What is Ozone Therapy?


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What is Ozone Therapy?

  1. 1. OZONE(O3) Therapy(Triatomic Oxygen)
  2. 2. Ozone “triatomic oxygen” is anotheroxygen-carrying compound chemicallyrepresented as O3 you can smell it in theair after a storm and the ancient Hebrewscalled it, “ The breath of God.” Ozone hasbeen used since the fag end of 19th century(1891), because of its scientifically validatedand indisputable bactericidal, fungicidal andviricidal properties. In 1901 Ozone wasused in a sewage treatment plant inGermany and this use is now standardworldwide.
  3. 3. In vitro studies have shown that Ozonewhen introduced in blood in microgramdoses, it is immediately converted intohydroperoxides which are free radicalscavengers like glutathione, catalase,superoxide dismutase which have shownremarkable anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal effects.The hydroperoxides actually seek out anddestroy diseased cells and invadingorganisms and account for Ozone’s anti-tumor properties.
  4. 4. Infected cells have lower levels of enzymeactivity and are less stable. Thehydroperoxides readily react with the cellmembrane lipids. Through reaction ofOzone with the phospholipid chains in thecell membrane, lipoperoxides areintroduced the cell and influence itsmetabolism, in particular polyunsaturatedfatty acids (PUFAs) whose peroxides haveselective cytotoxic effect and have growthinhibiting effects in human lungs, breast andprostrate carcinomic cells.
  5. 5. Ozone therapy has been in use for manyyears by thousands of West GermanDoctors who have proven in hundreds ofclinical studies that they are able toinactivate AIDS and other deadly virusesthrough the use of Ozone.After more than 50 yrs of beneficial use forpatients in Europe, Ozone has beenproven to be an effective remedy in thetreatment of Cancer, Arthritis, AIDS ,Cardiovascular Diseases, SystemicCandidiasis, Mononucleosis,
  6. 6. Ozone also has been proved in many othercontamination & Infections of microbialorigin. Ozone has also helped in improvingfunctions of nervous system, brain insenility, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’sand Parkinson’s.Dr. Donsbach’s treatment program forcancer patients include regular Ozonetherapy for Candidiasis, Chronic FatigueSyndrome (CFS), Arthritis and most of thechronic progressive degenerative diseaseswith very high success rates.
  7. 7. OZONE Insufflations:Ozone Insufflation is a procedure whichintroduces ozone into the rectal area wherethe rich capillary beds absorb the oxygenand utilize it for the benefit of the body.This procedure is painless and simple &constitutes the primary form of ozonetherapy used at Dr. Donsbach’s HospitalSanta Monica in Mexico and Institute SantaMonica in Poland.
  8. 8. OZONE Therapy inC U B
  9. 9. The first report on the practical use ofOzone dated back to 1891, when itseffectiveness was tested as a bactericidalagent for disinfecting polluted drinkingwater. At present, it is acknowledged as themost effective germicidal agent for thatpurpose, since its spectrum includes notonly bacteria, but also viruses and protozoa.It is also important that their residues do nothave any toxic effect. Since the beginning of20th century Ozone is used as therapeuticstrategy in humans.
  10. 10. For many diseases apparently notinherited, obtaining favourable resultswithout knowing the bio-chemical actionmechanisms and without conducting anycontrolled clinical studies. In the last 50 yrsOzone is used as medicine in manycountries such as Germany, Spain,Italy, Japan, USA, Russia, Argentina,Chile, Peru and Cuba. There arenational societies for Ozone therapy inmany of the above mentioned countries. InCuba since 1986 Ozone is used very
  11. 11. The first experimental therapy room wascreated about 18yrs (1986) back at Cuba.Treatments have been designed for severaldiseases of social importance with clinicalinvestigative approach, very tightly linked tolab experimentation. Moreover, diversetoxicological studies have been performedto corroborate the lack of damage or injuryafter the use of Ozone in therapeutic dosesfor wide variety of diseases and disorders.All these years the results are highlysatisfactory demonstrating Ozone efficacy.
