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Integrating technology into the common core
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Integrating technology into the common core


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. integratingtechnology into your Common Core Instruction
  • 2. why thedifference?
  • 3. In a few seconds, we had ceased to bemen. Had the situation not been so tragic,we might have laughed. We looked prettystrange! Meir Katz, a colossus, wore achild’s pants, and Stern, a skinny littlefellow, was floundering in a huge jacket.We immediately started to switch.
  • 4. I glanced over at my father. Howchanged he looked! His eyes wereveiled. I wanted to tell him something,but I didn’t know what.
  • 5. The night had passed completely. Themorning star shone in the sky. I too hadbecome a different person. The studentof Talmud, the child I was, had beenconsumed by the flames. All that was leftwas a shape that resembled me. My soulhad been invaded – and devoured – by ablack flame. Elie Wiesel Night
  • 6. What is the difference between inhuman and inhumane?
  • 7. Does the definition change depending on time and place?
  • 8. common core and technology
  • 9. kindergartenwith guidance and support from adults, explore a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with peers.confirm understanding of a text read aloud or information presented orally or through other media by asking and answering questions about key details and requesting clarification
  • 10. 5th gradewith some guidance and support from adults, use technology including the Internet to produce and publish writing as well as to interact and collaborate with othersrecall relevant information from experiences or gather relevant information from print and digital sources; summarize or paraphrase information, and provide a list of sources.
  • 11. high schooluse technology, including the Internet, to produce, publish, and update individual or shared writing productsuse technology, including the Internet, to produce, publish, and update individual or shared writing products, linking to other information and displaying information flexibly and dynamically.
  • 12. Based on educational research, can you make a difference in student learning?
  • 13. Coleman Report 1966Concluded that the quality ofschooling a student receivesaccounts for only 10% of the“variance in studentachievement.”
  • 14. Jencks Report 1972 “. . . differences in test scores are due to factors that schools do not control.”
  • 15. Brophy / Good 1986“The myth that teachers don’t make a difference in . . . learning has been refuted.”
  • 16. Mehta / Foorman 2005“Students who spent a year in classrooms taught by teachers who use research-based strategies are more likely to out-perform those students who did not.”
  • 17. change is hard
  • 18. change is hard and sometimes hard to see
  • 19. 50th3rd
  • 20. What does an “ineffective teacher” look like?
  • 21. 96th
  • 22. What does an “effective teacher” look like?
  • 23. communicationcritical thinking collaboration research
  • 24. don’ t get sick
  • 25. communicationcritical thinking collaboration research
  • 26. plus + and minus -+gettysburg +battle -address -lincoln
  • 27. plus + and minus -+gettysburg +battle -address -lincolnquotation marks“civil war”
  • 28. plus + and minus -+gettysburg +battle -address -lincolnquotation marks“civil war”titleintitle:“civil war”
  • 29. plus + and minus -+gettysburg +battle -address -lincolnquotation marks“civil war”titleintitle:“civil war”sitesite:edu “battle of gettysburg”
  • 30. plus + and minus -+gettysburg +battle -address -lincolnquotation marks“civil war”titleintitle:“civil war”sitesite:edu “battle of gettysburg”filefiletype:ppt “8th grade” gettysburg battle
  • 31. online bibliography BibMe
  • 32. clean web pages Readability
  • 33. website sharing ReadLists
  • 34. anywhere access Evernote
  • 35. foundational knowledge Shmoop
  • 36. teaching resources ThinkFinity
  • 37. video downloader KeepVid
  • 38. communicationcritical thinking collaboration research
  • 39. take advantage of analysisworksheets
  • 40. take advantage of analysisworksheets
  • 41. take advantage of analysisworksheets
  • 42. take advantage of analysisworksheets
  • 43. take advantage of analysisworksheets
  • 44. take advantage of analysisworksheets
  • 45. geography and math Google Earth
  • 46. math problems Yummy Math
  • 47. one side write what you seethe other what you feel
  • 48. what did you see?
  • 49. what did you feel?
  • 50. what do they all have in common?
  • 51. how and why did racism start?can you prove that it has ended?
  • 52. infographics
  • 53. charts & graphs
  • 54. communicationcritical thinking mm on co ff? collaboration co re research stu
  • 55.
  • 56. play time explore plan share
  • 57. communicationcritical thinking collaboration research
  • 58. social software Google Drive
  • 59. docs Tipscollaborative essaysnewsletterscrowd source notes / lectures“which is the better deal?”templates
  • 60. spreadsheet Tips track grades track assignments energy data census data
  • 61. presentation Tips class assignments lectures group projects slideshows
  • 62. social surveys Google Forms
  • 63.
  • 64. forms Tipscollect data / create graphsrubrics / assignment scoresstory starterexit cards
  • 65. social network Edmodo
  • 66. online classroom Collaborize
  • 67. online storage DropBox
  • 68. communicationcritical thinking collaboration research
  • 69. flipped lessons TED-Ed
  • 70.
  • 71. clean web pages printfriendly
  • 72. digital storytelling Little Bird Tales
  • 73. digital storytelling Tikatok
  • 74. digital storytelling Mixbook
  • 75. online presentation SlideShare
  • 76. group texts Celly
  • 77. response system Socrative
  • 78. communicationcritical thinking mo ile b collaboration research
  • 79. apps iTunes U Notability ExplainEverything MotionMath iCardSortA Christmas Carol Paper 53 BookCreator
  • 80. using whatyou know and grade level standards what can you create?
  • 81. next steps?
  • 82. view the entire list at:
  • 83. have more questions? contact:Glenn