Yellowfin BI Dashboard Best Practices

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  • Is the data available? Is it accurate and consistent? Poor quality data will derail the best dashboard designs
  • High level summaries (What) Zoom/Drill into detailed data (Why, Where, How)
  • High level summaries (What) Zoom/Drill into detailed data (Why, Where, How)
  • Stepping through Yellowfin Dashboard tab here
  • Direct users ’ attention to key data (alerts, conditional formatting) Use text & colours appropriately
  • Data is the center of attention Communicate the right information clearly to the user for faster decision-making Remove anything that is not central to information absorption
  • Device independent Same content (author once, consume anywhere) Similar, but test for user experience


  • 1. Dashboards Best Practice
  • 2. Your presenters Year | LastYellowfin CEO, Glen RabieSenior Technical Consultant, Ivan Seow
  • 3. Yellowfin focuses on the latterPoint•Dot 1•Dot 2
  • 4. 2 Types of BIThere is 2 types of Business Intelligence.Point for and by the individual;1.Analysis•Dot 1versus•Dot 22.Productionised mass distribution of pre-defined analysis
  • 5. Yellowfin focuses on the latterBI forPoint the BI Consumer•Dot 1 Yellowfin is not just an Analyst tool•Dot 2 Yellowfin is for the BI consumer•A focus on what business users wantand need•Trying to figure out how data actuallygets used in organizations
  • 6. Why Dashboards?HelpPoint people to do their jobs•Dot 1 than opening a dozen reports1.Easier•Dot 22.Summarized view of the users ‘world’3.A simpler way to consume data
  • 7. Todays SessionPoint•Dot 1•Dot 2
  • 8. Starting OutDashboard design and planning
  • 9. Best Practice #1 Design the dashboard tab for a specific purpose
  • 10. | Functional DeliveryHow will the dashboard be used?1. Operational vs Analytical2. Focus on a single subject area per tab3. So What? Can the user act on the data?
  • 11. Without focus… Phone Conversion | Smart
  • 12. Best Practice #2 Ensure data high consistency & quality
  • 13. Data Quality Matters Delivery | Functional
  • 14. Best Practice #3 Plan well & make it relevant
  • 15. Who is the Functional Delivery | dashboard for?
  • 16. What and Where? Phone Conversion | Smart
  • 17. Best Practice #4 Display important metrics through KPI dashboards
  • 18. KPI Metrics Smart Phone Conversion |
  • 19. UsageUser interaction and analysis
  • 20. Best Practice #5Start with the big picture
  • 21. No to massive reports on Conversion | Smart Phone the tab
  • 22. Summary toSmart Phone Conversion | Detailed
  • 23. Best Practice #6 Dashboards should be interactive
  • 24. Users want to engage with their data• Drill Down• Drill Through• Drill Anywhere• Analytic Filters• Time Sliders• Series Selection
  • 25. Best Practice #7 Less is more keep it simple
  • 26. Making it easy to consume1. Display less reports per tab2. Clarity & Readability3. At-a-glance-insight4. Performance – must be fast!
  • 27. FormattingHelp the user to help themselves
  • 28. Best Practice #8Draw the users attention to what is important
  • 29. Use color to highlight extremes
  • 30. Best Practice #9 Select layout to assist information flow
  • 31. Complementary placementNatural alignment, with logicalorder of charts for context andease of understanding
  • 32. Best Practice #10 Position & size content to reflect relative importance
  • 33. Top Left – Critical ContentUsers usually scan left to right,top to bottom (yellow area first,then blue area)
  • 34. More Important, More Space
  • 35. Best Practice #11 Pretty is not the objective, communication is!
  • 36. Insight? What Insight?
  • 37. Best Practice #12 Plan for Mobile BI & Device Independence
  • 38. Best Practice #12
  • 39. ConclusionQuestions
  • 40. More InformationYear | LastYellowfinwww.yellowfinbi.comFeedback & @YellowfinBI Yellowfin LinkedIn User Group