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The Art of Loving
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The Art of Loving



The Art of Loving is a the perfect space to reconnect with and express our love towards ourselves, towards others and towards life. We are envisioning 4 intense days in which we will uncover our inner ...

The Art of Loving is a the perfect space to reconnect with and express our love towards ourselves, towards others and towards life. We are envisioning 4 intense days in which we will uncover our inner beauty, explore ways of expressing love and of loving life.

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The Art of Loving The Art of Loving Presentation Transcript

  • “When the power of love overcomes the loveof power the world will know peace.” - Jimi HendrixWe believe that love is the driving force ofhumanity. Our actions are either acts of loveor acts of crying out for love.It’s existence and it’s lack both influence us ineach part of our lives – Relationships, Family,Career, Social Life and Health.Most importantly, the love we have received(or not) in our lives has shaped our characterand personality.
  • “Love yourself first and everything else fallsinto line. You really have to love yourself to getanything done in this world.“ - Lucille BallHow much do I love myself? Am I embracingwho I am? How much do I like the person inthe mirror?If we cannot love ourselves, how can weexpect true love from others?In this block, we will work on reconnectingwith and expressing our love towardsourselves. We are all unique and beautifulbeings and before others see that in us, wemust see it in ourselves.
  • “You dont love someone because theyreperfect, you love them in spite of the fact thattheyre not.” - Jodi PicoultHow can I express my love towards mypartner, my family, my friends, my communitywithout being misunderstood?We all have different ways of interpreting andof expressing love, yet we all are in search ofit and appreciate it.In this block we will focus on understandingthe love languages of the people around usand on discovering ways of showing our lovetowards the important people in our lives.
  • “Life is a love affair.” - AnonymousHow much am I in love with my life? Am Ihappy with the life I have? Am I doing thething I love?Love is not only related to people, it is alsorelated to our existence on Earth. The passionwe invest in loving ourselves and othersshould also reflect in the passion with whichwe live every moment.Life is a never-ending love affair. There aremoment of spiritual fulfillment and days ofemotional distress, all of which need to beembraced and celebrated.
  • We are looking to make the Art of Loving agreat occasion not only to explore love, but toalso enjoy the beautiful nature and traditionsof the area. And since we are doing it fro thelove of it, the Participation Fee is only 65euros.The participation fee will cover theaccommodation, the meals starting from thedinner on the 21st and the breakfast on the24th, your learning materials and your creativetools.Fill in the Application Form at this link –http://tinyurl.com/Art-of-LovingOnly 12 places available!
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  • My name is Kristin and as many of you I am still being in the process of finding and enjoying the love for me every day. From my experience I truly believe that this search will never end, but I believe in being able to choose the way I want to live life and to love it. Thus, I want to offer you the space to define your own process, to let go off your fears and doubts, by reaching to find your own beauty and love instead. I will contribute to your personal journey with all I have, my knowledge, my own story and wholehearted love!My name is Alex Glod. Throughout my life, I have facedchallenges, I have worked alongside people of differentbackgrounds and constructions, I have listened to thesufferings and lacks of people and I have served them in theirstruggle. Right now, I choose to use my life experience andmyself to serve and develop others as a speaker, host, coachand writer. I promise to offer you a wonderful experience andto host a space of love.