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  • 1. Regional and Transboundary cooperation Work Package 1 – Water and Climate Programme 28 August 2013, Regional Days 1
  • 2. Work Package 1-Overview • Climate change impacts cut across political boundaries • Climate impacts already forcing large communities to migrate to areas with less severe impacts • Adaptation efforts should go beyond national boundaries • National level adaptation efforts such as NAPs should recognise transboundary nature of climate impacts • Cooperation with regional economic communities, regional climate change centres, transboundary river basins organisations and others required 2
  • 3. Overall work package objective  Support Regional Economic Communities, River Basin Organisations (RBOs) and governments to advance regional cooperation in climate change adaptation in transboundary waters and shared aquifers for regional and economic development 3
  • 4. Specific Objectives  Support RECs, RBOs, etc to define regional investment options that enhance water security and climate resilient  Enhance collaboration among RECs, RBOs, regional climate change centres and others on regional adaptation response measures  Support efforts on regional integration, collaboration in disaster risk reduction, hydrological services provision and use of regional climate information 4
  • 5. Key Output/s 5 Support packages by GWP to Regional Organisations in developing agreements/commitments /investment options and tools that integrate water security and climate resilience
  • 6. Examples on the types of activities 6 • Regional/basin wide assessment and adaptation responses- studies to enhance understanding of current and future constraints to regional / basin water security and development  Deliverable-Report on regional/basin wide climate risks, hotspot analysis, vulnerability assessments of climate impacts on water resources and current/future socio-economic development • Hydro-climatic Information-Analysis of hydro-climatic information and climate information from regional climate centres and interpret information to aid investments decision making on water security  Deliverable-Regional/Basin Hydro-climatic information report
  • 7. Examples on the types of activities 7 • Basin Investment Decision Making: Support RBOs and RECs to elaborate investment options and tools for enhancing Basin Water Security and Climate Resilience  Regional/ basin investment options and tools for enhancing water security and climate resilience • Integration of Investments: Support RBOs and RECs to incorporate Basin and regional water security and climate resilience investments into regional, basin and national development programmes.  Report on how regional/Basin water security and climate resilience investments have been integrated into development programmes
  • 8. Work Package 1: Indicator Number of regional organisations supported in developing agreements/commitments/investment options and tools that integrate water security and climate resilience Results which demonstrate that support activities (the need for which is acknowledged, and even identified, by the recipient) to complete specific tasks have been carried out at the regional level Baseline 2012 Milestone 2014 Milestone 2015 Target 2016 Target 0 1 3 6 Observed
  • 9. • GWP Med • GWP Southern Africa • GWP Caribean Regional Case studies