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GlobalWebIndex - Stream Social Q1 2013 - Report preview

  1. 1. STREAM SOCIALQ 1 - 2 0 1 3Q U A R T E R LY S O C I A L P L AT F O R M S U P D AT ETHIS IS A PREVIEWThe full report is available on ourInsight Store
  2. 2. The data in this report is sourced from the GlobalWebIndex andis the first of our quarterly Stream Social series, providing readerswith a unique understanding (and the most recent independentglobal data) about current trends in the global social mediaenvironment.This report will reveal:Global Trends in Social Platform Adoption• Develop global, regional and local social priorities• Drive insights into engagement and adoptionDetailed Demographics on Users• Learn how to tailor your strategy• Explore mainstreaming of social platformsConsumer Behaviour and Actions by PC, Mobile, and Tablet• Design platform specific strategy• Quantify key platform behaviours© 2013 GLOBALWEBINDEX
  3. 3. C O N T E N T S1. Introduction to the GlobalWebIndex2. Global Overview of Social Platforms• Account Ownership and Active User penetration at a global level• % Change in Social Platform Active Users from Q2 2012 to Q1 2013 at a global level• Age and Gender split of the top 5 global social platforms• % Change in Select Social Platform Active Users from Q2 2012 to Q1 2013 at a global level• Illustration of visitation vs. account ownership vs. active usage vs. post an update for Facebook, Twitter andGoogle+• Proportions of Active Users vs. Account Ownership for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn3. Social Platforms Local Market Deep Dive• Social Platform penetration and universe size by Market (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn)• % Change in Account Ownership and Active Users by Market for Facebook, Twitter and Google+• Indexing iOS and Android users’ active usage of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ by market4. Social Platform Activities• Comparing activities by device performed on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter5. Conclusions© 2013 GLOBALWEBINDEX
  4. 4. I N T R O D U C T I O N TO T H E G L O B ALW E B I N D E X
  5. 5. © 2013 GLOBALWEBINDEXTHE DATA - EXPLAINEDAll of the data in this report is sourced from theGlobalWebIndex and provided exclusively tosubscribers or purchasers of this report.9 waves of data have been delivered since July 2009to over 180K internet users in 31 markets. The latestset of data was fielded in Q1 2013 and released inApril 2013, making the data in this report the largestand most detailed independent research everconducted.Some insights in here are completely unique.They will challenge your perceptions.You can use this data in your day to day work, simplysource as the “GlobalWebIndex Stream SocialReport – Q1 2013”All data in this report, unless otherwise stated,represents the percentage of the internet populationaged 16-64.K N O W Y O U R A U D I E N C E
  6. 6. @ 2013 GLOBALWEBINDEXWE CREATED GLOBALWEBINDEX TO PROVIDE ACTIONABLE INSIGHTPASSIONSAttitudesInterestsLifestyleMotivationsCulturesTribesIdentitiesPURCHASINGAwarenessAffinityConsiderationPreferenceMajor IntentIn-Market IntentBuying PatternsDEMOGRAPHICSAgeGenderEducationIncomeCountryLiving StatusMarital StatusChildren in HHSOCIAL MEDIA:Beyond advertising strategy demands that you need to understandbehaviours, motivations and intentions beyond the URLGLOBAL MARKETPLACE:Requires single source Globally comparable data and insightsMULTI-DEVICE:Device fragmentation needs a holistic crossplatform data setCONSUMER DRIVEN:Tailored digital centric strategyrequires detailed audience insight
  7. 7. © 2013 GLOBALWEBINDEXMETHODOLOGY: ONLINE SURVEYS TO AN ONLINE REP. SAMPLEJan2010Sept2010Feb2011July2011Nov2011Q22012Q42012Q12013Q22013QUARTERLY DELIVERY 2013Q32013Q42013July20093 YEARS OF HISTORICAL DATALOCALIZED BY LANGUAGE ANDBRANDSSELF-COMPLETION ONLINESURVEYSONLINE REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLEUNIQUE RESPONDENTS IN 12MONTHCORE SURVEYAudience Definition DataInternet BehaviourMotivationsMarketing ImplicationsClient SegmentationsRE-CONTACTMedia Usage StudiesBrand DataIn-Depth TopicsQuestion TestsPlatform ExpansionBESPOKEClient TrackingPath To Purchase StudiesBrand Deep DivesCompetitor Deep DivesAudience Deep Drives
  8. 8. G L O B AL O V E RV I E W O F S O C I AL P L AT F O R M S
