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Media 2.0: Open, Mobile... and Paid?  Gerd Leonhard at Mobile Monday / Kudos Awards in Munich
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Media 2.0: Open, Mobile... and Paid? Gerd Leonhard at Mobile Monday / Kudos Awards in Munich


My presentation at Mobile Monday Munich http://www.mobile-monday.de/events/national-summit-kudos-award

My presentation at Mobile Monday Munich http://www.mobile-monday.de/events/national-summit-kudos-award

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Media 2.0: Mobile, Social, Open...Free? Gerd Leonhard Presentation at Mobile Monday Munich www.mediafuturist.com twitter.com/gleonhard
  • 2. It’s not either... or! versus
  • 3. There is no one-fits-all recipe Not all ‘Content’ is the same Not all Media is the same Not all Users are the same Not all Cultures are the same
  • 4. Murdoch’s imaginary Pay-Walls @Umairh: “Blocking Google is about as smart as eating a pound of plutonium” Source: ABC (Aus)
  • 5. Artificial Scarcity is a one-way ticket to extinction You cannot put content behind walls and generate new $$
  • 6. Personal, digital consumer ‘Piracy’ is simply just Market Failure Source: CEA.org
  • 7. Free gets you to a place where you can ask to get paid* Quote by Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures www.avc.com *or receive other benefits
  • 8. The product: ease, speed, price, convenience • Good quality images • Finding the right photo is quick and easy • The rights (licenses) are cleared • The price is right (well... mostly) • I don’t pay just for the content - I pay for ease of use, peace of mind, the interface, service & curation...!
  • 9. Content is first a Service & an Experience - and only then (maybe) a Product.
  • 10. Content 2.0: New Packaging
  • 11. New ways to ‘sell’
  • 12. The virtual goods economy is very real
  • 13. Hybrid Models in many variations
  • 14. Not consumption... Access, Packaging... Service!
  • 15. Content Commerce 2.0: don’t try to sell what is Ubiquitous - sell what is Scarce
  • 16. Digital Music: still utterly dysfunctional... www.dontdisconnect.us
  • 17. Copies don’t equal $$ anymore Source: kk.org
  • 18. Source: Slideshare
  • 19. What are those new behaviors...? • Access comes before ownership • All-you-can-eat / unlimited / flat fees & bundles are much preferred • ‘Feels Like Free’ will be part of everything • Paying with attention (aka advertising) is OK! Trust the People formerly known as Consumers
  • 20. And yes... some breakage will occur, too
  • 21. Music: time to accept and adapt!
  • 22. Every large audience can be monetized
  • 23. A wave that Content Owners must learn to ride Attention - Based Revenues Was Is Soon Near Future Mid-term F
  • 24. Apps not Ads: Appvertising not @vertising
  • 25. The rising tide will float everyone’s boat
  • 26. Co nv en ien ce is King is ce an is lev Re XT Content is TE on C
  • 27. The New Premium The new Normal
  • 28. We must focus on the New Generatives Content Context Curation 5% Timeliness 20% Embodiment / Packaging 15% Relevance Others 15% 15% 10% 20% 100% Content / Copy
  • 29. Filtering & Curation is a huge opportunity
  • 30. TeleMedia is imminent
  • 31. Content<>Cloud<>$
  • 32. ISPs and Mobile Operators will move up the food-chain: Social Networking Content Services Communication 2.0 Money 2.0 eLearning
  • 33. 2010: watch the sea change
  • 34. Content 2.0: the inevitable Shift to Open Open licenses Open innovation Open distribution Open competition Open partnerships Open technologies Open data standards
  • 35. Ecosystem not Egosystem Internet Telecom Content Social Networks Advertising CE Makers
  • 36. Summary 5% 15% 20% 15% 15% 10% 20% Content Context Curation Timeliness Embodiment / Packaging Relevance Others
  • 37. Thanks for your attention! email me at gerd@mediafuturist.com twitter.com/gleonhard facebook: gleonhard
  • 38. PS: My free Music 2.0 Book is now mobilized ! www.musicfutures.com