Mainstreaming Climate Risk Management in National Development Processes in the Caribbean


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Mainstreaming Climate Risk Management in National Development Processes in the Caribbean

  1. 1. Mainstreaming Climate Risk Management in National Development Processes in the Caribbean Natalie Boodram GWP-Caribbean and Keith Nichols Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre
  2. 2. Under the Caribbean WACDEP Programme, we are mainstreaming climate risk management through the WACDEP work packages, drawing upon Partnerships and fitting by into the existing Regional Climate Resilience Framework  
  3. 3. GWP-C WACDEP is executed in partnership with Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) – one of the Caribbean Community’s (CARICOM) Technical institutions CARICOM- Regional governing body comprised of  15 member states  and 5 associate member states
  4. 4. Regional Framework GWP-C WACDEP specifically aligned with the CARICOM Regional Framework and Implementation Plan (IP) for Achieving Development Resilient to Climate Change. Framework and IP •Developed by the CCCCC •Approved and adopted by CARICOM Heads of Government in 2009 and 2012 respectively
  5. 5. To speak to these overarching Caribbean risk management frameworks Mr. Keith Nichols Project Development Specialist CCCCC
  6. 6. Regional Framework and Implementation Plan speaks to inter alia: • Developing a risk management ethic in our decision- making • Acting regionally to deliver nationally
  7. 7. Caribbean Climate Risk Management Framework and Caribbean Climate online Risk and Adaptation Tool (CCORAL) Designed to anchor climate resilience building decisions within Caribbean Ministries of finance and planning, regional and national financial services organisations but also civil society organisations, communities and development partners Phase 1 - a web-based risk management tool to guide decision making. Phase 2- in-depth training for country level decision-makers. Phase 3 will involve detailed risk assessments in selected countries. 
  8. 8. Caribbean Risk Screening Tools CCORAL • CCORAL - Caribbean Climate Risk and Adaptation TooL • Developed by CCCCC • Caribbean-specific web-based platform. • Screen policies, legislation, plans, budgets and projects to assess climate risks and to identify options to enhance climate resilience.
  9. 9. WACDEP CCORAL- Water • Enhancing CCORAL – the Caribbean Climate Online Risk and Adaptation TooL • Toolbox content enhanced • Knowledge products • Sourcebook for climate resilience in the Caribbean water sector • Information briefs •
  10. 10. Enhancing Online CCORAL for Water Collated tools and case studies relevant to climate resilience in the water sector • Outputs from past regional initiatives, tools + case studies • SIDS specific water management tools (e.g. work carried out by SOPAC) • International tools and guidance (e.g. GWP Toolbox, World Bank, UNDP) • Fit into the existing online risk assessment framework
  11. 11. Sourcebook & Information Briefs • Designed for water sector planners and decision makers, requires cross sector stakeholder engagement • Provides tools, examples and signposts further resources • Encourages a questioning mode and risk management approach, provides tools to help resolve context specific issues (how, not what) Sourcebook foreword written by the Secretary General of CARICOM
  12. 12. CCORAL Water • CCORAL-Water Initiative Completed March 2014 • Promoting and utilising outputs for other WACDEP components • Regional cooperation- coordination meetings with regional partners and allies (Barbados April 2014) • Capacity building: Water and climate change training events/training manuals/online training • National policy meetings and stakeholder consultations • Higher level fora- High level session of Ministers responsible for Water
  13. 13. CCORAL Water Products WACDEP Knowledge and awareness activities Caribbean Water and Climate online knowledge platform! Newly launched (Wednesday this week!) Documents are available online on the platform but please pick up usb drives tonight at the CP dinner
  14. 14. Risk Management approach in all WACDEP Work Packages • Project Preparation and Financing • Demonstration Projects • National Plans, Policies and Strategies • Regional Cooperation in Water Management • No/Low Regret Investments in Regional and National Development • Focus this presentation on CCORAL Water and our work with CCCCC
  15. 15. Thanks!