Immediate Media Futures (Presentation at Guardian Changing Media Summit 3/18 2010)


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This is the PDF of my presentation at the 2010 Guardian CMS event in London. Bottom lines: 1) we are moving from selling 'stuff' to selling services and experiences 2) EGOsystems are becoming ECOsystems because we are all connected now 3) Enforcing control when trust is crucial is a very bad idea 4) In the content industries, the concept of mostly 'selling copies' is toast - new generatives must be created and delivered 5) the future is in selling access, not (just) copies, and the ecology of selling access is UTTERLY DIFFERENT 6) the content 2.0 economy hinges on the new telecom economy, i.e. a new telemedia ecosystem is needed to really solve the key issues that the Internet has constantly amplified, across the board 7) All content is shifting to The Cloud, and Media As A Service (MaaS) will become a standard, very soon 8) therefore, Data is the new Oil (!!) 9) Value, Reason, Price, Ease of Payment and Packaging are the main success factors in selling content online 10) Most business models in the content industry will be based on a constantly changing mix of 'I pay, you pay, they pay' 11) Message to Murdoch et al: Forcing to Buy is like Forcing to Love!

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Immediate Media Futures (Presentation at Guardian Changing Media Summit 3/18 2010)

  1. 1. Immediate Media Futures What does the Future of Media look like - and how can we adapt to it?
  2. 2. Content ‘1.0’: The Past
  3. 3. Was: sell ‘stuff’
  4. 4. The Past, today...? Source:
  5. 5. The Music Industry: What does the Future look like - and how can we prevent it?
  6. 6. “Punish Them”... “Force them”....? Enforcing Control when Trust is crucial Do you like Control more than Money?
  7. 7. Distribution of copies as the main income stream... Source: Flickr/exfordy
  8. 8. The Future is in selling Access
  9. 9. The Ecology of Access is dramatically different
  10. 10. ECOsystem not EGOsystem
  11. 11. Content 2.0 •••• Telecom 2.0 Experience Platform Content Pipe Service Pipe Data Pipe
  12. 12. Content 2.0 •••• Telecom 2.0 Experience Platform Content Pipe Service Pipe Data Pipe
  13. 13. Everything is shifting into... Media as a Service (MaaS)
  14. 14. Content 2.0: the pricing logic flips Price Users 100 75 50 25 0 Was Will be
  15. 15. How to get paid for Digital Content Strong Values & Compelling Reasons Irresistible Price-Points & Fair Toll-Booth Placement Ease of Payment, Packaging & Interface
  16. 16. Again: 1.Value & Reason 2.Right Price / Right Time 3.Ease & Packaging
  17. 17. I pay, you pay, they pay *hat-tip to Shelly Palmer Advertisers Bundles Telecoms Subscriptions Device Makers Flat Rates Consumers Governments Social Payments Micro-Payments
  18. 18. Forcing to buy is like... forcing to love
  19. 19. Control ≠ Money Egosystem  Ecosystem
  20. 20. The Networks + Content + Advertising 2.0
  21. 21. Thanks for your attention! App Store: “Media Futurist” email me at facebook: gleonhard