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Introduction of for lighting industry

  1. 1. Your Trust-worthy Free Sourcing E-platform<br />Lighting<br />
  2. 2. When You Start Sourcing in China <br />Are You:<br />Frustrated by the excessive supplier Info?<br />Looking for a zero-cost sourcing way?<br />Worried about the high sourcing risk?<br />is at your service<br />
  3. 3. Why Is <br />Your Reliable Sourcing E-platform?<br />
  4. 4. Reason 1: GMC Manufacturers <br />
  5. 5. What is GMC?<br />In order to lower global buyers’ potential risk in sourcing process, based on surveys with approximately 20,000 international buyers, GlobalMarket established the GMC (Global Manufacturer Certificate) standard in 2004, which outlines the features that all manufacturers should possess, like: <br />(1) Genuine Manufacturer; <br />(2) High-quality Products; <br />(3) Considerable Company Size; <br />(4) Dedicated Export Team; <br />(5) Research and Development Capability. <br />
  6. 6. 8 GMC Benchmarks:<br />
  7. 7. Only those pass the strict GMC auditing process can become GMC Manufacturers<br />GMC Audit Report and GMC Certificate are granted<br />Displayed on<br />Strict On-site Audit <br />Is Performed by <br />
  8. 8. Glance at GMC Manufacturers’ Factories<br />Staff<br />
  9. 9. Glance at GMC Manufacturers’ Factories<br />Equipments<br />
  10. 10. Glance at GMC Manufacturers’ Factories<br />Showroom<br />
  11. 11. Reason 2: Powerful Search Engine<br />
  12. 12. Easy Search:<br />Two Steps to find your ideal suppliers:<br />(1) Type in your keyword<br />(2) Click to find<br />
  13. 13. By Categories:<br />By Market:<br />Accurate Search:<br />More Accurate Refine Filters are available<br />By Customer Features:<br />By Factory Regions:<br />
  14. 14. Gallery View:<br />Gallery View gives you more detail<br />Click<br />
  15. 15. Product Alert:<br />Two Steps to Get Products Update Timely<br />Type in<br />(1) Product Keywords<br />(2) Your e-mail address<br />Then click “Subscribe”<br />
  16. 16. Product Categories<br />Manufacturer Categories<br />Lighting Categories:<br />Check the relevant Lighting categories by<br />
  17. 17. Reason 3: Global Lighting Exhibitions<br />
  18. 18. Check Our Global Exhibition Schedule<br />Active Participation in <br />Global Lighting Exhibitions<br />—— to offer global buyers more convenient sourcing service<br />
  19. 19. Light + Building<br />Location: Frankfurt, Germany<br />
  20. 20. LIGHTING JAPAN<br />Location: Tokyo, Japan<br />
  21. 21. LIGHT FAIR International<br />Location: Las Vegas, USA<br />
  22. 22. International LED EXPO & OLED EXPO<br />Location: Seoul, Korea<br />
  23. 23. Hong Kong International Lighting Fair<br />Location: Hong Kong, China<br />
  24. 24. LED+Light Tech Show/LED Light Fair<br />Location: Hong Kong, China<br />
  25. 25. Light Middle East<br />Location: Dubai, UAE<br />
  26. 26. INTERLIGHT MOSCOW<br />Location: Moscow, Russia<br />
  27. 27. Reason 4: Cooperation with Global Buyers<br />
  28. 28. In 2009, over 1000 sourcing events were arranged for global lighting buyers <br />GlobalMarket Buyers’ Distribution<br />
  29. 29. Flexible Sourcing Ways Available<br /> Video Conference<br /> Sourcing Meeting<br /> Factory Tour<br /> Sourcing Salon<br />
  30. 30. Glance at GlobalMarket Buyers<br />Name: GE<br />Market: more than 100 countries<br />Headquarter: Connecticut, USA <br />Website: <br />GE is a global infrastructure, finance and media company providing services with innovations for over 130 years.<br />Name: Buy From China<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: Chicago, USA <br />Website:<br />BFC is a professional global purchasing agency with buying office in Korea, Hong Kong and Mainland China.<br />Name: OSRAM<br />Market: more than 150 countries<br />Headquarter: Munich, Germany<br />Website: <br />Osram is one of the largest Lighting Suppliers in the world, with 48 global production base and clients in 150 countries.<br />Name: Lowe’s Companies<br />Market: USA, Canada<br />Headquarter: USA Fortune 500: No.48<br />Website:<br />Lowe’s is a worldwide-known retailer providing over 40,000 kinds of products in 1600 chain stores.<br />Name: PHILIPS<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: Netherlands<br />Website: <br /> As a world leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting, Philips focused on improving people’s lives through timely innovations.<br />Name: The Home Depot<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: USA Fortune 500: No.14<br />Website:<br />The Home Depot is the largest building material retailer in the world with home products and services .<br />
