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London & Paris - Presentation London & Paris - Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome Educational Sports ToursWelcome to Global Football, a division of the Global SportsGroup, Inc. We provide football players of all ages, theircoaches, families and supporters, the opportunity toparticipate in high-profile events around the world.Through an extensive network of football contacts andbusiness partners, Global Football has developed a broadspectrum of games, tournaments, tours, camps andbowls, each targeted to a specific age group and talentlevel.Hope you can join us! WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Patrick SteenbergeCoach,My name is Patrick Steenberge and I playedQuarterback and lettered two seasons under coach AraParseghian at Notre Dame. It was at school that Ilearned the importance of team work and also of thepower, influence and importance of international travel.Global Football is an international sports travelorganization providing the opportunity for youngamateur athletes from different countries to competeagainst one another, while experiencing and learningfirsthand about each others cultures, customs andhistory.At Global Football we believe in, and indeed see everyyear, the incredible effect of educational sports travel.At the beginning of each new football season hundredsof our travelers (players, staff, coaches, family, fansand friends included) return home better citizens, moreconfident, more enthusiastic in the classroom and onthe playing field; more engaged in the world aroundthem; better prepared for life and more likely to make adifference to each other as team mates.Lead an educational sports tour with us and you’ll getyour students’ attention and keep it. And best of allyou’ll make a difference in their lives. I encourage youto contact one of your fellow coaches who have traveledwith us to hear what their experiences were.Happy trails!Patrick SteenbergePresident Global Sports Group. WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM View slide
  • Football Partners •NFL Europe & International •USA Football •American Football Coaches Association •European Federation of American Football •European Football League WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM View slide
  • Aztec BowlThe Aztec Bowl is the traditional season-ending game forMexico’s college football season and is the only division 3All-Star Bowl game. The game has been played 33 timessince 1947 with the last ten contests featuring the UnitedStates-Mexico match-up. The United States is 9-1 in theseries. The Aztec Bowl is played in December each year inMexico. The event is televised & broadcast over the weband WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • International ToursGlobal Football is an international sports travelorganization providing the opportunity for young amateurathletes from different countries to compete against oneanother, while experiencing and learning firsthand abouteach others cultures, customs and history.Participating with your college or high school team in oneof our international tours or events – be it in England,France, China, Italy, Spain or one of the many countries inwhich we have a great relationship with the GlobalAmerican Football community will shape yourstudent/athletes lives in profound and unexpected ways. WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Quotes“There is no greater opportunity for young people to travel andexperience new parts of the world like the tours and competitions youhave developed at Global Football.”John Mackovic, retired Head Coach - Universities of Texas, Arizona & Illinois“The trip to Italy provided a once in a lifetime experience for allinvolved, and many of our young men expressed that it wassomething they would remember the rest of their lives”Norm Eash, Head Coach - Illinois Wesleyan“Patrick went above and beyond the call of duty. I do not know whyany NCAA Div. III school that has football does not take theopportunity to travel with Global Football. “Jim Lyall, Head Coach - Adrian College WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Quotes"I was proud of how they represented American football andAugustana College football. However, I was more proud to see themshow great interest in and absorb the educational aspects of the trip.“Jim Barnes, Head Coach - Augustana College“Everything on the trip to Germany was handled in a first-classmanner from our transportation, accommodations and meals, to thefootball details. “Rich Willis, Head Coach - Wartburg College“Traveling to Spain was one of the best things we have done for ourfootball program since we arrived here 8 years ago.”Mike Wallace, Head Coach - Wilmington College WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Quotes“We experienced so much in Austria and Germany and weexperienced it together. As a team - we are all forever grateful for this‘Experience of a Lifetime’.”Chris Creighton, Head Coach - Wabash College“There is no doubt the trip to Ireland is an experience the JCUcommunity will never forget.”Regis Scafe, Head Coach - John Carroll University“We finished this season as conference co-champions and this trip toItaly was a key ingredient to our success this fall.