Mac OS Lion Tips and Tricks

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Tutorial explaining all the best features of Lion (including how to use and/or set up)

Tutorial explaining all the best features of Lion (including how to use and/or set up)

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  • 1. Mac OSLion !Tips andTricks Prepared By Image  Credit:   Mr. Glennon
  • 2. Hot CornersAssign functions to TrackpadCornersImage  Credit:  
  • 3. Here’s How:!System Preferences
  • 4. Mission Control
  • 5. Hot Corners
  • 6. Choose what eachtrackpad corner does
  • 7. Mission Control:Show All Open Windows
  • 8. How Do I Use Mission Control?Use a Hot Corner OR the F3 KeyImage  Credit:  
  • 9. Launchpad:Open Applications
  • 10. How Do I Use Launchpad?Use a Hot Corner, LaunchpadDock Icon OR the F4 Key
  • 11. Natural Scrolling:Decide how you want to scrollImage  Credit:  
  • 12. Here’s How:!System Preferences
  • 13. Trackpad
  • 14. NaturalScrollingScrolling followsthe direction ofyour fingermovement.Hard one toexplain…If scrolling feelsawkward use thecheckbox to changethis setting
  • 15. Gestures:Use Trackpad Gestures to Get More DoneImage  Credit:  
  • 16. Here’s How:!System Preferences
  • 17. Trackpad
  • 18. More Gestures
  • 19. TrackpadCheck the boxes youwantClick the small blackarrows to set gestures
  • 20. Tip!If you’re used to Windows,you can “Right-click” on aMac by clicking thetrackpad with 2 fingersORHolding the Control keywhile clickingImage  Credit:  
  • 21. Spaces:Use Multiple Desktops
  • 22. How Can I Use It?Spaces allows you tocreate a second desktopThe second desktop canbe used as a separateworkspace
  • 23. How Can I Use It?EXAMPLE:Work on a presentationor lesson plans onDesktop 1Leave email open onDesktop 2Use a simple gesture tomove between desktopsinstead of constantlymoving windows around
  • 24. Why Use It?Manage your workflowmore efficientlyKeep applications openbut out of the way
  • 25. Here’s How:Enter Mission Control(F3 Key or Hot Corner)Move the pointer nearthe top, right-hand edgeof the screenLook for the tile with the+ that appears
  • 26. Here’s How:Click the + icon to createa new desktop(Once it’s created, it willremain until you delete it)To move windowsbetween desktops, go toMission Control and dragthem to a desktop
  • 27. Here’s How:To delete a desktop,move the pointer over itin Mission Control.Click the X thatappears. All windowswill be sent back todesktop 1.*Desktop 1 cannot bedeleted. This is theoriginal desktop.
  • 28. Tip!You can give each desktopa separate wallpaper. Goto the desktop you want tochange:-System Preferences-Desktop and Screen Saver
  • 29. Add or Remove Applicationsfrom the Dock
  • 30. Here’s How:Open an applicationOnce open, it will appearin the dockClick the icon with 2fingersSelect “Options,” then“Keep in Dock”
  • 31. Tip!You can REMOVE anapplication from thedock with the samemethodAfter clicking the iconwith 2 fingers, select“Remove from Dock”
  • 32. Add or Remove Files andFolders from the Sidebar
  • 33. Here’s How:Open the FinderClick once to highlightdesired file or folderClick File menuClick “Add to Sidebar”
  • 34. Tip!Once items are in thesidebar, you can clickand drag them tochange their order.Remember: You can addfiles and folders to thesidebar.
  • 35. Always Show Scrollbars:Scrollbars are hidden bydefaultImage  Credit:  
  • 36. Here’s How:!System Preferences
  • 37. General
  • 38. Select “Always”under Show Scroll Bars
  • 39. Function Keys:What Do They Do?Image  Credit: