Yellowfin BI: 6.1 launch slides


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Yellowfin 6.1 - the latest release of Yellowfin's Business Intelligence (BI) software - is focused on making BI even easier. Yellowfin 6.1 enables non-technical business users with the ability to independently receive, share, explore and act on different types and volumes of data from an expansive range of data sources.

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Yellowfin BI: 6.1 launch slides

  1. 1. 6.1 Launch
  2. 2. Your presenters Year | LastCEO, Glen RabieSenior Technical Consultant, Ivan Seow
  3. 3. Our PurposePoint•Dot 1•Dot 2 To build Business Intelligence software our customers love
  4. 4. Customer AwardsAwardsPoint won by our Customers•Dot 1 Voyager Travel – Best TravelTechnology•Dot 2•Macquarie University – Best LocationIntelligence•Clever Devices – Best Software Solution
  5. 5. Yellowfin RecognitionRecognition for YellowfinPoint•DotBI Solution – Wisdom of Crowds #1 1•DotMobile BI Solution – DAS #2 2•Mobile BI Who’s Who - Gartner
  6. 6. Yellowfin RecognitionRecognition for YellowfinPoint•DotBI Solution – Wisdom of Crowds #1 1•DotMobile BI Solution – DAS #2 2•Mobile BI Who’s Who - Gartner
  7. 7. Product FocusBI forPoint the BI Consumer•Dot 1 Yellowfin is not just an Analyst tool•Dot 2 Yellowfin is for the BI consumer•A focus on what business users wantand need.
  8. 8. Yellowfin RecognitionRecognition for YellowfinPoint•DotBI Solution – Wisdom of Crowds #1 1•DotMobile BI Solution – DAS #2 2•Mobile BI Who’s Who - Gartner
  9. 9. Yellowfin RecognitionRecognition for YellowfinPoint•DotBI Solution – Wisdom of Crowds #1 1•DotMobile BI Solution – DAS #2 2•Mobile BI Who’s Who - Gartner
  10. 10. What’s new in 6.1Key new featuresPoint•Dot 1 Internationalizaton•Dot 2 Location Intelligence•Collaborative BI•Mobile BI•Big Data•And a lot more…
  11. 11. Point•Dot 1•Dot 2The Small StuffWe have done a lot of improvements
  12. 12. A lot of work on minor changesSomePoint of the changes include…•Dot 1 Sub Query Upgrades•Dot 2 Definition Cache Report•CSV Reporting•Mono Chrome Chart Option•Time Slider Filter•Web Services
  13. 13. Point•Dot 1•Dot 2InternationalizationDelivering Content in Multiple Languages
  14. 14. Delivering Multi-Lingual ContentWhatPoint can you do now…•Dot 1Interface in multiple Languages User•Dot 2 & Dashboards – Multi-Lingual Reports•Dynamic Content (Lbs to Kg)
  15. 15. Point•Dot 1•Dot 2Location IntelligenceKnowing the where as well as the what
  16. 16. Location is important80%Point+ of data has a location element•Dot 1•Dot 2
  17. 17. What’s new in 6.1NewPointlocation features•Dot 1 1.3 Support WMS•Dot 2 Polygons Google•GIS support for Mobile BI
  18. 18. Google PolygonsPoint•Dot 1•Dot 2
  19. 19. Point•Dot 1•Dot 2Mobile BIMobile BI is where its at!
  20. 20. 2011 Mobile Device v PC SalesPoint•Dot 1•Dot 2
  21. 21. | Device IndependenceDevice independence75%Of users access their BI from multipledevicesDresner Mobile BI Study
  22. 22. Mobile is ConvenientPoint•Dot 1•Dot 2 V
  23. 23. Mobile BI is having rapid growth68%Point•Dot 1•Dot 2Of organizations plan to add mobile BIcapabilities to their data strategies thisyearDAS 2011 Mobile BI Study
  24. 24. Smart Phone Preferred for Mobile BI66%Point•Dot 1•Dot 2Of users vote a smartphone as the #1choice for accessing BI versus a tabletDresner Mobile BI Study
  25. 25. Introducing Yellowfin on the iPhonePoint•Dot 1•Dot 2
  26. 26. What’s new in 6.1NewPointMobile BI features•Dot 1 iPhone app Native•Dot 2 Drill Anywhere•Multi-Drill Through•Location Intelligence
  27. 27. Point•Dot 1•Dot 2Big DataWhat is it, what does it mean
  28. 28. Big Data Definition - IBM“Everyday, we create 5 exabytes of data …PointThis data comes from everywhere: fromsensors used to gather climate information,•Dot 1posts to social media sites, digital pictures and•Dotvideos2posted online, transaction records ofonline purchases, and from cell phone GPSsignals to name a few. This data is big data.”
  29. 29. Big Data Opportunity1. Organizations can collect more accuratePointdetailed performance information and•Dot 13. Unlock significant value by making•Dot 2 information transparent and usable at much higher frequency.5. Ever-narrower segmentation of customers can deliver much more precisely tailored products or services.
  30. 30. There has always been Big DataPoint•Dot 1•Dot 2
  31. 31. Who is it for…Point•Dot 1•Dot 2
  32. 32. Data is useful when end users canuse it efficientlyPoint•Dot 1•Dot 2
  33. 33. Performance needs to be fastBI Survey 9 (2010): Why BI Projects Fail? Point1. Query Performance Too Slow •Dot 12010 TDWI Best Practices Report •Dot 2“45% Poor Query Response the top problem that willeventually drive users to replace their current datawarehouse platform.”2010 Gartner Magic Quadrant Data Warehousing70% of data warehouses experience performanceconstrained issues of various types
  34. 34. Performance needs to be fast Point10 Seconds •Dot 1How long users will wait for adashboard to load in a browser •Dot 22-3 SecondsHow long users will wait on a Mobiledevice
  35. 35. What’s new in 6.1Big Data in 6.1Point•Dot 1 Support through Hive Hadoop•Dot 2HANA Connection SAP•Greenplum Connection•Lucid Db Connection•Vertica Connection•SAS Data Set Connection•Massive Performance Increases
  36. 36. Point•Dot 1•Dot 2Collaborative BISocial Web is driving Collaborative BI
  37. 37. Social Technology & BICollaborative BI is the next wave:Point•Dot 1 Alerts•Dot 2 Sharing•CommunityOverlaying human context & knowledgeonto your data
  38. 38. Aligning data with actionPoint•Dot 1•Dot 2
  39. 39. What’s new in 6.1NewPointCollaboration features•Dot 1 Enhance Annotations•Dot 2 Board for Mobile White•New Comment Interface•New Sharing Interface
  40. 40. What’s new in 6.1Point•Dot 1•Dot 2
  41. 41. Point•Dot 1•Dot 2RoadmapWhere to next?
  42. 42. Yellowfin Product RoadmapThe focus for 2012/2013Point•More Mobile BI – Android etc Dot 1•New2Collaboration and Presentation DotFeatures•New Data Visualizations•Better Support for Massive Deployments•Continue to improve the Yellowfin UserExperience
  43. 43. Point•Dot 1•Dot 2ConclusionQuestions?
  44. 44. Try 6.1 for yourself…Download todayPoint•Dot•Dot 2Thanks for joining us on this webinar
  45. 45. More InformationYear | LastYellowfinwww.yellowfinbi.comFeedback & Questions Yellowfin LinkedIn User Group