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Culture Summer 2010

Culture Summer 2010






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    Culture Summer 2010 Culture Summer 2010 Document Transcript

    • CULTURE SUM M ER 2010digitizing culture
    • welcome bienvenidos With the red-hot growth of online media in the multicultural market, the number of digital tools companies can use to initiate and maintain conversations with the multicultural consumer have multiplied exponentially. It’s an exciting new world out there, with millions of these consumers searching online for culturally-relevant content, interacting with friends and family on social networking sites, and using mobile devices to stay connected. The opportunities to interact with these tech-savvy, culturally unique markets are nearly limitless. The key to it all is culture. To reach out and tap into the pulse of the multicultural community, we need to demonstrate a deep understanding of their values, traditions and speak their language. Only then can we truly build a lasting relationship of mutual understanding with our consumer. Now, more than ever before, we have the opportunity to create relevant, innovative, brand communications to which multicultural consumer can relate. All we need to do is listen, understand and adapt. By understanding the multicultural market and the innovative communications technologies available, brands can engage in meaningful and persistent, culturally-appropriate dialogue with their customers and their communities. Armando Azarloza, President The Axis Agency2
    • what’s inside 6 9 10the power of how to best measure a year of social mediathe multicultural social media effors marketingconsumer online 12 18 22for hispanics, the web african americans social fans more likelyhas always been social online to buy24 30 34 35case study case study blogger profile speaker spotlightAmerican Airlines Degree Men Midtown Chic-a TagMe 2010 Conference35 36 38 39can’t miss axis biotweets top celebrity tweeters full circleconferences 3
    • + los angeles + new york + miami + chicago + dallas + austin www.theaxisagency.com4
    • 23 million hispanics are holdingconversations online. Start talking with them today by digitizing culture. 5
    • the power of the multicultural consumer online At the time of the 2000 Census, Hispanics were considerably less likely to be Internet users than the general population, but times have changed. Hispanics have reached a critical mass online — more than have distinctive online needs and represent an emerging half (54%) use the Internet, according to consumer and and growing marketing opportunity. Brands utilizing media research firm Scarborough Research. The Hispanic interactive marketing to target Hispanics could have an adult is as dynamic a consumer online as he or she is in advantage. The online advertising marketplace appears the traditional media world. Local influencers and unique to be under-represented when it comes to Hispanic demographics drive distinctive online shopping behaviors, promotions, so first-movers with Hispanic-targeting online types of Internet connectivity, and overall Internet usage. marketing activity could lay the groundwork for creating Hispanics are an important online consumer group: they greater opportunities for lifetime brand loyalty.6
    • “This is an on-the-go and connected consumer group, and mobile marketing could be a key way to reach them.”INTERNET USE BROADBANDHispanic Internet access has grown 13% (on a relative Household broadband* access has grown exponentiallybasis) since 2004 — from 48% in 2004 to its current since the start of the decade. According to Scarboroughpenetration of 54% (as noted above). By contrast, Internet Research, 71% of U.S. Internet Users have broadbandaccess by all consumers nationally grew 8% during the at home, growing from just 15% in 2002. Hispanics havesame time period. In 2004, 64% of all consumers accessed been taking advantage of the expansion of broadband,the Internet, and this increased to 69% in 2008. and their rate of adoption has mirrored that of the total U.S. population. Currently, 68% of Hispanic Internet Users** have18-34 year-old Hispanics are more likely to access the a broadband connection in their household. This grew fromInternet than Hispanics overall, and their rate of Internet 13% in 2002 — an increase of more than fivefold.access is growing at a faster pace than that of the totalHispanic population. 52% of 18-34 year-old Hispanics were DOWNLOADINGonline in 2004. This grew to 60% in 2008, an increase of Forty-two percent of Hispanic Internet Users downloaded*15%. Given that both Internet users and Hispanics tend to some form of digital content, such as music, podcasts orbe younger than the general population, this is no surprise. video games during the past month, in comparison to 35% of all Internet Users. In fact, Hispanic Internet Users are 21%14% of the U.S. adult population is Hispanic. Scarborough more likely to download digital content than the averageidentified 13 local markets with an above-average adult online.Music is the top category for downloading.concentration of Hispanic adults and examined their 32% of Hispanic Internet Users report downloading musicdistinctive Internet patterns. These markets, along with their during the past month. 11% downloaded audio clips. In theHispanic incidence among adults, are: video category, 9% downloaded movies, 8% downloaded television programs, and 17% downloaded “other video.” 3% of Hispanic Internet Users downloaded podcasts, andChicago, IL 17% Miami, FL 46% six percent downloaded video games.Dallas, TX 22% New York, NY 19%El Paso, TX 75% Phoenix, AZ 23% Younger consumers are more likely to download contentFresno, CA 46% Sacramento, CA 21% online. Forty-nine percent of 18-34 year-old adult InternetHarlingen, TX 86% San Antonio, TX 50% Users downloaded digital content in the past month,Houston, TX 29% San Francisco, CA 19% compared to 35% of the total online population. Similarly,Los Angeles, CA 39% it is no surprise that whem you examine this younger demographic of Hispanics, the percentage is even higher. 51% of 18-34 year-old Hispanics downloaded digital content during the past 30 days.* Broadband connection is defined as having a cable modem or DSL connection in the household** Hispanic Internet Users are those Hispanics that access the Internet 7
    • INTERNET SPENDING THE MOBILE CONNECTION Scarborough finds that almost two-thirds (62%) of Hispanic Hispanics are avid cellular phone users. They are more likely Internet Users are online purchasers, meaning that they than the typical adult to have a cell phone, and they are in bought merchandise online during the past year. This is the top spending brackets for cellular usage. Hispanics have not far behind the total Internet population, as 70% of been at the forefront of using the expanded functionality and Internet users nationally made an online purchase in the technology in cellular devices, such as picture taking, text past 12 months. The mean amount spent online annually by messaging and downloading ring tones or games. They are Hispanic Internet Purchasers*** is $762, versus $861 for all also more likely to use cell phones for tasks such as email or Internet Purchasers. Moreover, average Internet spending utilizing other Internet features. among Hispanic Internet Purchasers increased by about 6% since 2006, a rate of increase comparable to Internet DEMOGRAPHICS Purchasers overall. Youth, education, and higher than average household incomes are three demographic calling cards of Hispanic Internet Users. Hispanic Internet Users have higher household incomes than the total Hispanic population. Half (50%) of Hispanic Internet Users have an annual household income of $50,000 or more. The average household income of a Hispanic Internet User is $67,000, versus $54,000 for all Hispanics. They are also more likely (than the average Hispanic) to have a four-year college degree or greater, and to be employed full- or part-time. Well over half (57%) of adult Hispanic Internet Users are under the age of 35, versus 35% of total Internet Users. As Hispanics overall are more youthful than the general population, and Internet users are younger, the online “youth factor” is accentuated even more among Hispanics. 360 *** Hispanic Internet Purchaser refers to Hispanics who made “any” Internet purchase during the past year This article is reprinted with premission from Scarborough Research.8
