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Paulo Magina

  1. 1. Public Procurement A Global Management Solution EPROCUREMENT, Vision for the Future Global Forum 2011 Brussels, Nov. 7Mod.017.00
  2. 2. What European Union is saying about Public ProcurementMod.017.00 2
  3. 3. Reforming Public Procurement in Portugal – Towards a Sustainable Structure Public Entities Public UMC Entities ANCP ANCP – “National Agency for UMC Public Procurement”. Established in 2007 to implement and manage the SNCP – the National Public Procurement System, with the Ministerial Purchasing Units (UMC). Mission: to increase the efficiencyMod.017.00 and savings of the Portuguese Public Administration 3 3
  4. 4. Reforming Public Procurement in Portugal – Focus on E-Tender Public budget Aggregation Sourcing Order/Invoice/Pay planning Public Entities Suppliers e-Noticing e-Tendering e-Awarding Mandatory from Nov. 2009 Web based tools – Report public contracts awarded Public Procurement SavingsMod.017.00 Management Fees 4
  5. 5. Reforming Public Procurement in Portugal – Focus on E-Tender • 2010 | First full year of mandatory e-Public Procurement The success of the adoption of e-Public Procurement in Portugal was based on the commitment of all stakeholders, namely the already established Public eTendering platform operators with several years of experience in the market. All platforms are required to be certified according to specific legislation. Players involved: • Contracting Entities + Economic Operators + Public eTendering Platform Operators • External Auditors for Platform’s compliance auditing • National Certification Office of e-tendering Platforms – CEGER • National Agency for Public Procurement - ANCP (delivering a framework agreement to contract platforms) • National Portal for Public Contracts – InCI ( • Universities / Training Faculties Security Transparency •Introduction of e- signature Process and e-registation •Monitoring the value of •Workflow document contracts above and below management •Simplified the relation •Improve Data Auditing thresholds; Suppliers/Public Entities in processes; •Improve auditing Tendering Process; •Processes– faster and •Reduced Paper consume; efficient. •Improve standard Tendering Process;Mod.017.00 •Improve communication; •Operational management change. 5
  6. 6. Eprocurement – Set a New Trend of Public Management Eprocurement Eprocurement as support IT The Next Step Eprocurement as part of Tool to procurement public procurement strategy management Build common processes based Each public entity invests in on functional design, business technology, processes and control; process & supplier interfaces  Investment in IT integration Create a shared value instead of Process Optimization; sustainable solution reducing Be reactive in data management investments for the Government; instead of pro-active; Manage Procurement as a Each public entity invests in their strategy area of Government own human and functional skills. Promote corporate Governance Global E-Procurement Investment needs (M€) in electronic Public Procurement. 6 E-Procurement as a Global 4 Procurement Strategy E-Procurement as Support IT 2 Tools 0Mod.017.00 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 6
  7. 7. EProcurement Interoperability Platform Public Procurement Common Model Data integration Source-To-Pay Solution Interoperability: From a Problem to a Solution Identify the key interoperability data from Procurement Process that Service Oriented Architecture – Provide a Set API needs to be exchanged (e.g. Consulting a contract, receive a order of Services related with Public Procurement buy, update a e-catalogue…); Business – Innovation Market Value. Define Standard base solutions for IT Providers; Integrating effective systems.Mod.017.00 e- e-tendering / e- e- e- e- e- e-sourcing aggregation e-awarding contract catalogue ordering invoicing payment 7
  8. 8. Conclusions from eprocurement experience and learnings Key factors to eprocurement Critical Success Factors and Dimensions EProcurement as a new approach to define Public Procurement Strategy and not an “IT Governmental Top-Down Project, transforming procurement from Tool support to public procurement” tactical to strategic. investment. Political Investing in a Global Shared EProcurement Create a Corporate Governance model to model optimizes management and Eprocurement and adapt Legislation to the decreases waste and redundancy spends. new global trend. Financial E-Procurement success depends firstly on simplicity, transparence, trustable Processes Improve a change management plan focused and People skills, and only then on on Implementation. Technology issues. Social EProcurement is not just “Savings”, it is also Deliver value and service (full visibility into “Profits.” cost, risk, performance) to the StakeholdersMod.017.00 and get economic and business compliance. 8