  31. 31. Glance at GlobalMarket Buyers<br />Name: Havells Sylvania<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: Germany<br />Website:<br />Havells Sylvania is one of the famous lighting suppliers in the world with many well-known lighting brands.<br />Name: Hellweg<br />Market: Germany<br />Headquarter: Germany<br />Website:<br />Hellweg, a TOP 10 household supermarket in Germany with lightings, home appliances, furniture etc.<br />Name: B&Q<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: UK<br />Ranking: World No.3, Europe No.1<br />Website: <br />B&Q, one of Fortune 500, is under Kingfisher Group and providing lightings & building materials. <br />Name:Designers Fountain<br />Market: North Amarica, Europe<br />Headquarter: USA<br />Website:<br />Designers Fountain is a leading lighting provider with over 1,200 distributors across North America & Europe.<br />Name: Westinghouse Lighting Corporation<br />Market: North & South America, Europe <br />Website: <br />Westinghouse is founded in 1946, with 4-billion-USD annual purchasing volume of lighting products.<br />Name: Tesco Group<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: UK<br />Website:<br />Tesco, founded in 1932, is world’s No. 3 retailer and the largest one in Britain, right next to Wal-mart & Carrefour .<br />
  32. 32. Glance at GlobalMarket Buyers<br />Name: Li & Fung Group.<br />Market: North America, Europe and Asia<br />Headquarter: Hong Kong, China<br />Website: <br />Li & Fung Group operates an extensive global sourcing network and managing supply chains for major brands and retailers worldwide.<br />Name: Vin Mart Group<br />Market: North America, Africa, Middle East<br />Headquarter: Canada<br />Website:<br />Vin Mart Group is a leading player in commodities export and trading of general merchandise goods.<br />Name: Leroy Merin<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: France <br />Website: <br />Leroy Merlin is committed to improving homes and their surrounding environment, providing complementary solutions. <br />Name: Designers Fountain<br />Market: America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia<br />Headquarter: Hong Kong, China<br />Website:<br />TP LIGHTING LTD is a well established trading company with export and import business in lighting industry.<br />Name: TEST RITE Group<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: Taiwan, China<br />Website: <br />TEST RITE is a worldwide group that is committed to be global sourcing partners of companies across the world.<br />Name: Rencat Technology<br />Market: America, Africa<br />Headquarter: USA<br />Website:<br />RencatTechnology provides solar lighting and energy saving solutions for clients across America and Africa.<br />
  33. 33. Glance at GlobalMarket Buyers<br />Name: Häfele.<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: Germany<br />Website: <br />Häfele, a worldwide famous hardware brands, supply solutions include furniture, architectural and electronic locking system etc.<br />Name: VEGA Corporation<br />Market: Japan<br />Headquarter: Japan<br />Website:<br />VEGA Corporation is a leading online retailers in Japan in Lighting and Furniture industry.<br />Name: The Lighting & Interior Group Ltd.<br />Market: UK<br />Headquarter: Bolton, UK<br />Website: <br />The Lighting & Interiors Group Ltd is structured to accommodate all sizes of customer from the smallest independent retailers to the largest high street chains. <br />Name: Intermatic<br />Market: America<br />Headquarter: USA<br />Website:<br />Intermatic is the leader in time-based energy control products and has been focused on developing energy-saving products since 1940.<br />Name: ThreeSixty Sourcing<br />Market: USA<br />Headquarter: USA<br />Website: <br />ThreeSixty Sourcing is a leading global sourcing firm specializing in sourcing products for the consumer and commercial hard goods sectors.<br />Name: Interline Brands Company<br />Market: America<br />Headquarter: USA<br />Website:<br />Interline Brands Company is a US based company with a leading position in repair, maintenance and operation distribution market.<br />
