From The Trenches: Practical Advice for Making Social Media Work for Your Business


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It’s hard to separate fact from hype when it comes to Social Media. Knowing where to start can seem daunting. With scores of tools available and a multitude of opinion concerning their application, knowing where to focus your time is half the battle. While much has been said about learning what the masses eat for breakfast, social media holds real value when applied in traditional business practice. Pick up hints, tips and tricks to get you started and avoid the pitfalls.

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From The Trenches: Practical Advice for Making Social Media Work for Your Business

  1. 1. From the Trenches Practical Advice for Making Social Media Work for Your Business Sarah Mitchell
  2. 2. Introduction • Social Media is also called: – Social Marketing – Social Networking – Web 2.0 • Hype and Confusion • Goal for Today: – Provide an approach that business people can take to incorporate Social Media into their professional lives.
  3. 3. Market Drivers – Word of Mouth • July 2009 PQMedia study: – Word of Mouth (WoM) spending expected to grow 10.2% during worst economic recession in 70 years. – Advertising and marketing decline for first time since 1930s – $1.54 billion spent on WoM marketing in 2008 • Bridge Ratings Survey – “Strangers with Experience” trumps: • Teachers • Newspaper/Magazines • TV News Reports • Traditional Advertising
  4. 4. What Social Media Won’t Do • It won’t close deals • It won’t generate a customer base if your products or service are lacking • Probably won’t replace your current marketing strategy.
  5. 5. What Social Media Can Do 1. Promote your brand 2. Establish your Authority 3. Generate Leads
  6. 6. Two Things to Remember 1. It’s “social” meaning your activities have to be centred on building relationships 2. You are representing your brand (or your company brand). At all times you must maintain a professional tone and attitude.
  7. 7. The Tools for Business Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Blogs • Generate Leads • Establish Authority • Promote Your Brand • Promote Your Brand
  8. 8. Usage of Tools for Business 79.3 7877.2 7775.3 86 68 79 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Social Media Success Summit Report Socialmediatoday Report LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Blogs
  9. 9. Interesting Facts • People aged 30 to 39 years are most likely to use social media for business. (Stelzner) • More women, than men, engage in social media activities. (55% vs. 45%) • People love to look at pictures. 70% of all actions are related to photos or video. (HBS) • Women say more. Men reference links. (HBS)
  10. 10. Establish Authority • LinkedIn is a professional networking site • Complete online curriculum vitae • Find and connect with business colleagues • List your company • Special interest groups • Polls • Q&A • 45 million members in over 200 countries
  11. 11. Lead Generation • Twitter is a global instant messaging tool • Micro-blogging • Send messages to drive traffic to your website • Networks consists of “followers” and is very fluid • 800,000 Twitterers in Australia – June 2009
  12. 12. Promote Your Brand • Blogging is an online dialogue you have with your customers and prospects • Allows you to position your company against competitors • Excellent way to improve SEO • Customers can leave their own comments and opinions
  13. 13. Promote Your Brand • Facebook allows you to create a business page and find “friends” • Most useful for B2C companies • Post photos, documents or run advertising • Blog feature • More than 100 million users log on to Facebook every day
  14. 14. Before you Start • Pick a descriptive user id – Globalcopywrite • Use a picture • Use your real name • Be transparent • Be generous with information
  15. 15. Building Networks It’s Professional Not Personal
  16. 16. Leave your Prints! The best way to improve you SEO rankings is to leave comments on articles or blogs. Join in the dialogue and do it often.
  17. 17. Get Started! • Select a User ID • Create a profile on LinkedIn and start sending invitations • Open an account on Twitter and send your first Tweet • Start making a list of blog topics • Post your business on Facebook and LinkedIn
  18. 18. Sarah Mitchell Copywriter/Consultant office: (08)9336-2439 mobile: 0410 024 405 website: Twitter: LinkedIn: