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Project preparation and financing WP4_alex simalabwi_28 aug
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Project preparation and financing WP4_alex simalabwi_28 aug


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  • 1. Project Preparation and Financing Work Package 4 – Water and Climate Programme 28 August 2013, Regional Days 1
  • 2. Work Package 4- Overview • Weak project preparation and prioritisation of projects is one of the major challenges limiting access to climate finance to support water management. • Climate funds and their access modalities are often not very well known and capacity to prepare good projects that can attract funding is limited. 2 • Financing needs to be approached systematically, starting with ways of minimising the financing requirements through efficiency and other measures
  • 3. Work Package 4-Overview (2) • In this work package, GWP will work closely with development banks, financing agencies of governments, RECs , RBOs and countries in project preparation. • GWP will work to address the constraints of project preparation and governments to source funding to prepare bankable projects can attract funding is limited. 3
  • 4. Overall work package objective  Governments enhance efficiency in Project preparation to leverage funding from traditional sources of water financing and adaptation funds 4
  • 5. Specific Objectives  Appraise and classify new and existing investment projects by Countries, RECs, RBOs and prioritise no/low regrets projects  Bridge the gap between countries with PPFs and development Banks, IFIs, Adaptation funds and others  Disseminate knowledge on good project preparation  Support RECs and RBOs in preparing at least 1 project for funding 5
  • 6. Key Output 6 Support packages to countries in the development of projects to access climate and climate-related funds
  • 7. Examples on the types of activities 7 • Enabling Project Preparation- studies and adress the constriants to preparation of good  Deliverable-Reports on actions undertaken to enable project preparation • Appraising and classifying existing investment projects- Develop a database of existing projects by regional development banks and agencies, RECs, RBOs, countries and match with existing climate funding sources and project preparation facilities  Deliverable-Database developed and matching prioritised investments projects with sources of funding • Resource Mobilization-Convene investments/Donor conferences • Support project preparation
  • 8. Project Cycle 8
  • 9. 1. Project cycle-Activities and key ouputs 9
  • 10. 10 2. Project cycle-Activities and key ouputs
  • 11. 11 3. Project cycle-Activities and key ouputs-1
  • 12. Work Package 4: Indicator Number of countries supported in the development of capacity and projects to access climate and climate-related finance to improve water security Results which demonstrate that relevant regional, national and/or subnational authorities within a country have received direct support (in terms of both awareness and capability) to access climate related finances Baseline 2012 Milestone 2014 Milestone 2015 Target 2016 Target 0 1 2 4 Observed