Globalarena Introduction 1
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Globalarena Introduction 1

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Global Arena, the world's first online marketplace for location search & location promotion

Global Arena, the world's first online marketplace for location search & location promotion

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  • 1. 1 The world’s business location meeting place
  • 2. 2 Background •  2003 University of Ghent develops a scientific algorithm for location selection, ventured by Martine Goossens and sponsored by Hewlett- Packard (Michiel Weimar) •  2003-2008 Solution deployed in HP and other high-tech companies. •  2008 Peter Storm leaves HP to start GlobalArena together with Martine Goossens and Michiel Weimar. •  July 2008 Global Arena founded in Zurich (Switzerland) to make this proven scientifc algorithm available online. •  October 2009 The new FDI-marketplace goes live online.
  • 3. Idea & Vision Idea Vision Launch a business-location- To organize the business matching web site where location marketplace, making it competitive and transparent •  companies can (re)search through provision of useful business locations information and services. •  business locations can promote themselves and be matched with the right investors.
  • 4. 4 Why internet-based solutions are important to locations   Fast becoming the defacto matching tool for market and clients.   Engaging online solutions differentiate and drive innovation.   Can lead investment campaigns to higher return.   Enable global solutions without an upfront investment in a global organization.   The most powerful, low cost way to commercialize ideas globally   Allow indiviuals and businesses to become better informed, focused and more productive than competitors   Helping to implement the most effective and creative digital networking and community building
  • 5. 5 Idea proof points Research shows ● Success depends on how well countries are able to market themselves by providing relevant, accurate and timely information to potential investors. “Over 70% of countries are ● The world is now competing online to attract missing out on foreign investment. investment projects and jobs” ● The provision of services to potential investors Source: World Bank Group - and particularly the provision of information - is basic to all promotion. “Over 50% of companies base their investment ● The best sites offer increased interactivity and decisions on online functionality. information“ Source: Nielsen
  • 6. 6 online location promotion solutions Reach out to decision makers worldwide Complete Match I N S Let customers Enhance your I N S II G H T Find you impact G H T Start Plus Put your location on the Map
  • 7. 7 Solution portfolio
  • 8. 8
  • 9. 9 Global Arena the company •  150+ years of senior business experience in the team •  4 full-time; 3 partners and one employee •  3 part-time; 2 partners and one Advisory Board •  Advisory Board – 3 members •  Own unique Intellectual Property – GlobalArenaRank •  Global Certified Advisor network in development •  Growing network of solution partners
  • 10. 10 Traction quick facts 1 Firm Foundations •  Seven years experience in global location search and benchmarking •  Proven GlobalArenaRank technology – based on 7 years deployment •  Search developed on request of global leading multinational companies •  Matching developed on request of intermediary promotion agencies & clusters •  18 months market development and testing
  • 11. 11 Traction quick facts 2 Site progress •  Leading global webpage - Google Pagerank 230'000 •  Global top-100,000 website first half 2010 •  Traffic from 50+ countries and double digit visitor growth •  7 searches per visit and average 10+ minutes time on the site
  • 12. 12 Global Arena structure Global  Arena  Interna-onal  AG   GlobalArenaRank  AG   Global  Arena  AG