    • how to best measuresocial media effortsDepending on your point of view, social With desired outcomes in hand, you can then identify and prioritizemedia is either a powerful force that has the activity, reach, and relevance metrics to support those outcomes.redefined communications forever or We tend to organize these as three Cs and three Ss:simply a new set of channels for peopleand organizations to communicate C1. CONTENT MEASURES: Analyzing how content is consumed,with each other. Either way, for most shared, adapted, and amplified, including:companies and brands, social media hasmoved from being an object of curiosity S1. SITE MEASURES: Analyzing Web site metrics includingin 2007 to modest experimentation in visitors, time, downloads, feedback, etc.;2008 to mainstream adoption in 2009.Now it’s time to justify that investment S2. SEARCH MEASURES: Assessing paid and organic searchin 2010. for company content and keywords;Where to begin? S3. SYNDICATION MEASURES: Assessing engagement with brand-related content beyond your Web site, including videoFirst and foremost, start by clearly defining views, links, etc.your organization’s desired outcomes.For social media, this might include C2. CONVERSATION MEASURES: Analyzing volume, content,driving $X million in sales, engaging a and sentiment of relevant conversations, including share of voice,new audience or community, improving message penetration, favorability, or intensity of opinion.customer satisfaction, or changingcustomer behaviors. Define the goals C3. CAMPAIGN MEASURES: Assessing ROI against definedas precisely as possible in measurable campaign objectives.business terms. The good news is that social media is rich with data and much of it is freely available. Just make sure you focus on both the metrics and the outcomes, not the tools. Insight doesn’t live in silos, so you’ll need multiple sources. 9
    • a year of social media marketing by Lee Vann and Felipe Korzenny Astronaut José Hernández, a/k/a @Astro_Jose, tweets in both English and Spanish to 100,000 people who have been following his remarkable life from field-worker as a child in northern California to outer space. It’s not hard for him to find followers these days. MOST ONLINE AMERICANS VISIT SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES AT LEAST TWICE A MONTH The majority of online Americans now visit social networking In the past year, we found that usage of social networks sites, and Hispanics and other minorities continue to visit across ethnic segments has grown exponentially. Marketers them more than non-Hispanic whites, according to the 2009 take note: most Americans now visit social networking Multicultural Marketing Study by the Center for Hispanic sites and use them as increasingly important means for Marketing Communication at Florida State University, DMS communication and information. Research, and Captura Group. Percent of a given segment who visit a social networking The study also reveals that social media usage among site at least 2 -3 times per month: Hispanics and other minorities continues to grow by double digits, with Facebook and MySpace leading the way. What’s + 62% of English-Preferring Hispanics, up from 46% in 2008 more, smaller social networking sites such as hi5, Black + 63% of Asian Americans, up from 42% in 2008 Planet, Twitter and LinkedIn have strong appeal with certain + 60% of African Americans, up from 33% in 2008 ethnic groups. + 59% of Spanish-Preferring Hispanics, up from 35% in 2008 + 55% of Non-Hispanic Whites, up from 24% in 200810
    • In the past year, usage of social networking websites has exploded among all ethnic groups and we expect this trend to continue.Although ethnic minorities are still more likely to visit socialnetworking sites when compared to Non-Hispanic Whites,the gap has closed considerably as social networking has Percent of a given segment who visit Facebookbecome more popular. (2009/2008) and MySpace (2009/2008) regularlyMOST ETHNIC SEGMENTS NOW PREFER FACEBOOKOVER MYSPACEIn 2008, we found that MySpace held a firm lead over English-Preferring Hispanics 44% / 18% 41% / 44%Facebook. Today, the tables have turned, and Facebook Asian Americans 55% / 18% 29% / 31%has become more popular among all of the ethnic groups African Americans 42% / 12% 40% / 29%that we analyzed with the exception of Spanish-PreferringHispanics. (See Fig. 1) Spanish-Preferring Hispanics 36% / 13% 41% / 35% Non-Hispanic Whites 43% / 7% 31% / 22%SOCIAL MEDIA PREFERENCES ARE BEGINNING TOFRAGMENT AMONG MINORITIES Fig. 1When considering a social media strategy, marketers shouldtake note that ethnic groups have preferences betweensocial networking sites. Consider the case of Hi5, a socialmedia site with a strong presence in Latin America. Its Percent of a given segment who visit Hi5 andsuccess in the southern hemisphere has made it extremely Black Planet regularly (2009)popular with Spanish-Preferring Hispanics in the U.S. whowant to connect with family members back home.Today, hi5 competes with both Facebook and MySpaceamong Spanish-Preferring Hispanics (29.1% usage versus English-Preferring Hispanics 6.1% 2.4%36% and 41%, respectively). Asian Americans 5.0% 1.0% African Americans 4.8% 17.2%These findings are important because as social networking Spanish-Preferring Hispanics 29.3% 0.6%has become ubiquitous, specialized sites have becomeviable options for advertisers looking to target ethnic Non-Hispanic Whites 0.4% 0.0%audiences. (See Fig. 2) Fig. 2ASIAN AMERICANS ARE TWICE AS LIKELY TO USELINKEDIN AND TWITTERThe 2009 study also included the usage of LinkedIn andTwitter. We found that both sites are still emerging and most Percent of a given segment who visitpopular among Asian Americans. We attribute the popularityof LinkedIn and Twitter among Asian Americans to higher LinkedIn and Twitter regularly (2009)income levels and technology adoption. (See Fig. 3)MORE GROWTH EXPECTED FOR 2010In the past year, usage of social networking websites has English-Preferring Hispanics 7.2% 6.7%exploded among all ethnic groups and we expect this trend Asian Americans 14.5% 10.8%to continue. While preferences of certain social networking African Americans 4.2% 6.6%sites might change over time, social media promises toremain relevant for all ethnic groups. Spanish-Preferring Hispanics 0.9% 2.6% Non-Hispanic Whites 7.1% 5.6%People such as José Hernández can expect many morefollowers. For marketers, the sky should also be the limit. 360 Fig. 3This article is reprinted with premission from MediaPost. 11
    • for hispanics, the web has always been social U.S. Hispanics are a young demographic segment with a strong affinity for social media and technology in general, and Hispanic culture plays an important role in promoting online social connectivity. Hispanics in the U.S. tend to be drawn to collectivistic values and often look to one another to help guide decisions and opinions; social media facilitates such collective sharing of information and communication.12
    • Hispanics tend to be proactive and create and share their own content and social networks are ideal platforms for publishing and distributing such original content. Even 17% of online Hispanic Boomers & Seniors read blogs 47% Use social 26% networking sites 16%Hispanics have been avid users of social media since 26%its inception, and continue to lead the way in terms of Read blogs 20% 17%adoption, usage and engagement. 26% Participate in 20%As of 2009, the top social networking sites for the HCM discussion boards, 11%segment are MySpace and Facebook; however, there 16%are several Tier-2 social sites (i.e. Hi5, Sonico.com, Publish your 15%MyBatanga, Cyloop, etc.) that rank high in terms of usage own Web pages 12% Gen Y (18-26)and engagement. Gen X (27-40) Publish or 11% Boomers & Seniors (41+) 9% maintain a blog 6%Market forces are driving Hispanics to use social media.There is a dearth of culturally-relevant and in-languagecontent available to them online. As a result, Hispanicstend to be proactive and create and share their owncontent and social networks are ideal platforms for 31%publishing and distributing such original content. MySpace 31% 31% 21%In reaching out to U.S. Hispanics through social media, YouTube 24%brands must connect with Hispanic culture and create 22%online social environments/experiences that are relevant 16%from a cultural point of view (and potentially in-language). iTunes 20% 18%Developing this new communication model requires astrategic, long-term approach. 12% Wikipedia 15% 13% 20% VoyMusic.com 5% 13% 10% IMDB 7% 8% 13% PlanetaTV.com 2% 8% 9% Batanga.com 2% 5% 8% VoyTV.com 2% 5% Spanish-preferring Hispanics 7% English-preferring Hispanics Facebook 2% All online Hispanics 4% 13
    • Percentage of Respondents Who Visit Social Networking Sites at Least Two or Three Times a Month 40% 36% 34 35% 30% 27% 26% 25% 20% 18% 15% 10% 5% 0% English-Preferring Asians Spanish-Preferring African-Americans Non-Hispanic Hispanics Hispanics Whites Fig. 1 BACKGROUND / TIMELINE Social Media is a relatively new phenomenon (as a + By 2007, U.S. Hispanics lead non-Hispanics in the reference, Facebook and blogging in general came to the use of social media. This was particularly true of young world’s attention in early 2004), and Hispanics in the U.S. Hispanics (18-26), but older generations such as Gen- across the acculturation and language preference spectra Xers (27-40), Baby Boomers and Seniors (41+) were also have been part of it since the beginning. participating.1 Past + In 2007, there were Hispanic social networking sites As an example, a recent Forrester study1 reveals that: cropping up constantly on the Web. Some, such as QuePasa.com, had been around for a while, but were + In 2005, 9% of Hispanics reported using social enjoying renewed attention. Others, such as ElHood.com, networking sites, such as MySpace, QuePasa, and were new to the market and focused on music and MiGente1. entertainment. Additionally, MySpace had just launched MySpace Latino. + Use of social networks among U.S. Hispanics tripled between 2005 and 2006, with MySpace at the top of the + Spanish-preferring Hispanics, although less acculturated list and 31% of Hispanics visiting the site at least once a and with less income, are heavily engaged in the social month1. media space. Specifically, when compared with English- preferring Hispanics, Spanish-preferring Hispanics are1: + As of 2007, 50% of online Hispanics reported to − On par for visits to social networking sites participate in at least one of five social computing − More avid blog readers activities, including1: − Slightly ahead on content creation and community − Social networking participation − Blogging − Maintaining personal Web pages − Commenting on discussion boards14
    • Hispanics often look to one another to helpguide their decisions, and social mediafacilitates such collective sharing of informationand communication. 15
    • Percentage of Respondents Who Visit MySpace or Facebook “regularly” 45% 44% 40% 35% 35% 31% 30% 29% 25% 22% 20% 22% 22% English-Preferring Hispanics 15% 22% 22% Spanish-Preferring Hispanics 10% 22% Asians African_americans 5% Non-Hispanic Whites 0% MySpace Facebook Fig. 2 Present + Older Hispanics (36 and older) and Social Networking2 + By 2009, 65% of Hispanics online were using social − English AND Spanish-preferring Hispanics are on par media.3 with Asians in terms of social network site usage, at 24% (23% for Spanish-preferring) vs. 13% for non- + As of 2009, U.S. Hispanics continued leading the way Hispanic Whites in social media usage.2 − 36% of English-preferring Hispanics visit social Future networking sites at least two or three times a month Additional relevant trends to keep an eye on: (over-indexing Internet users of Asian origin, the group with the highest usage and engagement stats + Online Hispanics adopt new media technology (such as in the U.S. (Fig. 1) Web TV) quicker than non-Hispanics.5 − Spanish-preferring Hispanics are not too far behind, at 27% (compared to 18% for non-Hispanic Whites) + U.S. Hispanics are among the most avid users of mobile broadband (53% vs. 33% for non-Hispanic whites), and + Over the course of the past two years, MySpace rely more on their cell phones than the general U.S. and Facebook have become the predominant social population, despite of their relatively lower incomes.4 networking sites for U.S. Hispanics.2 Therefore, we should see continuous increase in mobile − 44% of English-preferring Hispanics (and 35% Internet access (this is particularly “organic” to younger of Spanish-preferring Hispanics) visit MySpace generations of Hispanics, to whom smartphones function or Facebook “regularly” (vs. 22% for non- as their primary point of contact with the Web). Hispanic Whites) − English-preferring Hispanics are avid Facebook Given the current demographic composition of the U.S. users, on par with Asians (see chart below) in the and the intrinsic characteristics of Hispanics (collectivistic, U.S. at 18% (vs. 7% for non-Hispanic Whites) natural social networkers, etc.), we should expect to see continuous growth both in the size of the Hispanic social + Young Hispanics (35 and younger) and Social media user base, and degree of sophistication in terms of Networking2: social media utilization. Therefore, it will become increasingly − English-preferring Hispanics are on par with Asians critical for brands to have a well thought-out social media and non-Hispanic Whites in terms of social network strategy (Web and mobile) to effectively reach out to site usage, at 58%. Hispanics in a culturally-relevant way. − Spanish-preferring Hispanics 35 and younger trail behind at 33%.16
