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Global Map of Social Networking - GlobalWebIndex - June 2011


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. designed by Russia The Netherlands 26.06m 6.30m 56% 45% 62% 42% 46% Canada 18% 11.72m UK Poland Japan 54% 12.03m 19.27m 13.66m 43% 48% 44% 16% 26% 46% 40% 16% 28% 26% 8% Germany China 155.29m 18.81m 47% USA 47% 114.55m 53% 38% 34% South Korea 51% 32% 10.93m 51% 23% 20% Italy 33% France 12.66m 15.92m 38% 11% 57% 49% Hong Kong 45% 36% 2.56m 28% 39% Philippines 56% 14.43m Mexico Spain 33% 10.10m India 60% 12.80m 35.08m 73% 47% 52% 50% 46% 45% 63% 64% 37% 36% Malaysia 49% 11.50m Indonesia 18.93m Brazil 54% 57% 33.49m 63% 66% 54% 41% 52% 51% 34% Singapore 1.96m Australia 48% 7.05m 57%Global Map of Social Networking 2011 50% 32% 48% 27%About the Map Global Social Network PenetrationThis shows the universe size of activesocial networkers for each market and 80%then segments users into three behaviourtypes: Messagers, Groupers and ContentSharers. This behavioural data is based 70%on a number of detailed questions weconduct into the way that consumers use % Active Online Users 60%social networks. Because socialnetworking is now so big and touches 50%every aspect of our internet experience,this detail is essential for the effective Behaviour Types:planning and implementation of 40%marketing activity across social active social networkers (millions) The most detailed study on the consumer adoption of thenetworks. This data reveals that users 30% internet ever compiled:across the world are very different in how messagers and mailersthey utilise their network, with more focus PC /// Mobile /// Tablets /// TV sets /// Gamingon messaging and less on content 20% 100K+ surveys a year /// 3 waves a year /// 36 marketssharing in established markets like the content sharersUS and UK but more focus on contentand groups in fast growing markets like 10% Find out more /// joiners and creators of groups mail /// globalwebindex@trendstream.netIndonesia and China. 0% do s M sia ia ng a ut any a Po e n th UK M d ng co ds ain G nce ng ve A Ca e da Au ina lia ly Ru il ia az ne or Si ndi re pa lan g l A US Ita ss ys ra lan Ho exi Ko na ne ra Sp Ch Ko ap Br pi So rm a Ja ala st I Fr ilip er e h In Ph Ne ba lo G