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MACE - 21st century Social Studies and the Common Core
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MACE - 21st century Social Studies and the Common Core






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    MACE - 21st century Social Studies and the Common Core MACE - 21st century Social Studies and the Common Core Presentation Transcript

    • Common Core’sdefinition of 21st centuryhistorical thinking?
    • “the cogent reasoning and useof evidence essential toresponsible citizenship in ademocratic republic”
    • so what does that look like?
    • why thedifference?
    • why thedifference? academic discomfort
    • State Standards Best Practices Literacy Expectations Course Expectations
    • Anything simpler for me & my kids?
    • collect collaboratecreate communicate
    • how ca n I use this toenhance t eachingand le ar ning?
    • fastenyour seatbelt
    • collect collaboratecreate communicate
    • clean web pages Readability readability.com
    • 21st century curriculum Reading Like an Historian sheg.stanford.edu
    • 21st century assessment Beyond the Bubble beyondthebubble.stanford.edu
    • primary sources DocsTeach docsteach.org
    • collect collaboratecreate communicate
    • resource sharing MentorMob mentormob.com
    • teaching resources ThinkFinity thinkfinity.org
    • lesson sharing TeachThought teachthought.com
    • professional growthNational History Education Clearinghouse teachinghistory.org
    • collect collaboratecreate communicate
    • digital storytelling infogram infogr.am
    • summarizing Google Story Builder docsstorybuilder.appspot.com
    • video creation PowToon powtoon.com
    • historic timelines MyHistro myhistro.com
    • collect collaboratecreate communicate
    • group texts Celly cel.ly
    • student response system Socrative socrative.com
    • website sharing ReadLists readlists.com
    • flipped lessons TED-Ed ed.ted.com
    • ed.ted.com/on/ccCOE2uJ
    • communicationcritical thinking m ile ob collaboration flexibility creativity
    • all of the above Google Earth earth.google.com
    • In a few seconds, we had ceased to bemen. Had the situation not been so tragic,we might have laughed. We looked prettystrange! Meir Katz, a colossus, wore achild’s pants, and Stern, a skinny littlefellow, was floundering in a huge jacket.We immediately started to switch.
    • I glanced over at my father. Howchanged he looked! His eyes wereveiled. I wanted to tell him something,but I didn’t know what.
    • The night had passed completely. Themorning star shone in the sky. I too hadbecome a different person. The studentof Talmud, the child I was, had beenconsumed by the flames. All that was leftwas a shape that resembled me. My soulhad been invaded – and devoured – by ablack flame. Elie Wiesel Night
    • What is the difference inhuman and inhumane?
    • Does the definition change depending on time and place?
    • “In times of change the learnersshall inherit the earth, while thelearned find themselvesbeautifully equipped to deal witha world that no longer exists.”Eric Hoffer
    • view the entire list at:
    • win a prize!
    • have more questions? contact:Glenn Wiebeglennw@essdack.orgsocialstudiescentral.comhistorytech.wordpress.com