Vita essentials r-evised


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Vita essentials r-evised

  1. 1. “Vita-essentials” Unique blend of multivitamin and mineral complex, made more effective with the addition of “bioavailability enhancers” FOR BUSINESS CALL - 09936330730, 09984499217 Sami Direct I Confidential I 1
  2. 2. What are Vitamins and Minerals?  Essential nutrients that our body does not make on its own in sufficient quantities. Thus we must obtain them from the foods we eat.  Vitamins and Minerals are essential nutrients that our body needs in small amounts to work efficiently. Sami Direct I Confidential I 2 2
  3. 3. Importance of Vitamins and Minerals Vitamins and Minerals are needed in minor quantities to carry out the following functions:          Maintenance of skin, bones, mucous membrane, hair and vision Release of energy from food Nervous system function Release of energy from carbohydrate Formation of RBCs and thus prevent anaemia Promotes growth in children Affects all vital body functions, wards off infections and speeds up recovery after illness Acts as a coenzyme for activation of certain reactions in the body Regulates fluid and acid-base balance Sami Direct I Confidential I 3
  4. 4. RDA for Vitamins and Minerals Sami Direct I Confidential I 4
  5. 5. Sources of Vitamins and Minerals Vitamin A Iron, Vitamin E Sami Direct I Confidential I Zinc 5
  6. 6. Why do I need multivitamin supplements?  Most people do not eat a well balanced diet and require the added nutrition of a multivitamin  Due to stress, poor diet and exposure to pollutants the body lacks essential nutrients which in turn leads to other chronic illness Sami Direct I Confidential I 6
  7. 7. Why Bilayer tablet?  Bilayer tablets can be a primary option to avoid chemical incompatibilities between the actives by physical separation, and to enable the development of different release profiles.  Combination of different release profiles like immediate release (IR) and sustained release (SR) profile can be achieved in a single tablet.  Recently, Sabinsa Corporation launched its bi-layer technology named INC TM (Integrated Nutritional Composites). Sami Direct I Confidential I 7
  8. 8. Vita-essentials : Ingredient Rationale First Layer Sl no. Ingredients 1 Ashwagandha Extract 2 Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B12 Application Is an Adaptogen and helps improve the immunity of the body against all kinds of stress • • • • • • Strengthens immune system Energy production Improves Brain function Enhances metabolism of carbohydrate, protein and fat Helps in formation of red blood cells, Maintenance of healthy eye and skin 3 Biotin Necessary for cell growth 4 Vitamin A Essential role in Vision, Growth and Development 5 Vitamin D3 Regulates absorption of calcium in the bone Sami Direct I Confidential I 8
  9. 9. First Layer contd….. Sl no. Ingredients Application 6 Vitamin E Antioxidant 7 Selenium Select® Antioxidant 8 Calcium Citrate Malate Calcium supplement 9 Magnesium citrate Activates more than 300 enzymes, key role in energy production 10 Manganese Glycinate Essential nutrient 11 Zinc monomethionine Antioxidant 12 Chromium Polynicotinate Metabolism of glucose and energy production 13 Bioperine® Bioavailability enhancer Sami Direct I Confidential I 9
  10. 10. Vita-essentials : Ingredient Rationale Second Layer Sl . No. Ingredients Application 1 Carbonyl Iron Supports formation of red blood cells 2 Copper Lysinate Key role in formation of Hemoglobin, promotes wound healing 3 Vitamin B3 Supports Cardiovascular health Maintains blood lipid level 4 Folic acid 5 Bioperine® Synthesis of nucleic acids, hemoglobin, neurons and co-factor in biological reactions Bioavailability enhancer Sami Direct I Confidential I 10
  11. 11. Multifunctional role of Vita-essentials Immunity: Supports immune system defenses with a balance of essential antioxidants and Bioavailable Selenium Energy: Helps support energy production with B-vitamins Bone health: Help maintain strong bones with the balanced combination of vitamin D and Calcium Muscle and Nerve health: Supports proper muscle and nerve function with magnesium and vitamin D Sami Direct I Confidential I 11
  12. 12. Key Benefits  Unique Blend of Key Nutrients that are important to help fill dietary gaps.  Provides an Antioxidant Boost to the body.  Boosts Immune Function  Promotes a healthy life-style.  Provides protection against Metabolic stress. Combines advanced nutritional science and essential nutrients to provide holistic Nutrition that helps you stay healthy. Sami Direct I Confidential I 12
  13. 13. Thank you Sami Direct I Confidential I 13