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Social Media in Local Government and the GIS user
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Social Media in Local Government and the GIS user


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Presentation at MISA BC conference, Sidney BC by Glenn Letham @gletham discussing the use of social media by official local government agencies, with emphasis on the GIS department and Geo user. A …

Presentation at MISA BC conference, Sidney BC by Glenn Letham @gletham discussing the use of social media by official local government agencies, with emphasis on the GIS department and Geo user. A look at social media policies, tools, uses, and the impact of social media on mobile technology, opengov, local government, and citizen engagement. Video of the presentation now online

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social Media and the GISuser @gletham Social Media, Mobile, OpenGov, Geo Technology tools for the Social GIS user  Sept 22, 2011 by @gletham #misabc
  • 2. Social Media and the GISuser by @gletham #misabc
  • 3. Mobile Is Driving Social by @gletham #misabc
      • 24.5 million mobile subscribers
      • One third of subscribers own smartphones
      • 47% between the age of 18-44
      • Data usage will set a record in 2012 with over 18.4 Pedabytes being consumed (that’s 3X the amount from 2010) and that soars to 71.5 by 2015
      • Websites built with Flash are a constant frustration
      • Over 3/4 of mobile searches have local intent
      • Only 18% of websites are optimized for mobile
  • 4. There's Always Challenges Though by @gletham #misabc
  • 5. It's All About Sharing The evolution to make government data more accessible and usable than before. by @gletham #misabc Think about sharing options for your web apps and services
  • 6. Uses Of Social Media by @gletham #misabc News, Event updates, Share Video, road closures, info-graphics, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, Citizen Engagement, Discussions, Event management, Photo sharing, Hackathons, Community, Emergency Response, Press, Jobs, Construction notices, Volunteers, new data, reinforcing your brand / identity
  • 7. To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? The Social Media Policy by @gletham Kodak Guide Before your org jumps in, be sure to create a proper social media policy... crucial!
  • 8. More Than Just Twitter by @gletham #misabc
    • Youtubers:
      • Chicago
      • Bellevue WA
      • Kelowna
      • Toronto
      • Calgary
      • Surrey
  • 9. More Than Just Twitter by @gletham #misabc
  • 10. The Authoritative Source You're Official - Why Wouldn't They Believe you? by @gletham #misabc With control over an "official" social stream you are an authoritative source. Others will gladly share your posts and help you when you request
  • 11. The GeoGeek's Twitter Account by @gletham #misabc
  • 12. What Can A GeoGeek Tweet? by @gletham #misabc
      • Updates from events
      • Announcing new data
      • Asking for tech support
      • Communicating with Vendors
      • Sharing news
      • Promoting events (hackathons)
      • Announcing employment / jobs
      • Sharing with other local Gov GIS peeps
      • Locating data
      • Sharing /Supporting other departments
      • Educating on GIS / Geo
      • Supporting OpenGov
  • 13. Who Can A GeoGeek Follow? by @gletham #misabc
      • Other departments within the Org
      • local radio stations
      • local police
      • local social mavens
      • Geogeeks - like @gletham :0)
      • software vendors
      • Tech support accounts
      • Other cities
      • Industry trade orgs
      • Tech geeks, influencers, Hack planners
      • ??
  • 14. by @gletham #misabc Events, Meet Ups, GeoGeeks + Social Media Are Made For Each Other!
  • 15. Social Event Apps For GeoGeeks GeoInt CrowdVine by @gletham #misabc
  • 16. Social Event Apps For GeoGeeks EsriUC Back Channel by @gletham #misabc Social stream, photo safari, agenda, meetup map
  • 17. OpenGov & Hackathons Enabled by Access to Data Cooperate Locally, Compete Globally! by @gletham
      • B.C Open Data Hackathon 50 hackers, 28 ideas!
      • Nanaimo B.C Open Data Hackathon, April 2011
      • Hack for Change - 50 engineers, 24hrs, $50K
      • International Open Data Hackathon -
      • Microsoft Canada - Great Canadian Apportunity, $10K Prize
      • The GISCI GISP Map Competition - $500 Prize
      • Chirp Chirp, 24 hr Twitter Hackathon using Twitter API
      • WhereCamp Hackfests - D.C, Denver, Portland... 
      • NASA Random hacks of kindness, A global event
  • 18. A hackathon, a hacker neologism, is an event when programmers meet to do collaborative computer programming W  ((Wik by @gletham #misabc
  • 19. Powerful Social Media Tools by @gletham
      • TweetBeep - Notify when your are mentioned
      • Hootsuite, Seesmic Web
      • - create a custom list summary
      • bit.lify - Short links for BB users
      • TweetMic / Cinch - Audio Tweets
      • Visibly - Social media tracking, stats
      • Tweetvite - event promotion, invitations 
      • uStream - live webcast, stream to facebook 
      • ifTTT - if this then that
      • Eventful/ EventBrite / MeetUp / Crowdvine
  • 20. ifTTT - If This Then That by @gletham #misabc
  • 21. Maps & Data Driving OpenGov by @gletham #misabc
  • 22. OpenGov - Data B.C. by @gletham #misabc
  • 23. OpenGov by @gletham #misabc
  • 24. OpenGov - Nanaimo by @gletham #misabc
  • 25. OpenGov - Ottawa by @gletham #misabc
  • 26. OpenGov - Ottawa by @gletham #misabc
  • 27. OpenGov - Vancouver Open Data by @gletham #misabc
  • 28. OpenGov - NASA Open by @gletham #misabc
  • 29. OpenGov - -> by @gletham #misabc
  • 30. Open Mapping by @gletham #misabc The Public Mapping Project ( is developing District Builder, an open source software redistricting application designed to give the public transparent, accessible, and easy-to-use on-line mapping tools. (Source: Redistricting competitions in Philly, MN, Ohio $50k Support from Amazon for Web Services
  • 31. Open Mapping & Gov 2.0 by @gletham #misabc The future of Australian government? Social media and mapping technology   A new gov study says social media sites like Twitter and online mapping technologyare the future of government/citizen interaction... Nation-wide, councils see GIS at the forefront of government and citizen interaction   e. g. Brisbane City Council’s FloodMap
  • 32. Esri Social Maps by @gletham #misabc Esri has made sharing maps and your data easy.
  • 33. ArcGIS Explorer - GIS for All by @gletham #misabc
  • 34. Map & Share With Geocommons by @gletham #misabc
  • 35. Mobile Geo Enterprise Apps by @gletham #misabc
  • 36. Mobile Geo Enterprise Apps by @gletham #misabc GIS Kit on iPad The mobile & social revolution has driven innovation, s a result, great apps are popping up daily
  • 37. Social, Mobile Geo Apps by @gletham #misabc Geo & social is pervasive and a focal point of many apps and web services
  • 38. Social, Mobile Geo Apps by @gletham #misabc
  • 39. Social, Mobile Apps by @gletham #misabc Access to geospatial data is driving application development, particularly in mobile
  • 40. GIS is Cool! Enter Infographics by @gletham #misabc Source: Info graphics are the rage on social media - they look like many of the maps we see at esriuc map gallery each year!
  • 41. It's Cool to be a Social GeoGeek! by @gletham #misabc