How I built the demo's

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An explanation of how I built the social graph demo’s for the Experiments in Data Portability talk.

An explanation of how I built the social graph demo’s for the Experiments in Data Portability talk.

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  • 1. Experiments in Data Portability How I built the demo’s Glenn Jones Barcamp London 6 28 March 2008
  • 2.
  • 3. How your Social Graph is built < a href=“” rel=“me”>Glenn Jones</a> Found rel=me Start Site Reciprocal claim Site Found rel=me Start Site Inward claim Site Found rel=me Start Site Outward claim Site
  • 4. Open Standards Stack Microformats Parser Google’s Social RSS Library Graph API microformats ATOMOAuth Library Social Graph Node Mapper Digest Access Authentication
  • 5. Microformats - hCard <p class=“vcard”> <a class=“fn url” rel=“me” href= />Glenn Jones</p> </p>
  • 6. RSS and ATOM <item> <title>SXSW 2009: Not the Same Old Story</title> <description>If the web provides so many ways to connect with audiences, why are we all stuck telling the same story with our designs? </description> <link></link> <enclosure url=quot; heSameOldStory.mp3quot; type=quot;audio/mpegquot; length=quot;21898329quot;/> <pubDate>Tue, 24 Mar 2009 10:29:46 GMT</pubDate> <category>sxsw</category> </item>
  • 7. Social Graph Node Mapper sgn:// profile: content: rss:
  • 8. priority: 20 schema: hAtom content type: status resource: list action: read authorisation: anonymous mime type: text/html verb: get url-template:{username}/
  • 9. XRD discovery is on its way <XRD> <Subject></Subject> <Link priority=“10”> <Rel>profile</Rel> <Type></Type> <Type></Type> <Type></Type> <Type></Type> <Type></Type> <Type></Type> <URITemplate>{username}</URITemplate> <MediaType>text/html</MediaType> </Link> </XRD> Conceptual outline of XRD-Based service description
  • 10. Open Stack Social Graph Search Web wide discovery SGN or XRD Site API/Services discovery URI Templates URL description Basic or OAuth Authentication & access microformats Standard formats
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13. Chaining open standards together provides massively great value than the sum of the parts
  • 14. Microformats Parsers Blog Microformats Parser - Optimus - XSLT Madgex Labs Microformats Parser - Cognition - Perl UfXtract Google Social Graph API Backnetwork Social Graph Node Mapper URI-Template YQL Portable Contacts API
  • 15. XRDS-simple LRDD Eran Hammer-Lahav
  • 16. Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence. Copyright Madgex 2008