    • Percentage of Respondents 35 and Younger Percentage of Respondents 36 and Older Who Visit Social Networking Sites at Least Who Visit Social Networking Sites at Least Two or Three Times a Month Two or Three Times a Month 60% 58% 58% 57% 25% 24% 24% 23% 50% 20% 17% 40% 33% 33% 15% 13% 30% 10% 20% 5% 10% 0% 0% English-Preferring Asians Spanish-Preferring African-Americans Non-Hispanic English-Preferring Asians Spanish-Preferring African-Americans Non-Hispanic Hispanics Hispanics Whites Hispanics Hispanics Whites Fig. 3 Fig. 4PROSPECTS, INFLUENCERS AND SOCIAL MEDIA SITES COMPETITIVE ANALYSISThe following data provides a snapshot of Prospect and It is imperative for brands to pay close attention to whatInfluencer social media use by listing the top 10 social HCM Prospects and Influencers are doing in the socialsites they visit.6 The tables provide texture on traffic volume (total media space, as they over-index all other ethnic segmentsunique visitors) as well as engagement (time spent on the site, in utilization and engagement:avg. minutes per visit) for three language preference categories:English-preferring, Spanish-preferring, and “Indifferent.” + Special attention to Tier 1 (MySpace and Facebook) and Tier 2 (Hi5, Sonico.com Batanga, Cyloop, etc.) socialKEY TAKEAWAYS networks+ Facebook and MySpace are the top social sites for HCM Prospects and Influencers: + Keep an eye on important trends relevant to the HCM − Prospects prefer MySpace segment (i.e. increase in the use of Twitter, blogging/con- − Influencers prefer Facebook sumption of blog content, online video / Web TV, mobile social networking)+ Hi5 is still a popular social network among Spanish- preferring and “Indifferent” HCM Prospects and + The HCM segment is poised to continue growing in Influencers. numbers and relevance. Brands should have a strategy in place to address this and integrate HCM Prospects+ Blogs are also popular, with platforms such as Blogger and Influencers as an important part of any future social and WordPress ranking among the top 5 across all 6 media marketing plans / initiatives. segments (Note: We need to take into consideration that some Web sites that do not qualify as blogs are built on + Within the context of this social media marketing roll-out these platforms). plan, brands would benefit from creating culturally- relevant (and even in-language) social environments+ Web video is widely popular as well, particularly among where they can engage HCM Prospects and Influencers Prospects. in conversations that will help fight barriers and drive positive associations with these brands. 360+ Twitter appears in the top 10 sites for all 6 segments, but it seems to be slightly more popular among Influencers. Sources: 1. “Hispanic Social Computing Takes Off,” Forrester, 2007 2. The multicultural World of Social Media Marketing, 2009 3. Why Social Media is the Fabric of Hispanics Online, Brandweek, 2009 4. The Hispanic Institute: Hispanic Broadband Access: Making the Most of the Mobile, Connected Future, 2009 5. “Half of U.S. Hispanics have an Online Social Media Profile,” Business Wire, 2009 6. comScore MediaMetrix, October 2009 17
    • african americans online The African-American Internet population reflects the high percentage of young people in the general African-American population: 30% are under age 18, and 71% of that group is online. How they get there is an open question. While 45% of African-American households had some type of Internet access in 2007, this group is more likely than whites to go online via mobile phone, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Black spending power is strong, estimated at $913 billion in 2008 by the Selig Center for Economic Growth. And with Time Spent with Media per Week by the recent election and inauguration of President Barack African-American Internet Users, Obama, spirits have never been higher in some segments of the black population. October–November 2007 (% of total time) Still, marketers seem uncertain about how to reach this TV 36% audience. In 2008, advertisers were pulling money out of traditional black media and adding it to Hispanic ad budgets, Internet 26% at the same time as many were unhappy with their multicultural marketing campaigns.The fact that the US advertising industry AM/FM radio 18% is under attack for its lack of diversity only underscores the Other* 20% problem.The African-American market cannot be taken for granted — this audience takes note of advertisers and the Note: *ages 13 –75; *all reading, listening to music, watching DVDs, video games messages targeted to them, and responds accordingly. and satellite radio Source: Radio One Inc., “Black America Study” conducted by Yankelovich, June 2008 Television is still the top medium, but many people are multitasking online while watching. African-Americans watch more hours of television per week than any other racial group — some 45 hours in 2007, according to The Nielsen Company. They also spent 31 hours per week on the Internet, according to a Radio One survey conducted by Yankelovich. Obviously there is some multitasking going on: 48% of the Radio One/Yankelovich respondents said they were online or using a computer while also watching television.18
    • Key eMarketer Numbers—African Americans Online23.7 million African-American* Internet users in 2013, up from 17.8 million in 200856.4% African-American* Internet users % of total African-American population in2013, up from 46.4% in 200811.2% African-American* Internet users % of total U.S .Internet users in 2013, up from 9.9% in 2008Note: *alone or in combination with other racesSource: eMarketer, March 2009 19
    • Some 56% of African-Americans, or 23.3 million people, are under age 35, and most of that group is online daily. Because of their intense interest in all things digital, Radio One/Yankelovich categorized them as follows: “Digital networkers” Connected black teens “Black onliners” (median age, 23) (median age, 27) More than 92% are under age 35; 69% are male; Almost two-thirds are under age 18. Like other, They are heavy Web users; 45% are ages 18 to 34; 57% are students; and 44% live in suburbs. They nonblack teens, they are tech-savvy, heavily 70% are male; and nearly eight in 10 shop online are heavy users of social networking and instant social, music-oriented and brand-conscious. once per month and spend an average of $115 per messaging (IM) and have high ownership levels of Unlike other, nonblack teens, nearly one-half of month on the Web.They use e-mail and IM and visit laptops and mobile phones. the time they watch TV is spent watching black- YouTube, black websites and music websites. focused shows.One-half of those who are online visit black websites at least weekly.20
    • Nearly one-third of “black onliners” admitted that if they see something they like, they have to have it, even if it costs more than they would like to spend.US Adult Mobile Device* Users Who UseMobile Content and Applications Daily, by Race/Ethnicity, October– December 2007 Top 10 Websites Among US African-(% ofrespondents in each group) American Internet Users, Ranked by Unique African- White American Hispanic Audience Composition, September 2008Send or receive text messages 28% 34% 42% (thousands and % composition)Take a picture 14% 21% 20% Unqiue audience % (thousands) compositionPlay a game 6% 11% 15%Send or receive e-mail 7% 7% 9% 1. BlackPlanet.com 793 77.6%Access the Internet for news, weather, 7% 9% 10% 2. zShare 409 35.8%sports or other information 3. imeem 551 29.6%Record a video 3% 4% 3% 4. WatchMovies.net 633 27.7%Play music 5% 10% 12% 5. USAJOBS 701 27.0%Send or recieve instant messages 4% 9% 12% 6. Job.com 625 24.9%Get a map or directions to another location 3% 2% 4% 7. JobsOnline 384 24.3%Watch video 2% 4% 2% 8. Zango 708 23.0%Total 38% 50% 56% 9. BlackVoices 841 21.9% 10. WorldWinner 509 21.9%Note: *ages 18+; *mobile phone or PDASource: Pew Internet & American Life Project, “Mobile Access to Data andInformation” as citied in press released, March 5, 2008 Source: the Nielsen Company, “Multi-cultural Advertising,” January 29, 2009 These young people are more brand-conscious than their elders, 11 million people.The number must be considered in light and more impetuous in their buying habits. Nearly one-third of of two facts. First, Yankelovich’s survey base was 3,400 “black onliners” admitted that if they see something they like, they African-Americans, interviewed by phone and online.The have to have it, even if it costs more than they would like to spend. chart’s extrapolation to activities that millions of participants engaged in is based on a Pew Internet Project report African-Americans’ online activities mirror those of every other online from March 2007; later reports gave lower values to culture and population. Communicating by e-mail, researching and African-American Internet penetration, as mentioned earlier shopping were the top three activities in the Radio One/Yankelovich in this report. 360 survey, just as they were in many other general-population surveys. However, the fourth-ranked online activity in this African- This article is reprinted with premission from eMarketer. American-only survey is “visit black sites,” estimated at 21
