancient Indian lifesciences projected Stree(woman) as sakthi. She isbasis and integral part ofcreation. Anatomicallyshe is 8 times strongerthan man. Even the femaleinfant mortality is lesswhen come compared tomale.
  2. 2. The immunity of girlchild is more strongerthan the male child.Even if you look at ruralfront women contributemore work than men.Even in corporate worldin modern societywomen are proving theirsuperiority globally.
  3. 3. Ancient cultures likeIndia, China & Egypt hadmaternal dominatedfamily system for ages.Even the longevitywomen is more thanmen in majority of thesocieties. 80% of familyresponsibilities areefficiently handled bywomen.
  4. 4. Even in modernsocieties women takebetter, effectivedecisions whilehandling criticalsituations. Theymanage families well inthe absence of malemembers. They rear,educate children better.
  5. 5. The mortality rate ishigher in single menthan single women. Butfor various reasons, socalled civilization menstarted dominating atdomestic & official front.Even the improperlifestyles, stress &strain, responsibilities
  6. 6. Womanhood is crucialodyssey frommenarche tomenopause. the bloodloss in periodic cyclesif not corrected in timecauses Anaemiawhich will play havocwith woman’s lifecausing many healthproblems.
  7. 7. Common problems:Menstrual painAmenorrhoea / AcneAnaemia/ AnorexiaDepressionMood ChangesObesity/ Thyroid ProblemsJoint Pains/ Back painMenopause/ OsteoporosisHair loss/TanPigmentation
  8. 8. Many womanhoodproblems are due tohormonal imbalance.Allopathy is HRT withmany side effects.Ayurveda is having verygood answer. Properlifestyle covering food,work, attitude andexercise helps a lot incorrecting the problems.
  9. 9. Many young women suffer fromdysmenorrhoea, acne, anorexia.Here by consuming Til seeds &Guud for 120 days helps indysmenorrhoea. Ashokarista,Kumariasav, Satavari helps. ForAcne herbal face packs, properqty. water, juices, salads helps.
  10. 10. In Anorexia take pepper, vamu,sonthi with first morsel for 120days. take 3 gms Triphala withhoney 1 hr before food 2 times aday for 4-6 months. Consumingherbal tea with Dalchini, Elachi,Tulasi, Mint leaves withoutsugar & milk helps a lot.
  11. 11. Anaemia: Is the othername for woman. There isa pigment in blood calledHaemoglobin that givesred colour to blood. It isOxygen carrier to all cellsthrough circulation. LowHb is called Anaemia.Indian woman Hb N range:11-14%, man: 14-18%
  12. 12. Reasons:•Malnutrition•Anaemia•Stress & Strain•Discrimination•Hormonal Imbalance•Bad lifestyles•Lack of exercise
  13. 13. Symptoms:Irritability/ angerDepressionMood changesPMT/ DysmenorrhoeaIrregular periodsThreatened AbortionsHeadaches
  14. 14. •Hair Loss•Pigmentation, Acne•Frigidity•Exhaustion•Difficulty in breathing•Joint pains•Obesity•Oedematous legs
  15. 15. •Faster/ slower heart beat•Weak pulse•Dental problems•Sleeplessness•Psychiatry problems
  16. 16. Satavari 5 gm with Honey. Aloevera Juice 30 ml Asoka rista 30ml 2 times a day morning &evening on empty stomach.Consuming Til seeds, guud,fresh coconut daily coupledwith Yogasanas for 120 daystreats all Gyneac problems
  17. 17. Consuming Vegetable Juice,taking 4-5 almonds, 8-10Kismis, 2-3 Khajoor, 10 Soyaseeds for 120 days normalizesall hormonal imbalance.Skipping on empty stomach for20 min daily helps a lot. Havebreakfast before 9 AM
  18. 18. Lifestyle: Deep breathing for 20min. Brisk walking for 15-20 min,consuming 3-4 Lts. Of water.Taking proper snana with watertwice using AHBP daily helps alot. Avoid NV food after 30 yrs.Take dinner before 8 PM. HaveAbhyangana 2 times/ week.
  19. 19. Weekly enema for malasuddhi.Phalopavasa weekly for 1 or 2days. Padaabhyangana dailywith Karpooratailam & Til Oil.Helping others will give lot ofmental satisfaction. Satisfiedlife is trouble free life.
  20. 20. For Info contactBellavistan MurthyWellness Consultant98480 13958:snanayoga@rediffmail.com