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Glenn iain steinback_power_point Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Future Is MMORPG Glenn Iain-Steinback Management 306 08-25-12
  • 2. Industry trending suggests that fantasy role-playing games accumulate larger player communities, experience higher sales volume and have longer active lives than strategic simulations.
  • 3. Successful MMORPGs
  • 4. Why Develop an MMORPG? Strategy is often turn based while MMOs are action based and real time. MMOs are easily expanded with new content while strategy can be harder to expand. MMOs easily harness group dynamics encouraging player retention and growth.
  • 5. What Does That Get Us? A product that appeals to a broader market. A potentially large active player group and ready market for future products. Potential for micro-transaction integration. Market Share.
  • 6. Draw Backs Longer active product life times means more ongoing development requirements. Longer development time per game and need for content rich and story line based development. Greater server space and hosting overhead dependent on user numbers.
  • 7. Project Goals Identify features of other successful MMORPGs. Identify what content and features are desired and disliked by player communities. Develop a design which integrates these findings into a unique product.
  • 8. Getting There - Analysis1. Conduct research into successful and unsuccessful products, what happened and why.2. Conduct community research, what do players like and dislike about existing games.3. Determine what players need or what features they would like to see that are unmet by current products.
  • 9. Getting There – Design1. Based on market research determine what subgenera of MMORPG to develop.2. What features do players want and what can we implement?3. Begin synthesizing this information into a design based on proven techniques with unique new features.
  • 10. Suggested Time Line1. Surveys and market research.2. Analysis of data – look for potential trends.3. Design conceptual product based on market research. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Month 1 Month2 Month3 Month4 Month5 Month6
  • 11. Estimated Costs Phase 1 – $8000 Phase 2 – $5000 Phase 3 – $25000-$30000
  • 12. Conclusion An MMORPG would bring greater long term profit and market share to our company. Increased development time and ongoing development requirements can be mitigated. If successful the benefits of having several thousand recurrent customers provides a stable market for later products.