    • social fans U.S. Internet Users Who Are More Likely to Buy/Recommend a Brand Since more likely Becoming a Fan/Follower on Facebook to buy February 2010 (% of respondents) Yes, for many brands 19% 19% Social media marketers looking Yes, for a few brands 32% for an indication that their efforts 41% are helping the bottom line will No be encouraged by findings from 34% 29% Chadwick Martin Bailey and Do not know iModerate that social friends and 15% followers feel more inclined to 12% purchase from the brands they Note: n=1,504 ages 18+; numbers may not add up to 100% due to rounding are fans of. Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies as cited in press release, March 10, 201022
    • The top reason to friend a brand on Facebook was toreceive discounts, followed by simply being a customerof the company and a desire to show others that theysupport the brand. More than one-half of Facebook fans said they are more likely to make a purchase for at least a few brands, and 67% Primary Reason that U.S. Internet Users of Twitter followers reported the same. Are Fans of a Brand on Facebook February 2010 (% of respondents) The power of earned media gives a further boost to brands: 60% of respondents claimed their Facebook fandom To receive discounts and promotions increased the chance they would recommend a brand to a 25% friend. Among Twitter followers, that proportion rose to nearly eight in 10. I am a customer of the company 21% The researchers also explored why social media users become brand fans. The top reason to friend a brand on To show others that I like/support this brand Facebook was to receive discounts, followed by simply 18% being a customer of the company and a desire to show others that they support the brand. On Twitter, discounts, It’s fun and entertaining up-to-the-minute information and exclusive content were 10% the main draws; only 2% of respondents followed brands on Twitter to show their support. To be the first to know information about the brand 8% The findings are largely in line with previous research about Gain access to exclusive content what social followers want, but the results changed when Chadwick Martin Bailey asked respondents about why they 6% had first decided to follow brands, and allowed them to Someone recommended it to me choose as many reasons as they liked. 5% Among Facebook fans, the top reasons were being a To be part of a community of like-minded people customer (49%) and to show support (42%), with discounts 4% and promotions coming in third (40%). Another 34% simply said it was fun and entertaining to become a fan. On Twitter, I work for/with the company being a customer won out (51%), with discounts (44%) and 2% fun (42%) rounding out the top three. 360 I own stock in the company 0% This article is reprinted with premission from eMarketer None of these 0% Note: n=1,504 ages 18+; numbers may not add up to 100% due to rounding Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies as cited in press release, March 10, 2010 23
    • case study: american airlines american airlines AAdvantage The Axis Agency goes far beyond merely translating materials. We create public relations campaigns that truly connect with our target audience and incorporate our multicultural outreach. The following American Airlines case study goes to the heart of this strategy. American Airlines engaged The Axis Agency to support Hispanic population continues to grow, so does their amount an AAdvantage advertising campaign aimed exclusively at of travel. While historically, they may have traveled closer the U.S. Hispanic Market — to increase its AAdvantage to home and taken more low-key vacations, today they are enrollment among this audience. The advertising campaign spending more money and traveling more frequently and to included major media buys in Chicago, Dallas, New York greater distances. and Miami in print, online, broadcast and cable, as well as an education campaign scheduled for Telemundo. Additionally, the growth of the U.S. Hispanic Internet audience in the last year has outpaced that of the total U.S. Over the years American Airlines has made significant inroads online population in the number of visitors, time spent and into the U.S. Hispanic demographic, whose buying power pages viewed, as the number of Hispanics going online and is estimated at nearly $1 trillion, and the potential to bring engaging continues to increase. So American Airlines wanted thousands more into the American Airlines AAdvantage family to capitalize on this trend by reaching out to Hispanics on is huge. Some 41 percent of U.S. Hispanics live in American platforms with which they were most comfortable. Airlines hub cities and are an inviting consumer base. As the24
    • OBJECTIVES MEDIA STRATEGY+ Position American as the airline that offers the best Our media strategy was a two-pronged, integrated value in mile redemption with 40 flights to Latin campaign, reaching out to both traditional and America; 35 to the Caribbean and 14 to Mexico. social media:+ Highlight that miles accrued can be used by targets + First, we targeted Spanish-language media — print, both to maintain an important connection with their broadcast, digital and social — emphasizing American’s home countries and to establish new connections in commitment to this segment, pointing out the benefits the United States. that Spanish-speaking customers can reap by+ Showcase the ease of enrollment and use of the becoming members of American’s – the world’s first — website, AA.com — in several languages. frequent-flier program.+ Underscore the various ways in which members can + Second, we targeted English-language media — earn miles. specifically advertising trade publications (eg Ad Age, Ad Week) and business publications (Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Hispanic Business, Hispanic Market Weekly and Multicultural News, among others) — emphasizing American’s long history — and trendsetting status in outreach to U.S. Hispanics, and their importance to American’s overall business success. 25