  12. 12. Some of the widely experimented diseasespublished in the literature are peripheralvascular diseases, superficial mycosis,osteoarticular pain etc. At the same timevery satisfactory results have been obtainedin the treatment of never before reporteddiseases like Ischemic cardiopathy, seniledementia leading to Alzheimer’s andcerebrospinal blocks due to emboli becauseof accidents & strokes. No adverse reporthas been reported in the 100000 patientsthat have been treated in Cuba with
  13. 13. Ozone Therapy has given high successrate results in wide variety of clinicalconditions like•Diabetic foot ulcers•Various Dental Problems like caries, Rootcanal Infections, Chronic Gingivitis•Elephantiasis•Bedsores, Psoriasis, Eczema•Tinnitus, Vertigo and Migraine•Dysponea of any origin
  14. 14. The scientific approach of the workperformed all these years as well as thecontributions to medicine, have been Cubaan acknowledged worldwide reputation inthe field of the therapeutic applications ofOzone. Likewise we have satisfactorilyworked in the design and manufacturing ofozonizers for therapeutic uses and otheraccessories necessary for that purpose.They are exporting these equipments toother countries. Currently over 30 Healthinstitutions in Cuba have Ozone
  15. 15. For the therapeutic use and employ theprotocols designed in the OzoneResearch Center. Such institutions arelocated all around the country and they formthe “National Network for OzoneTherapy” an organization for controllingthe use of Ozone therapy in Cuba.Moreover, that organization sets theprotocols and official lines for Ozonetherapy and also trains the specialists,collects and distributes scientific info,organize seminars discussing the results
  16. 16. Currently Ozone therapy in Cuba ishaving following clinical applications:•Develop new procedures for research•In vitro, pre-clinical stages of study•Controlled clinical assays•Spreading the studies results for clinicalapplications•Various diseases responding to Ozone•Setup and developing Ozone clinics•National/ Global consultations.
  17. 17. Hyperbaric OxygenHyperbaric oxygen was originallydeveloped by the military in 1930 by divingoperation which often resulted indecompression sickness and air embolism.Since then, many innovative physicianshave found that deadly spider bites, carbonmonoxide poisoning, burns, serious woundsand particularly restoration of brain functionfollowing a stroke are effective
  18. 18. Other conditions including a broad range ofneuromuscular diseases, such as spinalcord injuries, multiple sclerosis, migraineand tinnitus (continuous ringing in the ears)have responded to the introduction ofHyperbaric Oxygen.At Hospital SantaMonica hyperbaric chambers that resembleinflated alpine sleeping bags with a bigpeephole. The patient lies in the chamberand slowly the inside air pressure increasesto the equivalent of being several hundredfeet below sea level.
  19. 19. Studies have shown that purified airreduces the incidence of colds, sore throatand allergic attacks during flu season.Frequent and continuous ozonation ofoffice/ house air greatly reduces the chanceof infection. In this light ozone generatorbecomes an office companion, just asessential as water cooler/ filter. This alsoreduces the incidence of sick roomsyndrome or chronic fatigue syndromewhich is the result of affluent life style(spending continuously in AC environment).
  20. 20. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy involves havingoneself placed under several pounds ofoxygenated air pressure which causes theoxygen in the air to be literally transfusedthrough your skin into the body. The normaltreatment time is from 45 to 60 minutes.During this time your skin is busily gulpingup the extra oxygen which can producemany beneficial changes in the cellularfunction of the body. Most of the patientswho use this therapy have serious illnessalthough more & more athletes are finding..
  21. 21. That their performances are enhancedsignificantly by using hyperbaric oxygen.1Q. Can vitamin supplements betaken along with oral Oxygen?A.No. take oxygen with colloidal Silver orOxygen capsules on an empty stomach formaximum benefit. With food or othersupplements in your stomach, the hydrogenperoxides on what it comes in contact with ,and little, if any, benefit will be derived.
  22. 22. 2Q. I am experiencing strongmetallic taste after taking oxygenand my breath is becoming laboured.Is this normal?A. Take 2 ounces 3 times a day. Always 2hours after meals or 30 minutes beforefood. The metallic taste is normal. TryHydrogen Peroxide gargling will bebeneficial. Frequent lower dosage ofozone will benefit you without distress.
  23. 23. 3Q. Applying H2O2 on skin may beharmful & can cause premature skinaging in the long term. Is oxygen skincream is safe?A. In the concentrations used in skincreams H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) willnever cause cell damage. There are peopleusing regularly since 30 years without anyside effects. Even in higher concentrationsup to 30-35% will not harm the skin cells.
  24. 24. 4.Q. I suffer from severe Candidiasisand chronic fatigue, I am hoping theuse of H2O2 systemically will help?A. 35% H2O2 in the doses stabilized withcolloidal Silver would make anybody ill.There is an patented alternate H2O2 allowstherapeutic dosages with ease & safety.Mostly 2 - 4 ounces as one dose 2 or 3times a day for very good results. Oneounce contains 20 drops-H2O2.
  25. 25. 5Q. Will doing “Oxygen Therapy”using H2O2 help in Arthritis?A. Oxygen with colloidal Silver liquidand sublingual oxygen drops along withoxygen capsules taking 3 times a day alongwith Joint Lotion as topical applicationapplied twice will give impressive results in2 months.
  26. 26. Ozone GeneratorsHaving multiple beneficial uses like purifythe air toxins, purify water, meat, fish,vegetables, ozone insufflation (rectal admin)disinfection of bacteria, germs, inactivationof viruses and fungi, reduction of noxiousodours, oxidation of heavy metals, oxidationof cyanide & other dangerous organiccompounds and increased levels ofoxygen. To purify air in surgical theaters,suites, saloons, chemical industries.
  27. 27. Ozone is a premier water purifier betterthan any other method. You can ozonatewater and increase the oxygen content,creating healthy, high oxygen beverage.This can be used as bath constituent forinvigorating bath. Ozonate fruits,vegetables, meat and fish remove allpesticide residues and bacteria Ozone for Healthy World
  28. 28. India being vast tropical country with 70%of populations are rural habitat can makegreat use of Ozone therapy in wide varietyof clinical conditions like Dentistry,Dermatology, Failariasis Diabetic foot ulcer,Bedsores, Purifying air/ water/ vegetables/fruits/ meat where there are no cold chains.Fumigating surgical theaters, diagnosticlabs, clean rooms, food processing units,seed making units, edible oil units, agroprocessing units and prevent them frompoisonous pesticide residues & metals.
  29. 29. Clinical applications of Ozone in India inhealthcare are wide like inDentistry: Due to food habits and livingconditions dental decay is on raise. Fastfoods are leading to Vit. C deficiencycausing chronic gingivitis, poor oralhygiene, smoking and tobacco chewing iscausing dental caries, root canal infectionsand tooth decay in elderly. Excess sweets,frozen foods is causing tooth decay inchildren and young adults in urban areas.Excess fluorine is also responsible.
  30. 30. Failariasis:is extensively prevalent along costal regionslike WB, OR, AP, TN, KR, KL and MRstates. This is painful, nagging, chronic,progressive degenerative disease causesfrequent temperature, fluid accumulation inthe legs, severe fungal infections in legsand there is no effective remedy in modernmedicine and people suffer a lot due to this.OZONE therapy has given impressiveresults in controlling this socially stigmatashealthcare problem.
  31. 31. Diabetic Foot:An ICMR report says that 6 out 10 urbanIndians above 30 yrs are diabetics. Around1% of them develop Diabetic foot due lackof awareness and the result is loosing thelimb by amputation. The microbes which areresponsible are not responding to even thefourth generation antibiotics. Needshospitalization and good nursing care.Ozone therapy is giving impressive resultsand saving limbs to many people in the longrun.
  32. 32. Dysponea:Is difficulty in breathing due to Asthma,Tuberculosis, Left Ventricular Failure, IHDs,Bronchitis mostly due to smoking, industrial/automobile pollution. WHO says that 30%of world urban population of all age groupsis suffering from mild to severe Dysponea.Drugs and remedies are ineffective many atime and will be leading to morbidity &mortality. Ozone is an excellent naturalalternative without any side effects.
  33. 33. Bedsores:About 1% of all bed ridden people inhospitals and about 10% of bed riddenpeople in the house for over 4 weeks due toRoad accidents, Paralysis, Acute Arthritis,major surgeries, Amputations, severeObesity, severe Mental Disorders developBedsores and don’t respond to therapieseasily leading to gangrene and carcinomas.Ozone therapy has shown impressiveresults in such cases. Ozone + BedsoreQR Lotion will be a great
  34. 34. Spread theWord youmay save a life Glo Herbals