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Music 2.0 - The Future of Music - Start in Brazil? Feira Musica 2009 Gerd Leonhard
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Music 2.0 - The Future of Music - Start in Brazil? Feira Musica 2009 Gerd Leonhard


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My presentation on the Future of Music, from Feira Musica 2009, in Recife Brazil. See more at

My presentation on the Future of Music, from Feira Musica 2009, in Recife Brazil. See more at

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The Future of Music - starting in Brazil? Gerd Leonhard
  • 2. Real change will probably come from the Independents - and from Outsiders
  • 3. Source: Slideshare
  • 4. What do you think will happen here? South America Asia Africa
  • 5. BRIC Futures
  • 6. The New Premium The new Normal
  • 7. Remember: Nothing will beat the ‘People formerly known as Consumers’
  • 8. The quickest way to irrelevance: build walls
  • 9. Source:
  • 10. Consequences of being connected New Behaviors New Standards New Social Contracts New Ways of Remuneration Ars Electronica 2008
  • 11. Music is first a Service & an Experience - and only then (maybe) a Product.
  • 12. But of course you knew this already....
  • 13. ‘Selling Copies’ is a dying Business - but Selling Access is a very powerful new Opportunity
  • 14. We were able to sell copies ‘on our own’ - but we can’t ‘sell access’ on our own
  • 15. C R U E S A T E O R R S S
  • 16. First, we need this: Permission
  • 17. I think Brazil could lead the world into the Future of Music 1. Make music on the Internet legal and paid-for by creating a public and collective digital music license - just like 100 years ago, with Radio! 2. Make a new Digital Music License available to all ISPs / telecoms / mobile operators and networks 3. Develop a new Ecosystem of Partners that will essentially pay for the music license fees: advertisers, brands, telecoms, device makers... 4. Build additional, web-native, premium revenue streams on-top: high-definition services, fan- clubs, interactivity, virtual clubs and concerts...
  • 18. Just imagine: If 192 Million people could generate only $ 5 per year / per person, almost $1 Billion would be raised If such a digital music license was publicly available, the $5 per year / per user could be entirely funded by advertisers, brands, telecoms, device makers and others!
  • 19. 2 things are needed New ‘Pools of Money’ (i.e. based on collective, open, public and standardized licenses) Government (& Creators & Industry) New, next-generation revenue streams that ‘up-sell’ on-top Industry & Market Players
  • 20. The Music is already in the Cloud 300+ ways to share Music!
  • 21. The $$ are in the cloud, too
  • 22. Connect the Cloud and the Crowd!
  • 23. We must focus on the New Generatives Content 5% Context 15% 20% Curation Timeliness 15% 15% Embodiment Relevance 10% 20% Others
  • 24. Imagine.... this.... with Music
  • 25. More new ways to get $$ for music
  • 26. Free gets you to a place where you can ask to get paid. Hat tip to: Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
  • 27. I pay You pay They pay Hat tip to Shelly Palmer
  • 28. I pay - You pay - They pay
  • 29. Hybrid Models in many variations
  • 30. Making $ from Attention: Conversion is the Key! Attention - Based Revenues Was Is Soon Near Future Mid-term F
  • 31. 3 key things about Attention Getting it Keeping it Converting it
  • 32. New ways to ‘sell’
  • 33. Funnel-Making
  • 34. The Toll-Booth Challenge: how to monetize access rather than copies Source: istockphoto
  • 35. Ecosystem not Egosystem Internet Telecom Content Social Networks Advertising CE Makers
  • 36. Music 2.0 is: Networked and Decentralized SMEs run by Managers, Agents and Service Providers Selling dozens of things (not just copies) No longer just music!
  • 37. o t n m m e e t t s s y y s s O O C G E E
  • 38. Every large audience can be monetized
  • 39. So why is there still so little revenue from Youtube, Myspace, Facebook...? • Advertisers are always 2-3 years behind • Lack of permission for premium and legal content slows adoption • Lack of public license has deterred new investors, and killed many startus • Mobile broadband and smart mobile devices are just now starting to take off
  • 40. A TeleMedia Ecosystem Public, open and standardized Content Licenses
  • 41. A Public License + Build-in Revenues + Proportional Distribution
  • 42. In Music, first, we urgently need either a voluntary, collective license proposal by the rights- holders, and / or legislation that legalizes and monetizes the usage on the Internet.
  • 43. Content 2.0: the inevitable Shift to Open Open licenses Open innovation Open distribution Open competition Open partnerships Open technologies Open data standards
  • 44. Summary 5% 15% 20% 15% 15% 10% 20% Content Context Curation Timeliness Embodiment / Packaging Relevance Others
  • 45. Thanks for your time! email me at facebook: gleonhard more presentations at
  • 46. Step 1: Permission Step 2: Collaboration Step 3: Co-Creation of new Business Models