GWI YouTube Users In UK - Infographic


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This infographic is a detailed exploration of YouTube's active users in the UK in Q1 2014, covering 8 key areas: audiences, second-screening, age, brand interaction, content, device, commerce, attitudes & interests and social platforms.

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GWI YouTube Users In UK - Infographic

  1. 1. YOUTUBE USERS BY AUDIENCE YouTube Users in the UK YOUTUBE USERS BY AGE BRAND INTERACTIONS YOUTUBE USERS BY DEVICE ATTITUDES & INTERESTS YouTubeUsersaredefinedasthosewhosaytheyhaveactivelyusedorcontributedtothesitewithinthelastmonth.Unlessstatedotherwise,allfiguresaretakenfromourQ12014waveofonlineresearchamong7504UKadultsaged16-64 CONTENTSECOND-SCREENING COMMERCE SOCIAL 57% 84% 45% 37% 50% say they regularly inform friends and family about new products/services say the internet is the 1st place they look when they need information MORE likely to say they like having the latest technological products MORE likely to describe themselves as brand-conscious say their love of a brand would be reason to promote it discover new products through friend recommendations Use the internet for entertainment purposes MORE interested in gaming and gadgets. 40% MORE in music MUMS MILLENNIALS TABLET USER NUMBERS UP 14% IN LAST YEAR 2012 2013 2014 16 to 24 25 to 34 35 to 44 45 to 54 55 to 64 TECH INFLUENCERS MOBILE SECOND-SCREENERS 2012 2013 2014 44% 47% 51% UPLOADING/SHARING OWN VIDEOS: % ACCESSING INTERNET VIA MOBILE 69% 13% 32% TEENS 41% 52% 28% 28% 21% 15% 8% 74% 76% 45% accessing via tablet 9in 10 HAVE 2nd SCREENED WHILE WATCHING TV 10% higher compared to all internet users 1 in 2 YOUTUBE SECOND- SCREENERS are chatting to friends 1.4X 70% MORE INTERESTED IN SUBSCRIBING TO A VIDEO-ON-DEMAND SERVICE REGULARY WATCH TV ONLINE - 20% AHEAD OF OTHERS 80%38% 26% 15% Have bought a product online in the last month will promote a brand in return for exclusive content TWO THIRDS have paid for some form of digital content in last month TWICE as likely to have paid for games and TV downloads A QUARTER have watched a branded video in last month 25% More likely to have reviewed a product 41% 83% 46% 37% 19% 13% Look at consumer reviews when researching products 1 in 5 use Q&A sites 2X As likely to have posted online opinions about films, sport, technology & books in the last month 37% HAVE LIKED A BRAND/ PRODUCT IN THE LAST MONTH TWICE AS LIKELY TO HAVE RETWEETED A BRAND 1.5X AS LIKELY TO FOLLOW THEIR FAVORITE BRANDS USAGE OF OTHER SOCIAL PLATFORMS 85% 20%of 16-64s ACTIVELY USE YOUTUBE EACH MONTH YOUTUBE USERS1IN5 SHARE THEIR MOBILE YOUTUBE USERS3IN5 SHARE THEIR TABLET with others Find out more: /// @globalwebindex /// +globalwebindex 20% A THIRD HALF