Music 2.0: The Future of Music. Gerd Leonhard at Telkom Indonesia Music Unlimited Event


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This is the PDF from my talk at Telkom Indonesia's Music Unlimited event in Jakarta, May 2, 2011. See for details and the event flyer:!/gleonhard/statuses/63871852434563072 and (Rolling Stone Indonesia)

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Music 2.0: The Future of Music. Gerd Leonhard at Telkom Indonesia Music Unlimited Event

  1. Image by!/EricaGlasier via CNN Blog
  2. Work
  3. Fun
  4. Hat tip to Kevin Kelly
  5. Source: TBWA via Slideshare
  6. “More and more companies lose control of their customers when newtechnologies enable them to interact with products on their own terms” Mark Mulligan, Forrester
  7. Control = MoneyTrust = Money
  8. Enforcing control when attraction, trust andengagement is crucial will not generate new income
  9. The music business urgently needs a new kind of “Gotong Royong”
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  11. Source: my own darn iPad
  12. In a dysfunctional system, disruption is a crucial requirement for success
  13. Indonesia: some relevant facts & figures
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  16. Source: CEO of Macmillan UK,
  17. Source:
  18. Price Number of legal users100 75 50 25 0 Was Will be
  19. Source: Brian Newman via Slideshare
  20. So how will artists & creators get paid? Many new revenue streams...tbd Sponsorships Branded Content Deals Fans & Direct Funding Concerts / Live Shows Up-selling (many different options) Broadcasting & Public Performance (2.0)Revenue Shares from Music Bundles & Flat Rates
  21. Content i.e. Artists Advertisers Labels, Publishers DeviceTelcos & MakersOperators Social Networks
  22. Source:
  23. Facebook is very likely to expand into TIME sectors
  24. Fred Wilson
  25. Text
  26. Timely & Likable Better service: contextual fluid, clean, safe and easyFair and Betterattractive interfacepricing * Better Social and inter- tools connected
  27. • Don’t just ‘sell music’ but bundle and upsell access to music, and music experiences• Co-create a new music economy• Disrupt old, pre-Internet, dysfunctional music business paradigms• Make it work on / with any mobile phone• Make it work with/out mobile Internet access• Make it work in / with Internet-Cafes• Make it work for pre-paid phone users• Base it on feels-like-free + upsell• Disrupt. Lubricate. Co-opt. Make a market.
  28. What would solve the illegal download problem?
  29. Source: Mary Meeker, KPCB
  30. Telcos & operators cannot stick with ‘just being the pipe’ Source: Frost & Sullivan
  31. Telcos and Operators have a hugeopportunity to curate and lubricate digital content, and to host / curate the social conversation around it.
  32. • Labels and publishers are still very much needed but no longer must-have gatekeepers• Must provide more added values, at lower cost• Will become more like agents than ‘owners’• Will be much more about marketing not distribution• Labels & publishing sectors will merge• Will need to become totally transparent• Must become networks not remain monopolies• Must embrace web/mobile native approach
  33. Thanks to Alan Moore (via Slideshare)
  34. Open licenses Open innovation Open distribution Open competition Open partnerships Open technologiesOpen data standards