  9. 9. Source: GlobalWebIndex, Questions: On which of the following social platforms do you have an account? & Which of the following services have you used or contributed to in the past month?;Base % of internet users aged 16 to 64 globallyFACEBOOK MAINTAINS THE TOP SPOT AMONG SOCIAL PLATFORMS GLOBALLY0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%Hyves (Netherlands Only)StudiVZ (Germany Only)Nate Connect (South Korea Only)Sonico (Mexico Only)Koprol (Indonesia Only)Tuenti (Spain Only)Mig33 (Indonesia Only)Copains dAvant (France Only)Me2Day (South Korea Only)Nasza-Klasa (Poland Only; Since GWI.8)Mixi (Japan Only)Yammer (Since GWI.8)Quora (Since GWI.8)Bebo (Since GWI.8)Reddit (Since GWI.9)Odnoklassniki (Russia Only)Viadeovkontakte (Russia Only) (China Only)PinterestNone of the AboveOrkut (Since GWI.8)Kaixin (China Only)Myspace (Since GWI.8)Tudou (China Only; Since GWI.8)RenRen (China Only)LinkedInYouku (China Only; Since GWI.8)Tencent (China Only; Since GWI.8)Tencent WeiboQzone (China Only)Sina WeiboTwitterGoogle+YouTube (Since GWI.8)FacebookGlobal Penetration of Social Platform AccountOwnership in Q1 2013 (% of internet users globally)0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%Copains dAvant (France Only)Koprol (Indonesia Only)Nate Connect (South Korea Only)Sonico (Mexico Only)Mig33 (Indonesia Only)Me2Day (South Korea Only)Tuenti (Spain Only)Nasza-Klasa (Poland Only; Since GWI.8)Mixi (Japan Only)Yammer (Since GWI.8)Bebo (Since GWI.8)Quora (Since GWI.8)Reddit (Since GWI.9)ViadeoOtherOdnoklassniki (Russia Only)Tumblrvkontakte (Russia Only)BadooMyspace (Since GWI.8)Orkut (Since GWI.8) (China Only)PinterestKaixin (China Only)LinkedInTudou (China Only; Since GWI.8)RenRen (China Only)Youku (China Only; Since GWI.8)None of the AboveTencent WeiboTencent (China Only; Since GWI.8)Qzone (China Only)Sina WeiboTwitterYouTube (Since GWI.8)Google+FacebookGlobal Penetration of Social Platform Active Usersin Q1 2013 (% of internet users globally)
  10. 10. Source: GlobalWebIndex; Question: Which of the following social media platforms have you used or contributed to in the past month?; Base: % of global internet users age 16 to 65FACEBOOK AND LINKEDIN HAVE OLDER AUDIENCES THAN OTHER PLATFORMSTop 5 Social Platforms Globally – Demographic Breakdown of Active Users as per Q1 201345%55%FemaleMale38%62%38%62%39%61%34%66%27%30%21%14%7%16 to 2425 to 3435 to 4445 to 5455 to 6433%32%18%11%5%30%34%20%12%5%29%34%21%11%5%19%32%23%17%8%
  11. 11. Source: GlobalWebIndex; Question: Which of the following social platforms have you used or contributed to in the past month?; Base: % change in millions of active users globallyTWITTER IS THE FASTEST GROWING SOCIAL PLATFORM OVER THE PAST YEAR-60% -40% -20% 0% 20% 40% 60%MeinVZ (Germany Only)StudiVZ (Germany Only)None of the AboveOtherHyves (Netherlands Only)Me2Day (South Korea Only) (China Only)Tuenti (Spain Only)My Genius (South Africa Only)Kaixin (China Only)Plurk (Taiwan Only)BlueWorld (South Africa Only)Copains dAvant (France Only)BadooMixi (Japan Only)RenRen (China Only)Koprol (Indonesia Only)TumblrMxit (South Africa Only)Sonico (Mexico Only)Nate Connect (South Korea Only)Social Press (South Africa Only)Qzone (China Only)Mig33 (Indonesia Only)Odnoklassniki (Russia Only)PinterestTencent WeiboSina WeiboLinkedInGoogle+Eyny (Taiwan Only)Facebookvkontakte (Russia Only)Twitter% change in millions of Active Users between Q2 2012 and Q1 2013 > GlobalLOCAL PLATFORMS CONTINUE DECLINEWith the exception of Chinese and Russian social platforms, localsocial platforms are falling in terms of active users as the big globalplatforms build their user base globally.Twitter is the fastest growing social platform of the past ninemonths with the number of active users growing by 40% globally.Facebook is not far behind and is seeing significant growth inactive users thanks to the growing penetration of smartphones thatleads to higher engagement through real-time social.
  12. 12. G O D E E P E R T O G E T T H I S D ATA TA I L O R E D T OY O U R TA R G E T A U D I E N C EGet the detailed data behindeach chart – split by keydemographics and countriesGet the data packsSTREAMON-DEMANDDATAPACKSWANTMORE?PROPlatformCustomise all the dataand insights in our webbased analysis platformFind out moreContact our team tocustomise to your brand,business and target audienceLearn more© 2013 GLOBALWEBINDEX