    • case study: american airlines PROGRAM ELEMENTS + Developed an ad and executed a buy on Facebook — using Facebook Targeted Campaign — targeting some 268,000 Spanish-speaking Facebook individuals who: - Live within 50 miles of Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, Miami, FL or New York, NY - Are over the age of 18 + Created tweets in Spanish and English publishing each tweet on American’s Twitter channel and tracking re-tweets + Uploaded the commercial to the American Airlines YouTube Channel, with a targeted message in English and Spanish + Conducted an aggressive national media outreach campaign the week of commercial launch with follow up at both local and national level OUTCOME Title (25 Characters): Our goal was to increase the enrollment of Hispanic consumers in American Airlines’ Programa AAdvantage AAdvantage program, which has more than 62 million members worldwide. Since the campaign kicked off, 300 plus individuals have registered for the AAdvantage program, Body (135 Characters): the majority of them choosing Spanish, by going through the www.aa.com/mismillas page Conozca AAdvantage®, vuele con referenced on our materials — and those numbers are still coming in. nosotros y empiece a acumular millas en nuestras compañías The media campaign has generated more than 48 media placements with more than participantes. 21 million impressions, reaching an audience of 5,823,361. This includes placements in Hispanic Business, PR Week, Hispanic Market Weekly, and the Dallas Business Journal — Link: a story that was picked up by business journals nationwide — as well as a local hit on the www.aa.com/mismillas 33 TV news broadcast and a number of local Spanish-language publications.26
    • the media campaign has generated more than48 media placements with more than 21 millionimpressions, reaching an audience of 5,823,361 TWITTER NUMBERS Tweets published through American’s marketing brand channel called “AAirwaves” over the course of two days had a potential reach of 42,181 individual Twitter users, including followers of American Airlines, over the course of this effort. FACEBOOK NUMBERS The ad on Facebook generated: + 794,692 impressions + 193 click-throughs + Total amount spent: $84.91 27
    • case study: american airlines The following article was published in PRWeek on December 1, 2009. American Airlines shoots to score with Hispanic travelers by Kimberly Paul COMPANY: American Airlines DURATION: PR AGENCY: The Axis Agency September 24-December 31 CAMPAIGN: The Penalty Challenge American Airlines is working to interact with Hispanic consumers through various online strategies in 2009. One such tactic is “The Penalty Challenge,” which allows consumers to play an online soccer game and earn AAdvantage miles and the chance for ticket discounts. STRATEGY AA wanted to get Hispanic consumers more comfortable interacting with the company online, says Billy Sanez, corporate communications director. “Hispanic customers are used to going to travel agencies and having a longer dialogue before they buy a plane ticket,” he explains. “So we want to make sure we’re in that longer dialogue online.” The message is promoting AA’s “involvement with the Hispanic community and continued commitment to it,” says Ana Barrera Waggoner, group manager for Axis Agency, AA’s Hispanic PR AOR. Additionally, she notes, it promoted the company’s relationship with Major League Soccer. PROGRAM ELEMENTS The PR team conducted media outreach to both English- and Spanish-language outlets, as well as travel publications. Twitter and Facebook were among the sites used to build buzz about the game. The Penalty Challenge itself is also viral, allowing players to send to friends and share their scores, a big part of spreading the word, Sanez says.28
    • “The results have allowed us to see the consumption pattern by fans of American and fans of soccer, and how they want us to interact with them”OUTCOMEMedia hits have included the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Hispanic Market Weekly, andTravelPulse.com. As of October 21, more than 9,000 consumers registered and played thegame.“The results have allowed us to see the consumption pattern by fans of American and fans ofsoccer, and how they want us to interact with them,” Sanez adds.FUTUREAmerican plans to leverage the continued popularity of soccer, particularly around the 2010World Cup in South Africa.“We’ll look at how we can expand [The Penalty Challenge] to other areas or how we can addan additional version to it for the future,” says Sanez. 29
    • case study: degree men degree men siempre enfrenta el reto Degree Men, a Unilever brand, commissioned The Axis Agency to launch an online campaign targeting the U.S. Hispanic market that leveraged the brand’s sponsorship of the Mexican National Soccer Team as it made its way to the 2010 World Cup. Axis focused its digital strategy less on bulky platform development and more on community building through unique branded experiences within popular social networking sites. The concept of “brand as a friend” lead the campaign POV; providing personal access to exclusive Mexican National Team content and experiences consumers could share, personalize and grow their own social currency. Through Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter, Axis deployed a wide range of original multimedia content, conversation starters and promotions that focused on our target audiences’ passion for soccer. Across all these social media channels, Degree Men allowed consumers to show30
    • The Axis Agency captured and produced exclusive interviews, event highlight reels and behind- the-scenes video packages with current players and several Mexican soccer legends.off their cultural pride and engage with a brand that truly distributed across all brand channels and were pitched tounderstands their wants and needs. online media outlets, bloggers and online influencers for additional syndication and maximum reach.As part of the ongoing engagement and conversationsacross Facebook and Twitter, Axis produced a series of COMMUNITY MANAGEMENTtimely polls, quizzes and trivia questions that prompted To manage the brand’s social media communication stream,consumers to participate and share. Axis assigned a core community management team charged with the ongoing posting of news-related commentary,To fully leverage the brand’s partnership with the Mexican quizzes, polls, trivia and video content; monitoring wall posts,National Soccer Team, Axis captured and produced tracking comments and conversations; and measuring totalexclusive interviews, event highlight reels and behind-the- interactions and community growth.scenes video packages with current players and severalMexican soccer legends. These videos were seeded and 31
    • case study: degree men 189,247 YouTube Channel Views 1,361 Twitter Followers32
    • Degree Men currently owns the position of the #1 Mexican National Team fan page on Facebook 40,879 Facebook FansLEADING THE SPACEAlthough Degree’s partnership deal with the Mexican Axis continues to help Degree Men lead the conversation withNational Team is not exclusive, it is the only brand sponsor U.S. Hispanic consumers; increasing not only the brand’swho has established a meaningful presence in the digital visibility, but also building a long-lasting relationship withand social media space. As a result, Degree Men currently them, built around interaction, engagement and friendship.owns the position of the #1 Mexican National Team fanpage on Facebook — with over 40,000 Facebook fansand counting. 33
