The Future of Broadband: Telemedia, Futurist Gerd Leonhard
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The Future of Broadband: Telemedia, Futurist Gerd Leonhard






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The Future of Broadband: Telemedia, Futurist Gerd Leonhard The Future of Broadband: Telemedia, Futurist Gerd Leonhard Presentation Transcript

  • Transformational Technologies andCreating new demand for ICT services - The Future of Broadband and ICT - Gerd LeonhardFuturist (Media & Communications) CEO of The Futures Agency Author & Think-Tank Leader
  • TeleMediaTelecom Media Convergence
  • This year’s biggest driver...?
  • Broadcast « » Broadband Social Networks = CableTV without the Cable Source:
  • The future is already here...
  • Real Digital Natives
  • The Networked Society Broadband Culture
  • Drivers of Broadband Content Open StandardsData Control SustainabilityEcosystems Balance Equality Innovation Mobile Interdependence
  • Content
  • People of the Cloud...will expect a lot more than mere ‘distribution’
  • TV you can read, Newspapers you can watch
  • Whatever can go digital... will go digital
  • Useless without content - and...Useless without connectivity !
  • Sharing is and will remain a key driver Image via
  • Piracy: failed business models + faster networks + cheaper devices CEO of MacMillan UK, April 2011, via
  • Content 2.0:Access not Copy
  • Rebirth of the content business
  • ETA: 3 years
  • Masses of NichesSource: thecarbonara blog
  • More and more ‘real’ content ‘over the top’
  • The problem is not the ‘pay’ - it’s the wall!Source:
  • A new standard in a hyper-connected economy:
  • Data& Control
  • “Minority Report” is becoming reality
  • Standards Transparency Trust Guarantees Interoperability The Commons
  • ...this cannot all be about commercial gains...
  • Who decides...?
  • A very important trend...
  • Ecosystems
  • The Future: ‘Inter-Connected Business Models’
  • Not value chains but value cycles (*Umair Haque) (*Umair Haque)
  • A new ICT | Media | AdvertisingEcosystem
  • TeleMedia Futures: a new ECOsystem Content (Creators, Publishers, Advertisers Distributors)Telcos & Opera- Device tors Makers Search & Tech Social Networks i.e. Media 2.0
  • Legal, easy and affordable availability of contentis a major factor in broadband uptake (and society!) source:
  • Telemedia Futures: OTT Bundled Masses of NichesFreemium Going Direct Standardized Licenses source:
  • Equality
  • Mobile
  • Dramatically increased importance of Mobile Broadband
  • OpenStandards
  • Obsession with Control inevitably leads to declineSource: ARS
  • One to many Many to Many
  • “The people formerly known as consumers”
  • Open Open LicensesTechnologies Ultra-fast Broadband OpenOpen Policies Business Models
  • Not sustainable
  • Welcome to the new worldview: ECOsystems Good luck. Protection breaks the EcoSystem
  • Urgent: Copy(Usage)-Right for a digital ecosystem
  • Sustainability
  • Balance
  • A slew of new, unprecedent ‘digital society challenges’
  • And considerable confusion
  • Innovation
  • Complete Reboot of Education and Learning
  • Interdependence
  • A Serious Paradigm Challenge Source: Tiffany Shlain: ‘Connected - The Movie’Source: Monty Metzger
  • Hyper-Competition ➲ Hyper-Collaboration
  • Summary
  • (Kindle)