India Can - Mission on Skills and Livelihoods


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Rajasthan Mission on Skills and Livelihoods.

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India Can - Mission on Skills and Livelihoods

  1. 1. Rajasthan Mission on Skills and Livelihoods 28th June, 2012 Company Confidential 1
  2. 2. Topics covered 1. About IndiaCan 2. Our projects: Snapshots 3. Current & Upcoming Initiatives 4. IndiaCan in Rajasthan 5. Plan for RMOL skill training program 6. Implementation Cycle – the qualitative approach 7. Quality • Candidate Tracking • Candidate Certification Process • Trainers Recruitment & Certification process 8. IndiaCan Differentiator 9. Challenges Company Confidential 2
  3. 3. About IndiaCan Our Vision “Transform lives of people by providing them certified job skills through innovative learning systems and best in class customer experience at all touch points.” Company Confidential 3
  4. 4. IndiaCan: Operational Overview Vocational Market Positioning Government Employability Test-Prep Career Programs Retail • Skill Building Company, with a well diversified product portfolio – ELT, Accounting, Sales/Retail, IT/IMS, Media, Healthcare • Recipient of UKERI Award, consecutively for the 2nd year – ‘Best UK India Partnership for Skill Development’ • Be a partner of choice to Central, State Government on vocational projects – MoRD, UIDAI, etc. Higher Ed. Services • ETEN CA the market leader in India, with over 150+ centers and 60,000+ enrolments in 2011 • 52 All India Ranks including 4 All India No. 1 Ranks in different CA exams in 2011 • Product portfolio: ― Commerce test prep: CA & CS ― General Test prep: Bank PO/clerk, CCP, IAS ― Professional Competency program: CFA, Capital Markets, Banking, IMFA Source: IndiaCan Analysis, Market Research Reports (Proposed Hard Skills Venture) Core Academic Services • Strong market presence, with total sign-up of over 30,000 students (650% increase y-o-y) • Sales presence across states having 80% of Engineering and MBA colleges • Product portfolio: ― 12 Engineering domains Java, .NET, Robotics, Telecom, Electronics, Mechanical, IT, Oracle, etc. ― 3 MBA domains of Finance, Marketing and HR ― 3 Soft-skill domains Company Confidential 4 Project Skillfirst • Proposed foray into Hard Skills • Sectors of strategic importance Construction and Manufacturing, Automobile, IMS, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Healthcare and Hospitality • Focus on both Premium and Mass end segments
  5. 5. Project Snapshots (Urban BPL) RMOL RMOL Special Project duration: ongoing since 2008 Project duration: 3 years District covered: 7 District covered: 15 Candidates Trained: 1664 Target Trainee: 30000 Placement: 880 Placement: 75% Trades: Services Sector, Trades: Services Sector, Financial sector, IT sector, Financial sector, IT sector, Automobile Automobile Status: Ongoing Classroom activity in IC center Status: Yet to start Company Confidential 5
  6. 6. Project Snapshots (Rural BPL) HIMAYAT (MORD J&K) SGSY SP (MORD) Project Duration: 3 years Project duration: 3 years State: J&K State: W.B, M.P, C.G., Odisha District Covered: 10 District Covered: 13 Target Trainee: 7860 Target Trainee: 9450 Project duration: 3 years Placement: 75% Placement: 75% Trades: Services Sector, Trained till date: 2142 Financial sector, IT sector, Placed:1580 Automobile Trades: Services Sector, Status: Ongoing FGD with the community in J&K Financial sector, IT sector, Automobile Status: Ongoing Company Confidential 6 Minister Rural Development visited IC Dantewada center
  7. 7. Project Snapshots (Urban BPL ) MEPMA SJSRY Project duration: 1 year Project duration: 1 year State: Andhra Pradesh State: Haryana District Covered: 12 District Covered: 15 Target Trainee: 2000 Target Trainee: 854 Placement: 75% Placement: 75% Trades: Sales & Marketing, DTP, Retail Trades: Services & IT sector Status: yet to start Status: Ongoing Minister Urban Development at Felicitation ceremony Company Confidential 7