“Chris Rorke, Head Coach - Plymouth College WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Previous Travellers Central Wartburg Wabash Rose-Hulman Augustana Illinois Wesleyan Adrian Bluffton Baker Wilmington Cornell Buena VistaJohn Carroll Mt St Joseph Alfred Plymouth Hope Thiel Luther MN Morris Claremont Elmhurst Ohio Northern North Central WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Association ReferencesAMERICAN FOOTBALL COACHES ASSOCIATION NFL EUROPE LEAGUEGrant Teaff Executive Director Marshall Happer Operations Director254-776-5900 011-49-69-978-2790Todd Bell Dir. of Public Relations Tony Allen Director Player Development254-776-5900 011-44-207-225-3070 MEXICONFL INTERNATIONAL Alfonso Garza ONEFA Executive DirectorCedric Jones NFL Youth Director 011-52-81-8332-1184212-450-2000 Jorge Orobio FMFA Executive DirectorMike Stokes Director, Special Events 011-52-81-5352-2556212-450-2273 JAPANGordon Smeaton Sr. Director, Marketing Eiji Sasada President., AFAJ212-450-2129 011-813-3815-2210Pete Abitante International Public Relations Yoshio Kanazawa President, NFA212-450-2085 011-813-3490-6661USA FOOTBALL POP WARNER LITTLE SCHOLARS, INC.Executive Director Scott Hallenbeck Jon Butler Executive Director703-918-0007 215-752-2691 Sam Mutz Football CommissionerIFAF 215-752-2691Frederic Paquet Don Trotter Regional Director011-33-14-311-1470 760-433-1839 WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • London & Paris (14 days) Day 1 – Fly to London Day 2 – London Orientation Day 3 – London Sightseeing Day 4 – British Museum Day 5 – Tower of London Day 6 – London Day 7 – Eurostar to Paris Day 8 – Paris Sightseeing Day 9 – Versailles Day 10 – Game Day Day 11 – Louvre Museum Day 12 – Loire Valley Chateaux Day 13 – Eiffel Tower WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM– Fly Home Day 14
  • Day 1 – Fly to London WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 2 – Arrive LondonStep outside your hotel, for a stroll through the streets of theheart of the English-speaking world. In this city of nearlyseven million, youll see everything from 12th-centuryfortifications to modern skyscrapers, formal parks to punkrockers. Your Tour Director will lead you to some of the mostfamous sites. Walk along the Thames River. Cross TrafalgarSquare. See bustling Piccadilly Circus. Pass trendy shopsand cafés in Bohemian Soho on your way to Covent Garden,a 13th-century fruit and vegetable garden transformed into amaze of narrow streets and pedestrian walkways burgeoningwith street performers, open-air markets and boutiques. WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 3 - London Sightseeing Join a licensed local guide for an in-depth look at London, from the royal haunt of Buckingham Palace (the official London residence of Queen Elizabeth II) to the slightly more democratic Speakers’ Corner of Hyde Park, where anyone can pull up a soapbox and orate to his heart’s content. You’ll see the changing of the guard (season permitting), the clock tower of Big Ben with its 14-ton bell, and Westminster Abbey, where almost every English king and queen since William the Conqueror has been crowned. After a stop at the Houses of Parliament, continue on to the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral, the masterpiece of London architect Christopher Wren. WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 4 – British MuseumThe British Museum, founded in 1773, is famous for housingmany of the best antiquities and cultural treasures gatheredfrom countries around the globe. Your guide will lead you tothe most famous items--the Rosetta stone (with thehieroglyphic alphabet sketched on it), the Portland Vase, theElgin marbles, and one of the worlds largest collections ofart and artifacts. So many treasures so little time. WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 5 – Tower of London Get up close and personal with the Tower of London. Towers, rather. Twenty stone towers, as well as tunnels, winding staircases and narrow passageways comprise this huge fortress covering 18 acres on the banks of the Thames. A royal residence from the 11th - 16th centuries, the Tower also served as a jewel safe and a prison. Scary: See the headless skeletons of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard (Henry VIIIs former wives who were executed here). Shiny: The Crown Jewels are housed here, including the largest cut diamond in the world (530-carats). Safe: Beefeaters (guards) lead tours through the Tower. WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 6 - LondonMake the most of a free day - this could be the perfectopportunity to hang out in Hyde Park, catch up on the worldof contemporary art at the Tate Modern or shop Londonsfamous High Street...the city is yours to explore. Tonight, youcould check out the youthful, bustling scene in LeicesterSquare, a central meeting spot for mirthful revelers and hometo plenty of pubs, bookstores and restaurants. WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 7 – Eurostar to Paris WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 8 – Paris Sightseeing Whats that huge white arch at the end of the Champs- Élysées? The Arc de Triomphe, commissioned by Napoleon in 1806 after his victory at Austerlitz. A licensed local guide will give the goods on this, and other, Parisian landmarks. Spot chic locals (and tons of tourists) strolling the Champs- Élysées. Look up at the iron girders of the Eiffel Tower, built for the 1889 Worlds Fair to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution. See Les Invalides (a refuge for war wounded), the École Militaire (Napoleons alma mater), and the Conciergerie (the prison where Marie Antoinette was kept during the French Revolution). Then head to the Île de la Cité -- a small island in the Seine -- to see Notre Dame Cathedral. Look up at the great gray spires, grotesque gargoyles, and huge, round stained-glass windows. WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 9 - VersaillesThe ultimate palace, Versailles was built by Louis VIX, andhoused the royal family and its groveling court from 1582,when the Sun King moved in, to the French Revolution.Everything in Versailles is worth a look, from the 250-foot-long Hall of Mirrors, with themed salons-"war" and "peace"-on either side, to Marie Antoinettes faux country hamlet.When being a queen became too much to bear, she wouldpretend to be a commoner, tending her sheep and wearingpeasant clothes. WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 10 – Game Day in Paris WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 11 – Louvre Museum The worlds largest art museum, the Louvre is housed in a medieval fortress-turned-castle so grand its worth a tour itself. You walk through the 71-foot glass pyramid designed by I.M. Pei and added in 1989, and step into another world- one with carved ceilings, deep-set windows, and so many architectural details, you could spend a week just admiring the rooms. But check out the art on the walls. The Mona Lisa is here, as well as the Venus de Milo and Winged Victory (the headless statue, circa 200 BC, discovered at Samothrace). The Louvre has seven different departments of paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and antiquities. Dont miss the Egyptian collection, complete with creepy sarcophagi, or the collection of Greek ceramics, one of the largest in the world. WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 12 – Loire ValleyFrance’s aristocrats began building defensive castles in the Loire Valley inthe 11th century. A few hundred years later, their descendants createdpleasure palaces among the lush green forests and wandering waterways.Today, sumptuous Renaissance castles stud the banks of the silvery LoireRiver, the longest in France. But few castles can compete with Château deChenonceau. Built on a series of arches over the Cher River, Chenonceau wasdesigned by a woman in the 16th century. It was once inhabited by Catherinede Medicis, who commissioned the delicate spirals and of the formal gardens,and had the bridge covered by a two-story stone gallery. You’ll also visitChâteau Chambord, the largest and most lavish of the Loire châteaux. It took1800 workers over a decade to complete the palace for King Francois I, whoonce suggested that the river be diverted to make a moat. The palace has 440rooms, and in many of them you can see Francois’ salamander emblem. Stopto see Chartres Cathedral. Built on an ancient worshipping ground to house apiece of the Virgin Mary’s veil (which is still on display), this 13th-centuryGothic church is best known for its windows. With over 20,000 square feet ofstained glass. WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 13 – Eiffel TowerSee the city from the water on an hour-long cruise along theRiver Seine. The Seine cuts right through Paris, dividing thecity in half. See the Eiffel tower rising up on the Left Bank,the walls of the Louvre on the Right Bank. A guide will pointout other monuments and architectural marvels as you pass,many of which are illuminated by clear white light at night.Awards DinnerEnjoy unparalleled views from the Eiffel Tower this eveningand reminisce on your adventure in Europe at this evening’sgala awards dinner. WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Day 14 – Fly home WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • View from London Eye WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Buckingham Palace WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Changing of the Guard WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Sightseeing Guide WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Houses of Parliament WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Westminster Abbey WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • London Phoneboxes WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Paris – Champs Elysees WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Paris – Eiffel Tower WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Paris - Versailles WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Paris – Arc de Triomphe WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Paris – Eiffel Tower WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Paris – Sacre Coeur WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Paris – Seine Cruise WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Paris – Seine Cruise WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Loire Valley - Chambord WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Loire Valley - Chenonceaux WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Versailles – The Sun King WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Flights• Major International Airline• Coach Class Cabin• Direct Flights Where Available WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Hotels• Tourist Class Accommodation• Comfortable & Well Located• Private Facilities & Bathrooms• Students Share Triple Rooms• Adult Single Or Twin/Double(Additional Supplement Applies)• Buffet Breakfast WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Meals• Daily European Breakfast• 2- or 3-Course Fixed Menu• Regional Cuisine• Iced Water• Drinks Payable Individually• Gratuity & Tax Included• Lunches Not Included• Pre-Game Meal• Awards Dinner WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Game & Practices• Practices & walkthrough on tour• Play against local club team• Mixed age range & abilities• Friendly and welcoming• Post-game activity with hosts• Make friends and contacts• One last game for Seniors• Post-graduation overseas job WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Transportation • Private Motor Coach • Air Conditioned Comfort • Public Transport • Bus/Subway • Walking • High Speed Train WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Guided Tours• Expert Local Guides• Excellent English• Walking Tours• Sightseeing Tours• Entrance Fees Included• Educational Tours WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Tour Director• Professional Guide• Multi-lingual• Friendly & Knowledgeable• Organize Logistics• Offer Help and Advice• Free Time Suggestions• Full-Time For Length Of Tour• Football Coordinator WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Included in Program Fee • Round-trip air transportation from departure gateway • Accommodation in triple rooms with private bathrooms • Airport transfers & all transportation between cities • Local public transportation to all scheduled activities • European or buffet-style breakfast daily, as per program • Dinner daily (unless otherwise noted) • All excursions, led by professional local guides per program • City walks led by Tour Director, per program • Visits to select attractions & theater tickets, per program • Full-time services of a Tour Director & football coordinator • Games & practices • Awards dinner & pre-game meal WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Not Included in Program Fee • Passport Fees • Visa fees (non- U.S. citizens must obtain any necessary visas) • Beverages at dinner • Lunch, unless specified in the itinerary • Optional excursions & extensions • Travel Insurance Plan • Local transportation to unscheduled activities • Tips to Tour Director, bus drivers & local guides WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • FundraisingAcademic Credit – Liaise with faculty to provide pre-tour lecturesStudent Loans – Loans could be available to fund academic creditFundraising letter to family, friends and home communityRaffle off a free place on tour at your Homecoming gameCollaborate with Boosters and AlumniGolf Outing / Lift-a-Thon / Concession stands / Sponsored DinnersESPN The Magazine Coaches Fundraising ProgramTalk with coaches who have traveled previously for advice/guidance WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Payment TimelineInitial Registration & $100 Deposit – Before 2008 CommencementFirst Installment ($1000) – 30th September 2008Freshmen Registration – 30th September 2008Price Guarantee Deadline – 30th September 2008Final Payment Balance – 90 days prior to departureFinal Registration Deadline – 90 days prior to departureDeparture Date – After 2009 Commencement WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • Benefits• 10 Days Spring Practice in Pads• On Tour Practices and Game• Team Building Adventure• Educational Experience• Improve Season Results• Earn Academic Credit• Recruitment Incentive• Last Game for Seniors• Overseas Job Prospects• Promote Your School Overseas• American Football Ambassadors• Travel Every Third Season WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM
  • ContactGlobal Football - USA Global Football - EuropePatrick Steenberge Leo Jenkins7301 Crube Court Zandstraat, 4Granbury Amsterdam Texas HK1011 The76049 Netherlands USA 1-888-635-4635 – US Office(817) 326-3578 - Office +31 648 788 379 – NL Cell(817) 219-7274 – Cell +31 20 840 1957 – NL Fax(817) 326-3574 – Fax WWW.GLOBALFOOTBALL.COM