The Future of ICT / TIME: Futurist Gerd Leonhard in Cologne (NSN)


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# The consequences of what I call 'Broadband Culture'
# Why and how digital content, UGC and Social Media are the biggest growth factors for the ICT industries, going forward
# Why telecoms and ICT companies need to get involved with Content, and move up the foodchain
# Why content flat-rates, starting with music, are the way forward, and need to be regulated
# The copy economy vs the access / usage / sharing economy

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The Future of ICT / TIME: Futurist Gerd Leonhard in Cologne (NSN)

  1. 1. The Future of ICT: Realizing new economic values in Content, Social Media and Mobility Transformation
  2. 2. The global economic fabric has changed
  3. 3. If the misison is then this is a good question to ask: are our assumptions still valid?
  4. 4. Broadband Culture: The basic Challenge - and the Opportunities •Bundle •Filter •Aggregate •Curate •Contextualize •Personalize Offer a ‘Home’
  5. 5. Digital Content is a major growth factor in ICT Bundles and Flat Rates will boost this Much larger potential (imho) Huge potential once licensing is standardized and 100% collective Source: IBM Institute for Business Value Study
  6. 6. Digital Content, Ud&gC & Social Media will be the main drivers of growth in the Telecom space
  7. 7. In ICT / TIME, this transition means Getting involved with building a new Content Ecosystem Getting involved with creating Advertising 2.0 Moving up the Foodchain Embracing Social Media / Social Business & UGC
  8. 8. Starting in 2009: • Total convergence of Telecom & Web Layers • Deep collaboration becomes the KEY requirement for creating new business opps • Over-the top layers (search, social media...) must come down, telecoms must move up!
  9. 9. This is where Content resides now...
  10. 10. This is also where new $$ reside now...
  11. 11. The Future is in the Cloud and the Crowd
  12. 12. User Enablement becomes a prime objective
  13. 13. The Future of Content: Attention-based Income Explodes Copy Based Revenues Attention Based Revenues 10.0 7.5 5.0 2.5 0 Was Is Soon Near Future Mid-term Future
  14. 14. Music: a good example of how not to do this...
  15. 15. Source: New collective, blanket licenses for digital content - starting with Music - are inevitable
  16. 16. Copy Economy Access / Usage / Sharing Economy
  17. 17. Digital Content Trends Music Video Games Books Mags & Print Percentage of Revenues from Digital Services 100% 75% 50% 25% 0% 2008 2009 2010 2012 2015
  18. 18. The biggest opportunities will rely on deep collaboration across the Ecosystem
  19. 19. Media & l ContenT a i Adver- Search c tising a o i ‘Social’ S c o Location
  20. 20. Remember this one...? Source: Sander Duivestein
  21. 21. Media ocial S siness ocial Bu S puting al Com Soci
  22. 22. Have you ever seen an ad that says “Search with Google”?
  23. 23. The fuel:
  24. 24. The Telecom sector needs to get involved in making ‘free’ web content monetizable
  25. 25. The switch from Closed to Open: Software
  26. 26. The switch from Closed to Open: News Media
  27. 27. The switch from Closed to Open: Elsewhere
  28. 28. Example: The Future of Television
  29. 29. Don’t prevent. Enable. Engage. Monetize.
  30. 30. The toll-booth challenge in digital content
  31. 31. 21st century content economics influenced by Kevin Kelly, Chris Anderson, Don Tapscott, Yochai Benkler... Conversation Convenience Selection / Filtering Packaging Individualization Immediacy Tr u s t
  32. 32. Example of creating added value around Content
  33. 33. Turning the USERs into $$
  34. 34. The Redefinition of ‘Telecom’ Experience Platform Service Pipe Content Pipe Data Pipe
  35. 35. Next Generation Advertising New Content Economy New Data Economy
  36. 36. Focus on Control Opportunities for Growth 10 7.5 5 2.5 0 Calls SMS Data Content Services Experiences
  37. 37. Communications Advertising Content
  38. 38. Trust Transparency Conversation Collaboration Social UGC MOBILE Platforms Applications Ads 2.0 Content
  39. 39. Thanks for listening Gerd Leonhard