  34. 34. Glance at GlobalMarket Buyers<br />Name: ATICO International.<br />Market: America, Europe, Australia, Asia<br />Headquarter: USA<br />Website: <br />ATICO, founded in 1975, is the largest U.S.-based global sourcing and product development supply chain management companys.<br />Name: Maxlite<br />Market: North & South America<br />Headquarter: USA<br />Website:<br />For more than 50 years, MaxLite has led the way in manufacturing and marketing energy efficient lamps and fixtures.<br />Name: ADOVO.<br />Market: Europe<br />Headquarter: Sweden<br />Website: <br />ADOVO realizes ideas in China and is purchasing lighting, apparel, household products with a volume of 10 million USD . <br />Name: The Lighting Workshop Ltd.<br />Market: Europe, Australia<br />Headquarter: New Zealand <br />Website:<br />The Lighting Workshop Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of custom lighting systems.<br />Name: Denkyu Corporation<br />Market: Japan<br />Headquarter: Japan<br />Website: <br />Denkyu Corporation is a professional lighting solution provider in Japan. Denkyu purchases from China and has a buying office in Hong Kong. <br />Name: Prolux Ltd.<br />Market: New Zealand, Australia<br />Headquarter: New Zealand<br />Website:<br />Prolux, founded in 1994, is an importer, assembler and distributor of light fittings in New Zealand.<br />
  35. 35. Glance at GlobalMarket Buyers<br />Name: PROLITES<br />Market: Middle East<br />Headquarter: Lebanon<br />Website:<br />With over 10 years of advanced engineering and business expertise in the entertainment industry, PROLITES has become a prominent leader in the field of sound, lighting and video in Middle East.<br />Name: Ring Lighting UK Ltd.<br />Market: Europe, America<br />Headquarter: Miami, USA<br />Website:<br />Ring Lighting UK ltd., an importer in UK, is a member of Catalina Lighting Group, a lighting tycoon in America.<br />Name: Starlight<br />Market: Europe<br />Headquarter: France<br />Website: <br />Starlight is purchasing 80 million USD lighting and home appliance products from China yearly. <br />Name: Lumos Lighting<br />Market: Australia<br />Headquarter: Australia <br />Website:<br />LUMOS is a lighting importer and distributor in Australia with a wide sourcing network in southeast Asia.<br />Name: LEDS-C4 S.A<br />Market: Europe, USA, Asia<br />Headquarter: Catalan, Spain<br />Website: <br />LEDS-C4 S.A is one of the largest lighting suppliers in Spain exporting products to over 100 countries in Europe, USA, Asia. <br />Name: Permasteelisa Group.<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: Italy<br />Website:<br />Permasteelisa Group, founded in 1973, is famous for architecture projects, like L’Opera House diSidney.In 2009, the Group purchased 1.5 billion Euro building materials and lightings. <br />
  36. 36. Glance at GlobalMarket Buyers<br />Name: Progress Lighting<br />Market: USA<br />Headquarter: USA<br />Website:<br />Progress Lighting, one of TOP 10 ESL manufacturers in USA, with more than 130 brands and 5,000 lighting products, is the main supplier of HOME DEPOT.<br />Name: Paulmann<br />Market: Europe<br />Headquarter: Germany<br />Website:<br />Paulmann, a professional lighting supplier, has branch offices in 38 countries in Europe, providing more than 2,500 types of innovative lightings.<br />Name: Euro Group<br />Market: Europe<br />Headquarter: Belgium<br />Website: <br />Euro Group, founded in 1989, is a leading chain supermarket in Europe, with 14,7000 stores. <br />Name: LED GROUP<br />Market: Europe<br />Headquarter: Dublin, Ireland.<br />Website:<br />LED GROUP is the largest lighting distributor in Ireland and also supplying products in Europe.<br />Name: Kaufland<br />Market: Europe<br />Headquarter: Germany<br />Website: <br />Kaufland, the largest Germany chain supermarket, has more than 600 outlet in Europe, with a yearly turnover of 5 billion USD. <br />Name: Takasho<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: Japan<br />Website:<br />Takasho provides gardening solutions and has a wide service network all over the world with great design and high-end technology. <br />
