Webinar: The SmokeFree Formula: A possible adjunct to treatment of tobacco dependence?


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Presented live on 16 April, 2014
The SmokeFree Formula (SFF) is a book that has been written to bring the science of stopping to smoking in a way that is intended to be engaging and motivational. It is written in a very personal style but tries to explain why ceasing tobacco use can be hard and what this means for choice of ways to quit. It recognises that everyone is different and there is no one guaranteed method -- the secret to success is to keep trying and at each attempt to use methods that personal experience and scientific evidence indicates will give the best chance. It then lists 29 ingredients to choose from (including medication options, professional support, websites, physical activity and breathing exercises) and gives each one a star rating based on the strength of evidence supporting it. Smokers create their own SmokeFree Formulas from these ingredients under the book's maxim: 'I guide -- you decide'. The question is whether a book such as this can provide a common resource for health professionals and smokers to help structure the interaction and ensure that smokers have a ready reference to which to refer.
Robert West is Professor of Health Psychology and Director of Tobacco Studies at the Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Research Centre, University College London, UK. Professor West is also Editor-in-Chief of the journal Addiction. He has authored more than 500 scientific articles, books and book chapters. He was co-founder of the NHS stop-smoking services. His research includes evaluations of methods of helping smokers to stop and population surveys of smoking and smoking cessation patterns. He is author of 'The SmokeFreeFormula' (Orion) which aims to bring the science of stopping to smokers.

View recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u10PF0jpA-g

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Webinar: The SmokeFree Formula: A possible adjunct to treatment of tobacco dependence?

  1. 1. Welcome to a webinar on…
  2. 2. Why the SFF? 1 billion smokers in the world 100+ million try to stop each year <10 million use ‘evidence- based’ methods If every smoker who tried to stop, used evidence-based methods tens of thousands of lives would be saved each year 90 million use methods that limit their chances of success  
  3. 3. The truth about stopping smoking 1. We are all different: – No matter what some people say, there is no single easy way to stop smoking 2. Keep trying and give yourself the best chance each time: – Every attempt is another roll of the dice – Use methods that give you the best chance of success 3. Every quit attempt is a success: – Every day not smoking is less exposure to toxins and more money saved
  4. 4. What is the SFF? • A book that aims to bring the science of stopping to smokers • Billions of pounds and dollars have been spent on research aimed at helping smokers to stop • SFF aims to encourage as many smokers as possible to make use of this investment
  5. 5. Who is the SFF for? • Every smoker who is thinking about stopping – For use every time they try to stop • Stop-smoking advisors – For use with their clients • Health professionals interested in encouraging their patients to stop – To help them give the best possible advice
  6. 6. Style • Very personal • Lots of stories • Interviews with ex-smokers • Lots of activities to try • A pledge: – Everything I claim as true is backed by a source – When I state my opinion I make it clear  
  7. 7. Content • Part 1: – The truth about nicotine addiction and why it is often so hard to stop, even for smokers who can go long periods without smoking • Part 2: – 29 ingredients smokers can put into their ‘SmokeFree Formula’ – Each one gets a star rating showing the strength of evidence supporting it
  8. 8. Why people smoke • Main reasons smokers give: – Enjoyment 50% – Stress relief 40% – Relief of boredom 20% – Help with concentration 10% – Weight control 10% – Socialising 10%
  9. 9. The real reason … • When smokers try to stop they experience urges to smoke that overpower and undermine their resolve to abstain • Nicotine from cigarettes … – Links certain situations with ‘triggered impulses’ to smoke – Creates ‘nicotine hunger’ when brain levels dip www.primetheory.com +
  10. 10. 10 Addiction to cigarettes I really want to stop smoking: it’s costing me money and it will probably kill me Just smoke! Human brain Animal brain
  11. 11. 11 When the urge is stronger than resolve and cigarettes are available, a lapse will occur Urgetosmoke Time Resolve Strength of urge
  12. 12. 12 How to stop smoking: keep these lines apart! Urgetosmoke Time Resolve Strength of urge
  13. 13. Ingredients in the SmokeFree Formula Ingredient Rating Ingredient Rating Ingredient Rating In-person support  Abrupt stop (vs gradual)  Deep breathing  NRT (supported)  Identity change  Exercise  Champix  Avoiding smokers  Isometric exercise  Zyban  Avoiding alcohol  Mental exercises  Cytisine  Changing routine  Healthy snacks  Quitline  Keep busy  Go to bed early  Internet  One day at a time  Get rid of cigs  SMS support  Tell others  Smartphone app  Book or booklet  Quit together  E-cigs  Count savings  Glucose  13 Strong evidence  Moderate evidence  Some evidence
  14. 14. www.smokefreeformula.com
  15. 15. About the ingredients
  16. 16. Publication schedule Date Version January 2014 UK, Australian, NZ August 2014 Spanish, German November 2014 Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, Romanian, US, Canadian
  17. 17. Thanks for listening Questions and discussion