  8. 8. Few other projects 1 Punjab Edusat Society, Punjab Soft Skill Training to 750 Teachers & Infinite Students of class 9th & 10th of Govt. School across Punjab through V-SAT technology. 2 Directorate of Employment Generation & Training, Punjab Provided Employability based Vocational Training to 487 Job Seekers Youths of Punjab in association with DEG&T, Govt. of Punjab. 3 Punjab - Skill Training for Employment Potential, Punjab Upgrading soft skills of 12 Govt. College going 500 youths in Punjab to meet the skill set required for employable workforce in Punjab. 4 Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar Housing Corporation Limited, TN Training on Foundation English & Soft Skills to 1850 Special category students belongs to school & colleges in 11 districts of Tamil Nadu. 5 Pilot Project, (Bhopal), MP Skill Development Training conducted for 92 Urban BPL Youths of Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) in CRR & Hospitality and confirmed placement of 85 trainee. 6 Gujarat Urban Development Mission UMEED program for skilling of Urban BPL in 3 Zones of Company Confidential Gujarat - North , Central & Saurashtra Zone) 8
  9. 9. Current & Upcoming Initiatives • IndiaCan has got a strategic tie-up with Apollo Hospitals group leader in Healthcare in Asia Pacific & Medvarsity Online Education across India and plan to introduce career oriented programs in Healthcare segment. • Currently have launched One year Post graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition using VSAT technology in major towns of India. (including Rajasthan) • Developed content for the first ever Sector Skill Council in India – ‘Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC)’, promoted by the Auto industry and funded by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). • IndiaCan long term strategic initiatives include : – Introduce graduate courses with strong industry affiliations and attractive placement opportunities. – – • Developing content for other sector Sector Skill Development Councils. Working towards increasing salary levels of the trainees. Edexcel Accreditation for all IndiaCan courses in in process.(already have for Sales & Retail) Company Confidential 9
  10. 10. IndiaCan in Rajasthan  Providing avenues for skill development since 2008.  Currently present in 7 districts of the State.  11 more centers are in pipeline  Upcoming centers: Chittorgarh, Churu, Bhilawara, Dausa, Hanumangarh,Jhalawar, Bikaner, Dungurpur, Jhunjhunu, Rajsamand, Shriganganagar  Till date trained in the State: 1664  Till date placed in the State: 880  Experience of working with other government bodies in the State like : RKCL Company Confidential 10
  11. 11. Plan for RMOL Special Skill Training Program S.No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Center proposed Jaipur Alwar Dausa Bhilwara Ajmer Rajsamand Udaipur Chittor Dungarpur Pali Churu Bikaner Hanumangarh Sriganganagar Jhunjhunu Candidate/Center/Year 750 750 750 500 750 500 750 750 500 500 750 750 750 750 500 Courses 1- Accounting on Computer 2- Domestic BPO 3- Repair of Home Appliances and Electricals(ELE 202) 4- Marketing & Selling Plus 50% residential 5- Caterer Cum Waiterer (RMOL) 6- Office Assistant Plus 7- Receptionist / Front Desk Assistant Plus 10000 Total candidates in 1 year In 3 years we plan to train 30000 unemployed youth ensuring 75% placement . Company Confidential 11 Nonresidential/ Residential
  12. 12. Implementation Cycle: the qualitative approach IndiaCan Delivery Model Preparatory Delivery Handholding •Preliminary Market Survey (PMS) •Training •Placement & Handholding •Development/ Customization of Life skills Help desk content (Lead industry & Subject Matter Personality Development Alumni Experts (SMEs) Spoken English Tracking Basic IT Events Technical training Dedicated placement team OJT Workplace assistance •Establishment of center •Trainers selection Industry interface Employability skills •Train the Trainers (T3) Multimedia content Candidates Selection (Awareness generation (Road shows, nukkad nataks, marcom), Skill Profiler, Counseling, Registration & Admission Company Confidential 12
