What is your Constitution?


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What is your Constitution?

  1. 1. What is yourConstitution PrakritiParikshnana
  2. 2. 1.How is your A. Short, Thin, WeakBody structure? B. Medium, Fleshy, Plump delicate. C. Perfect in proportion, Well Built,Complete, Beautiful2.How is your A. Lean, ShortBody Frame? B. Medium, Plump C. Large, Well built
  3. 3. 3.How is your A. Scanty, Dry, Splittinghair, beard B. Scanty, Soft, Brown,Moustache? tendency to grey, bald C. Plenty, Black, Wavy, glossy, no greying4.How is your A. Dry, Cracking, roughSkin? black coloured B. Oily, Soft, with pimples moles, freckles, black heads, reddish C. Glossy, clear, smooth glorious, fair, pinkish
  4. 4. 5.How are your A.small,blackish,Nails? cracking, breaking B.small, reddish, flat smooth, C.big, pinkish, smooth, glossy, convex6. How are your A.blackish, cracking, Lips? Shapeless B.reddish, smooth, thin soft C.pinkish, smooth, glossy proportionate.
  5. 5. 7How are your A.small/ big, protuberant,Teeth? cracking,broken, irregular B.medium with gaps C.even, glazing,straight, smooth, shiny white8How are your A.blackish,unsteady, habitEyes? of raising eye brows B.reddish,brown, sharp C.milky white, edges reddish,calm,soft, gentle look
  6. 6. 9How is your A.below normal, palms &Body feet are coldTemperature? B.above normal, palms, feet, face & forehead are hot C.normal, palms & feet are slightly cold10 How are A.protuberant,cracking,Your joints? unsteady B.loose,moderately hidden C.strong,wellknit, firm
  7. 7. 11How are your A.unsteady,moving handsMovements? legs & shoulders B.fast C.slow, steady12How is your A.rough,hoarse,weak,dryVoice? B.clear, loud C.like lion, deep, pleasant13How is your A.talkative,irrelevant,fastTalk? B.talkative,impressive good at arguments C.slow,soft,steady,firm, little speech
  8. 8. 14How do you A.nothing particularSweat? B.easily a lot-arms pit, head,foul smelling of the sweat C.less sweating15How is your A.unpredictable,like to eatappetite/thirst? fast B.good,periodic meals cannot tolerate hunger C.less, can tolerate hunger/ thirst easily
  9. 9. 16Quantity of A.not fixed, more/lessFood/drink? B.comparatively more C.comparatively less17What sort of A.hot & wetFood do you B.cold or warmLike? C.hot & dry18How are your A.black,hard,once/dayStools? B.yellow,loose,1-2/day C.yellow,well formed, 1/day
  10. 10. 19How is your A.interrupted,<6hrs.Sleep? B.6-8hrs.sound C.>8hrs sound20How are your A.skies,winds,hurricanedreams? B.fire,lighting,gold,bright, coloured views C.water,pools,gardens faint coloured views21How is your A.less, get tired easilyWork? B.moderate,get tired easily with medium work C.good work turnout
  11. 11. 22How do you A.fast in hurryWork? B.medium fast C.steady,slow23How is your A.lessSexual desire B.mediumStrength? C.abundant24How is your A.erraticGrasping? B.quick,clever/genius C.slow but very well25How is your A.unstableMemory? B.moderate C.very good
  12. 12. 26How is your A.jealous,timid,wavering,Nature? Less wealth,few friends start any work in haste B.short tempered,egoistic forgives,medium rich, self respecting, brave, clever, good decisions. C.grateful,brave,patient, strong,calm,quiet,soft, respects others,large wealth,many friends, generous, steady work
  13. 13. 27How do you A.constant worry, cannotTackle problem? decisions are not firm B.calm & stable,firm,fast good decision making C.firm,cool,right decision but takes time28You cant A.coldTolerate? B.heat,anger,tension hunger,thirst,urges C.tolerate,heat,anger, tension hunger,thirst, natural urges
  14. 14. Evaluate yourself based on following:A VataB PittaC KaphaA-B Vata-PittaB-A Pitta-VataA-C Vata-KaphaC-A Kapha-VataB-C Pitta-KaphaC-B Kapha-PittaA-B-C Sama Prakriti
  15. 15. For more Info Bellavistan MurthyWellness Consultant98480 13958 www.gloherbals.comsupport@gloherbals.com