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Capacity development WP6 WACDEP Africa case study_armand houanye_28 aug
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Capacity development WP6 WACDEP Africa case study_armand houanye_28 aug


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. WP 6: WACDEP- Africa Capacity development “Economics of Adaptation, Water Security and Climate Resilient Development in Africa” 26-30 August 2013 Stockholm, Sweden HOUANYE K. Armand
  • 2. 2  Partners:  AMCOW  CDKN  UNDP-GEF, UNEP  UNITAR, WHO, FAO and IFAD  NIRAS NATURA AB Cooperation  CapNet  GWP Global Regional and National Teams
  • 3.  Objective: enhance capacities and knowledge of planners and decision makers in Africa to develop no/low regret-investments and integrate these into national development planning and decision making processes.  WACDEP National Capacity Building Program:  8 countries  Support countries in developing Nation Adaptation Plans (NAPs)  WACDEP Transboundary Capacity Building Program: Limpopo, Kagera, Lake Chad and Volta Basins, and the North-Western Sahara Aquifer
  • 4. 5 Strategic Framework’s 4 steps
  • 5. 6 Generic deliverables in national level  8 National reports on assessed capacity building needs  Training plan  Learning material in 3 languages for 5 Workshops  Understanding the problem  Identifying and appraising options  Delivering investment solutions  Monitoring and moving forward  Wrap up, lessons learned  Capacity Building Team of 32 Experts for 8 countries  5 Workshops Nov 2013- Dec. 2014: 40 Workshops  Support to participants by mentors-trainers/ training period
  • 6. 7 Generic deliverables in transboundary level In collaboration with UNDP CapNet  5 transboundary river/aquifer systems reports on assessed capacity building needs  1 Training plan & 1 adapted Learning Material for each of the 5 target transboundary river/aquifer systems  1 Capacity Building Team for each of the 5 target transboundary river/aquifer systems  Workshops implemented in 2014  Support to participants based on-the-job training by mentors- trainers/ training period  Planners and Decision Makers capacitated
  • 7. 8 Indicators and targets in national level Number of institutions with enhanced capacity in climate resilience for water security Indicators Details  Number of institutions with enhanced capacity in climate resilience for water security 3-4 institutions per Country: 24 – 32 for 8 Countries  Number of (individuals) decision- makers and other stakeholders with enhanced capacity to integrate WS & CC considerations into development plans and projects. 12 Planners 5 Decision Makers- 40 Altogether 136 Participants Targets Planners and decision makers within Government institutions of Finance and other relevant sectors as Water Resources, Agriculture, Environment, Energy, Health and Infrastructure. Other stakeholders will be capacitated mainly under WP 4-5-6
  • 8. Institutions- Participants Capacitated during and beyond the training period  Economic case to high level policy makers on the importance of WS & CR development  Climate impact assessment and climate screening  Investment options in using cost benefit analysis, cost effectiveness assessment  Robust decision in using the concept of no/low regrets investments  Financing and investment portfolios for climate resilient development  No/low regrets investments & development planning processes Expected outcomes in national level
  • 9. Thank you for your attention 28 August 2013