  14. 14. Contd.. PMS  Dedicated local team is hired  MOBILIZATION Local Mobilizers  F2F discussions with the youth & parents/ guardians CONTENT DESIGN Quality  Night camps, nukkad natak, road shows  Strong & regular coordination with the local TRAINING bodies, PRIs, Municipal bodies etc. PLACEMENT & POST PLACEMENT SUPPORT  IndiaCan MARCOM such as canopies, pamphlets, banners, tickers, audio aids etc. MIS TRACKING- INCREASE Company Confidential 14
  15. 15. Contd.. PMS  Access to Global Content Repository: Pearson & Educomp MOBILIZATION Own content team: Creation,  local contextualization & customization as per CONTENT DESIGN Quality Industry demand .  Contextualized Multimedia Content TRAINING  Practical v/s Theory PLACEMENT & POST PLACEMENT SUPPORT  Access to Pearson’s PDP , Soft Skill & Communication program (provided with State specific Customization) MIS TRACKING- INCREASE Company Confidential 15
  16. 16. Contd..  Well equipped classrooms (computers, PMS LCD projectors, domain labs, language labs) MOBILIZATION  CONTENT DESIGN Quality Contextualized multimedia content  Certified trainers  Training is matched to aspirations of candidates & market demand. TRAINING  PLACEMENT & POST PLACEMENT SUPPORT Training includes – Induction of candidates, theory and practical’s in domain skills, life copping skills, personality development (Open Space MIS TRACKING- INCREASE for Empowerment), basic IT & spoken English.  Industry exposure visits  Guest lectures  OJT Company Confidential 16
  17. 17. Contd.. PMS  Dedicated division: People Solution Group (team placed at State & District level) MOBILIZATION CONTENT DESIGN Quality  Above 75% placement achievement  After Placement:  Integration of candidates at the work place & Continual engagement.  Counseling of Employers and Employees  Individual calling from centers  Help Desk  Alumni association formation/meetings  Certificate distribution event/ Annual events  Parents meeting TRAINING PLACEMENT & POST PLACEMENT SUPPORT MIS TRACKING- INCREASE Company Confidential 17 For candidates who could not get job:  Handholding & counseling support  Peer influence – Peer group pressure through Alumni meets  Parents meet / home visit  Refresher course, if required  On the job training assignments
  18. 18. Candidate Tracking - Quality IndiaCan Candidate Tracking Mechanism ( 4 Facie Followup) From the Mobilser Employer From the Centre From The HO From the IC call center (HelpDesk) INCREASE PORTAL Domain v/s Domain Centre v/s Center State v/s State Company Confidential 18
  19. 19. Candidate Certification Process- Quality Company Confidential 19
  20. 20. Trainer Selection & Certification- Quality At the Regional Level Sourcing & Screening of CV Online Test Interview by Operations Team Interview by MT HR Round Final Offer Letter Master Trainer initiate T3 process using VSAT/Skype/AB or ILT Feedback provided to trainer with improvement areas and a chance to reappear once more post preparation Teach back and certification conducted for trainers using TOFF as a toll NOT CERTIFIED Congratulatory message being sent to trainer and feedback being discussed CERTIFIED Only after qualifying IC certification candidate would take classes Company Confidential 20
  21. 21. IndiaCan Differentiator • TARGET GROUP/ Area – – • INFRASTRUCUTRE – • Worked closely with Urban BPL, Rural BPL with reservations for women, SC, ST, Minorities, etc Remote areas, naxalite areas, LWE districts Training center, Labs (Computer & Domain) CONTENT – – – Content Delivery Engine Trainers kit, Trainees kit Multimedia delivery (Digital Content ) • Infra (Computer, LCD, Projectors, Original Software’s, CD’s, Dongles) • ASSESSMENT & CERTIFICATION – Trainees (Assessment & certification) – Trainers (T3 and certification) – 3rd party certification by World’s Best ( • PLACEMENTS – People’s Solutions Group (PSG) – Pre placement tie ups • HANDHOLDING – ERP ( – Alumni association – Help Desk (Toll free number) Company Confidential 21
  22. 22. Challenges • Attrition & Retention of Trainers. • Candidates not turning up for job provided. • Project costing. Company Confidential 22
  23. 23. Together we can… Thank You