    • blogger profile Midtown Chic-a by Stephanie Camargo Everyone has that “go-to” friend. You know Miami. Midtown Chic-a ended up being the one…It’s the person you call when the ideal name for my blog. The ironies you’re looking for a good spot to take your and rewards of life! Fast-forward exactly date out to dinner, or the one you e-mail one year later and there I was, receiving when you’re booking a vacation for some an award from the Sun-Sentinel for Best cool travel tidbits, and at the very least, the Neighborhood Blog as part of a series of one you text to find the best local groomer awards presented to local bloggers which for your dog. included categories such as Best Food Blog, Best Music Blog and Best Tech Blog, Hi, that’s me. I am your “go-to” chica for all part of the first annual Best of Blogs all your South Florida needs. I’m the one (BOB) Awards ceremony. Who would have e-mailing you because a new fashion thought? Definitely, not I! But I’ve learned boutique opened up on Lincoln Rd., and if you mix a little bit of passion, with some we have to go check it out. Or better yet, skills and dedication and a whole lot of there’s a new Broadway show coming to love…people will notice! town that you absolutely must buy tickets for! And let’s please not forget to make Although I focus on South Florida and my reservations for the new restaurant opening local neighborhood, I enjoy writing about up on South Beach. a lot of different things that inspire me; everything from local events, family and This desire and my ability to share information friends, my dog, Lola (who accompanied with other people is what motivated me to me to the awards ceremony), traveling, start my own lifestyle blog, a place where food and fashion among other things. The I could centralize all my thoughts and majority of my posts are from my own personal experiences for the entire world I am your “go-to” personal experiences and although I write to read and see (I know, scary). The way chica for all your them in English, I sometimes tend to use I look at it is, if it’s something I enjoy or Spanglish to express myself best. It is very find entertaining, then it might possibly be South Florida needs. evident that I am a proud Latina who also something someone else might enjoy and likes to promote Hispanic-related topics find entertaining as well, and that gives me Midtown Chic-a, my blog which I started (See my post on a recent off-Broadway personal satisfaction. in March of 2009, was a dream project I’d show I saw, Platanos & Collard Greens). been formulating since I moved back from Call it a combination of being curious and New York City in 2008. I knew I was going Regardless, blogging is something I do out in-the-know, or just in tune with my local to miss the energy and activities that only a of love and in my spare time (talk about community, but my passion for writing my city like NYC could offer, but I also knew I work-life balance!) To those of you interested blog posts comes from wanting to share my was moving back to Miami for great reasons in starting your own blog, I say, make sure knowledge and insights with family, friends, (insert family, beach and warm weather it’s something you are very passionate about neighbors, peers and just about anyone else here) and that “the 305” has so much to and be prepared to sleep a little less. who’s interested in what I might have to say. offer that many people that live here don’t Obviously, being in the PR industry plays a even realize! So the next time you find yourself in the major role because it is my job to be on top 305, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at of the latest trends; it’s also taught me a lot After working in Midtown NYC for a couple www.MidtownChica.com. 360 about how the blogging community works of years, I found myself right smack in and finally, clients see me as a local expert, the middle of a hip, new, up-and-coming Stephanie Camargo is an award-winning blogger and so all of these things go hand-in-hand. neighborhood in Miami called Midtown Senior Account Executive at The Axis Agency.34
    • speaker spotlightTagMe 2010Conference Wally Sabria, SVP/Creative Director, The Axis Agency“Any entrepreneur or businessman who’s Community and Culture are the key pillars Based on his experience at The Axisnot aware of the potential that social media to a successful digital communciations Agency, Wally points out that to guaranteeoffers, has fallen asleep in a train bound strategy; allowing brands to maximize success for clients in the digital space,to nowhere,” said Wally Sabria, SVP and consumer engagement and overall brands should not focus only on the “tools”,Creative Director at The Axis Agency, during campaign effectiveness. but rather on the cultural connection andhis keynote speech at the TagMe 2010 passion points that the brand and theConference that took place in Medellín, “It’s also essential to look for ways to consumer have in common. “ImpressionsColombia at the end of April, 2010. integrate digital with other tactical platforms are great, but a deep, long-lasting as part of a larger strategy. This 360 relationship with consumers is what socialJoined by a panel of industry leaders approach can make digital and social media media can potentially offer your brand.”including Brian Wong (Digg.com), and a natural partner to other ongoing PR,Andrés Barreto (GrooveShark.com), Wally live events, traditional print, broadcast Finally, at TagMe, Sabria talked aboutshared that, “Conversation, Content, and retail promotions.” the value of content development and community management. “It’s vital to keep the communication flowing withImpressions are great, but a deep, long- consumers on an ongoing basis. The morelasting relationship with consumers is what conversations and involvement a brand has with its consumers, the more both parties willsocial media can potentially offer your brand. learn about each other,” he concluded. 360 can’t-miss digital conferences BlogHer Blogalicious™ Weekend Blog World Expo ad:tech New York Aug 6-7, 2010 October 8-10, 2010 October 14-16, 2010 November 2-4, 2010 The Hilton New York The Ritz Carlton Mandalay Bay Javits Convention Center New York, NY Miami, FL Las Vegas, NV New York, NY BlogHer brings bloggers from The Blogalicious™ Weekend BlogWorld & New Media Expo is an For more than ten years, ad:tech every corner of the blogosphere conferences are aimed at exciting forum for members of both has provided media, marketing and together for hands-on learning, celebrating the diversity of women the new and traditional media. Learn technology professionals with the rich discussions, opportunities to of all ethnicities in social media. about Content Creation, Distribution tools and techniques they need meet with the brands that support Everyone is invited and welcome and Monetization strategies, step- to succeed in a changing digital them and plentiful networking to attend. The conference is a by-step techniques and bleeding- world. With 10 shows in 7 countries, opportunities. BlogHer is open celebration of diversity and we want edge tools from the most successful ad:tech’s globally respected roster of to anyone and everyone who women bloggers of all backgrounds bloggers, podcasters, social media speakers, workshops and exhibitors considers themselves part of the participate. pros, and internet TV and radio continues to make it the preferred blogosphere and is particularly www.blogaliciousweekend.com content generators. resource and destination for digital focused on highlighting the skills http://www.blogworldexpo.com/ marketers everywhere. and talents of women who blog. media/media http://www.ad-tech.com/ny/adtech_ www.blogher.com/conferences new_york.aspx 35
    • @imageorreality @midtownchica Husband and father of twins on Ur local source 4 all-things #Miami & Chicago’s mighty South Side. An more! A fun-lovin chic-a who enjoys independent thinker, believer in quality a good laugh w/ her friends, fam and and patience, lover of risqué humor. blogging it up #thatisall @AfAmMaven I luv #Chi City, & channeling my @vivimwiewall inner bohemian. I heart JAH, Free spirit who’s enjoying every people, family, simplicity and second of her life. AKA the loud, longevity. Sick with Bieber Fever.  @angiedi sarcastic YET nice one in the The most outspoken employee Miami office, holla! in the Miami office!!!!!!!!!! Her colleagues would agree she is a telenovela guru =) axis biotweets We thought it would be a cool idea to show you who we are in a different and non-traditional way. That’s @gabrielabucita Searching for meaning- why we asked all the team members @ The Axis enjoying the ride! LOVE: life, Agency to come up with a Biotweet. In 140 characters hubby cuddling, our dog or less, this is what they have to say about themselves Juanita & hangin’ with my and the things they dig. 9 nieces n nephews! @gbujanda Big-D citizen by way of DF; news, film & politics junkie. Pro gabber 4 #Mexico City, #microfinance fan, @mezul Cinema-luvin Latina thinks hugely outwitted by 10-yr-old son success is getting what you want & happiness is wanting what you get. Watches @danielnla novelas for entertainment FUN!! DIVERSIÓN!! to appease the soul. @LaGromero @melissaygalarza Fascinated with the nuance of MEANING. Easygoing girl who enjoys the simple A Hispanic marketing professional things in life, great food, music and infatuated with WORDCRAFT, a TRAVELER friends…you will find me by the beach thrilled by a multi-hued worldview. in Miami almost every weekend! @karlaenriquez @Ale003 Bi-cultural, soul-searching, twenty- traveling the world is my thing and talking something year old full of passion and intellectual curiosity figuring out this to people pays for my things. Always live crazy beautiful life in peace, love and dance till you please.36
    • @YoAmoLA Self-appointed ambassador of LA. Wife, mother of twins, and Hispanic marketing pro who lives her life in gratitude and @almillag familia, friends, música, faith, believes in paying it forward. orgullo, culture, pasión, love, alegre, movies, determinada, food, travel, trilingüe, ‘nuff said @germanlibenson @DATKID323 BBQ guru & film freak, lives by Born and Raised in L.A., wish I lived in N.Y. #Brooklyn to be exact, love the #ifyounevertry you’ll never know.A loyal Lakers, live by the principles of O.M.A.K warrior who doesn’t kneel or surrender. (Observe Merits Appreciate Kindness) Obsessed with #flawlessgems. @lissymarie @ahkfiend A Hello Kitty obsessed Afro- Recently engaged, known for saying Indian-Chinese-Cuban-American. the wrong thing, but loving life and living My family, my friends and my it like there is no tomorrow. peace and job make me smile every day. chicken grease! @VTartak @VBradford A vivacious, spirited soul with a Proud Colombian @ Dallas office. passion for great music, ethnic food, film, fashion, and is enamored with Passionate about life, music and cultures and far off places. dancing! Carnaval runs in her@brookeashleyy blood 24/7.In her 20s and lovesfashion and traveling @socialstudiolaas much as possible. LA born > MIA bred. I think and work visually. Passion8 about new ideas @sisanchezI love my life, my and the next big thing. Digital or not, suffers from wanderlust, is free-friends and my family! goal is to make it look hot spirited, loves food and culturas, and never wants to forget where she came from…PUERTO RICO AND SPAIN!!! Wepa and Olé! @Ayona26 Diverse, Determined, Diva-like Dallas girl #D4. Live by loving, laugh by living. Proud to be me and happy for life. @cadlawrence #L3 live, laugh, love always and 4ever married mother of two living @strattoni a life that matters — measured experiential, curious traveler not by success, but the who loves the thrill of significance in other’s lives. discovering the beauty @candela_ortega around her LA born Cubana. GO #gallerymuseum + John Mayer + Salsa + hands covered in @360culture paint + head filled with a vision = HAPPY. Hispanic comms pro, sees culture as LOVE.CULTURE.CREATIVITY. the soul & axis of our nation’s richness, fan of film, music & politix. Passionate about Cuba and its freedom @CMHaffner @yvepacheco Jersey Girl from Nicaragua who calls the A t-shirt n jeans kind of chica who Big Apple home. She’s a film freak/ski loves sports, reading, photography bum & is passionate about living Green. and new music. born & raised in LA but a citizen of the world. 37
    • They are being followed day and night. But hey, they’re not complaining. top 10 top 10 + african american + hispanic celebrities celebrities on twitter on twitter 10. Lenny Kravitz / @lennykravitz 10. Aleks Syntek / @syntekoficial 1,834,954 followers 293,428 Seguidores 09. MCHammer / @MCHammer 09. David Bisbal / @davidbisbal 1,874,078 followers 380,981 Seguidores 08. John Legend / @johnlegend 08. Daddy Yankee / @dynation 1,893,271 followers 415,942 Seguidores 07. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em / @SouljaBoy 07. Jennifer Lopez / @JLo 2,133,082 followers 429,586 Seguidores 06. P. Diddy / @iamdiddy 06. Paulina Rubio / @paurubio 2,664,559 followers 442,600 Seguidores 05. 50Cent / @50Cent 05. Anahi / @Anahi 2,718,183 followers 567,237 Seguidores 04. Mariah Carey / @MariahCarey 04. Nelly Furtado / @NellyFurtado 2,926,300 followers 1,171,015 Seguidores 03. Shaquille O’Neal / @THE_REAL_SHAQ 03. Juanes / @juanes 2,968,278 followers 846,340 Seguidores 02. Oprah Winfrey / @Oprah 02. Ricky Martin / @ricky_martin 3,735,747 followers 1,238,012 Seguidores 01. President Obama / @BarackObama 01. Shakira / @shakira 4,408,364 followers 1,892,594 Seguidores Numbers accurate as of July 1, 2010.38
    • full circle immediate gratification by German Libenson It was 2:44 pm on a sunny Wednesday afternoon and I decided to post a question on one of our client’s Facebook pages. When I finished typing, I made sure there were no typos, the topic was relevant and that nobody else had asked the same thing in other competing channels. I was new to Social Media and I was trying to learn the rules of engagement as fast as I possibly could. My background was in advertising, so I wasn’t used to having conversations with consumers on behalf of brands. My work had been creating ads and quite honestly, I felt a little old-school in this new environment. Nonetheless, I also felt I had some sort of divine power, for I had been assigned to manage the client’s Facebook Fan Page. Thousands of fans across the nation had come here looking for entertainment, conversation and content; lots of content. They were hungry for stories and they wanted them now. I asked myself, As soon as I pressed the “Share” button I asked myself, how long is it going to take for someone to comment“How long is it going to take for or “like” what I wrote? Bam! Four seconds later I got 12 someone to comment or like comments. It was surreal! At 2:44 pm my target audience was not watching TV, reading magazines, or even listening what I wrote?” to the radio. No! The fans had a browser window open on their work desktops while they were probably writing their reports or Powerpoint decks. Plus, many of them were connected to Facebook via their smartphones! “Man,” I shouted. “Response time is faster than a 911 dispatcher!” I remember a THX advertisement in the movies back in the 90’s. Before a feature presentation, THX would blast the theater speakers with one cool sound effect and a super would then read: “THX. The audience is listening.” Those times are over. Now, audiences are having conversations with brands in the social arena. And boy, do those conversations spread like viruses. Five minutes later, the client’s wall had 108 comments. The following morning, there were over 453 opinions. I got a call at lunchtime. It was my boss. Hey man, the client’s really happy with the number of interactions. Now she wants us to increase the number of fans to 1,000,000 by the end of the year. Are you up for the challenge? I pictured myself sitting around a campfire with a million folks. Sure, man. We have a story to tell. And it’s a really compelling one. 360 German Libenson serves as Associate Creative Director of The Axis Agency. 39
    • CONTACT Armando Azarloza, President The Axis Agency 8687 Melrose Ave., 9th Fl. Los Angeles, CA 90069 www.theaxisagency.com40