  37. 37. Glance at GlobalMarket Buyers<br />Name: Fan Europe<br />Market: Europe<br />Headquarter: Italy<br />Website:<br />FAN EUROPE is a dynamic importer and distributor and presents its matching collections in lighting catalogue.<br />Name: Lumiparts Co., Ltd<br />Market: Netherlands <br />Headquarter: Netherlands<br /> Website:<br />Lumiparts Co., ltd, founded in 1985, is a lighting wholesaler and contractor in Netherlands.<br />Name: Cemex Falcon<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: Mexico<br />Website: <br />Cemex Falcon, founded in 1906, is an international suppliers of building materials and energy saving products. <br />Name: NimmmMit<br />Market: Europe<br />Headquarter: Germany<br />Website:<br />NimmMit is an Germany importer with a comprehensive line of building materials, furniture, lightings and household. <br />Name: THUY TIEN J.S.C<br />Market: Vietnam<br />Headquarter: Vietnam<br />Website:<br />THUY TIEN J.S.C is a famous construction contractor in Vietnam, mainly purchasing lighting and electric products. THUY TIEN owns many brands. <br />Name: Cooper Lighting<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: USA<br />Website:<br />The mission of Cooper Lighting is to be the leading provider of innovative, high quality lighting fixtures and related products to worldwide commercial, industrial, residential and utility market. <br />
  38. 38. Glance at GlobalMarket Buyers<br />Name: Schneider Electric<br />Market: Europe<br />Headquarter: France<br />Website:<br />Schneider Electric, one of Fortune 500, is an industry pioneer in the world with energy and infrastructure solutions.<br />Name: Disney<br />Market: Worldwide <br />Headquarter: USA<br />Website:<br />Disney has branch offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou for purchasing lightings, home appliances, household products for its own brand.<br />Name: Auchan Group<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: France<br />Website: <br />Auchanis a famous international chain supermarket, one of the TOP 10 group in the world in retailing industry. <br />Name: Sears Holdings Corporation<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: USA<br />Website:<br />Sears Holdings Corporation is the nation’s fourth largest broad-line retailer with approximately 2,9000 full-line and specialty retail stores in the USA & Canada. <br />Name: EUPA Group<br />Market: Japan, Taiwan<br />Headquarter: Taiwan, China<br />Website:<br />EUPA Group, founded in 1978, now is a worldwide famous suppler in home appliance industry and quickly rise in lighting. <br />Name: Carrefour Global Sourcing Asia Ltd.<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: France<br />Website:<br />Carrefour, founded in 1959,is the largest retailer in Europe with more than 11,000 chain supermarkets all over the world. <br />
  39. 39. Glance at GlobalMarket Buyers<br />Name: Apollo Lighting<br />Market: Europe<br />Headquarter: Poland<br />Website:<br />Apollo Lighting is part of Apollo Electronics company which has been operating on the market since 1988 and distributing lightings, electronics, office equipments etc.<br />Name: The Minka Group<br />Market: Worldwide <br />Headquarter: USA<br />Website:<br />The Minka Group has grown to become a leader in the decorative lighting industry with distribution in many countries and brands.<br />Name: EGLO<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: Austria<br />Website: <br />EGLO, founded in 1969, is one of the world’s largest brands of home lightings. <br />Name: Gerard Lighting<br />Market: Australia<br />Headquarter: Australia<br />Website:<br />Gerard Lighting is the company behind Australia’s most impressive and comprehensive group of major lighting brands. <br />Name: THORN<br />Market: Worldwide<br />Headquarter: UK<br />Website:<br />THORN, founded in 1928, is a leading lighting brand in the world with business in more than 100 countries. <br />Name: Searchlight<br />Market: UK<br />Headquarter: UK<br />Website:<br />Searchlight, founded in 1945, is distributing to over 750 independent and well known high street store groups in UK. . <br />
  40. 40. Log on Now<br />to Find Your Reliable Lighting Manufacturers <br />