Taking the Mystery Out of Hiring International Students


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Information of why to hire international students and how exactly to hire them.

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Taking the Mystery Out of Hiring International Students

  1. 1. Taking the MysteryOut of HiringInternationalStudentsThursday, December 8, 2011Meagan Kittrick
  2. 2. Overview• Weatherhead’s international student population• Why hire international students?• Myths about hiring• Employment options for international students• Summary
  3. 3. International Population• The Weatherhead School of Management is proud of its culturally diverse student population• More than 25 countries are currently represented in Weatherhead’s graduate program
  4. 4. International PopulationProfile of Weatherhead International Students:• Age: 27 years• Work Experience: 4 years Emerging• GMAT Score: 650 Economies• Gender: 43% Female 35% Domestic 54% Europe (ex Russia) Other 2% International 9%
  5. 5. Why International Students?• Extensive work experience • International exposure • Multi-lingual • Team-management in various environments• Divergent thinking on global issues• Cross cultural awareness of market dynamics• Flexible: Easy to relocate anywhere in the USA• Potential relocation to home country would provide employer a reliable international liaison
  6. 6. Why International Students?
  7. 7. Myths About Hiring“International students need work authorization beforewe can make a job offer”• FALSE• Students DO NOT need work authorization before an employer makes an offer• Students DO need such authorization before they can BEGIN working
  8. 8. Myths About Hiring“Hiring process is extensive and paperwork is timeintensive”• The hiring process is no more extensive than hiring a domestic student• Employers DO NOT need to complete any additional paperwork to be able to legally make a job offer
  9. 9. Myths About Hiring“It is illegal to hire a student without a green card”• Federal law permits international students to obtain off-campus employment on their F-1 Visa• Students are allowed to work in jobs related to their field of education
  10. 10. Myths About Hiring“An employer has to prove that international studentsare not taking jobs away from a qualified American”• FALSE• Employers DO NOT have to document/certify that a foreign citizen working on a F-1 or H1-B Visa prevented a qualified US citizen from obtaining the position• This is only needed during employer-sponsored applications for permanent residency (green card)
  11. 11. Employment Options for HiringInternational StudentsInternational students are LEGALLY permitted toobtain internships and short term employmentpost graduation. Requires almost NO ADDITIONALeffort from employers compared to hiring domesticstudents.“Practical Training” options available to students:• While in school: Curricular Practical Training (CPT)• After graduation: Optional Practical Training (OPT)• After OPT: H1-B Visa
  12. 12. Employment Options for HiringInternational StudentsWhile in school: Curricular Practical Training (CPT)Employment which is integral or an important part of astudent’s curriculum and is related to the student’s fieldof study, including:• Internship or practicum• Co-op education
  13. 13. Employment Options for HiringInternational StudentsAny international student on a F-1 Visa can participate inCurricular Practical Training (CPT) who:• Has completed one academic year (9 months) and in F-1 status at the time of application for CPT• Intends to continue to maintain F-1 student status while on CPT• Can prove to the Career Management Office course advisor that the proposed employment is related to current field of study• Must register and enroll in the internship course
  14. 14. Employment Options for HiringInternational StudentsCurricular Practical Training (CPT)Employer Obligations:• Treat international students at par with domestic students in the hiring process• Make the job offer – the offer letter needs to specify details of employment, pay, location, etc.• Allow at least 5 business days for the students to get their work authorization processed through the school
  15. 15. Employment Options for HiringInternational StudentsCurricular Practical Training (CPT)Student Obligations:• Obtain a detailed offer letter from the employer• Meet with corresponding school official to begin the process• DO NOT start working before obtaining work authorization and DO NOT continue beyond the authorization period
  16. 16. Summary• International students can provided added breadth to your applicant pool• Ask students about their work authorization• Students are responsible to acquire proper work authorization after you make the job offer• Plan on welcoming a dedicated, productive, and driven professional on his/her first day
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