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  1. 1. Lights Camera Action- Life After PPT ! PhotoStory 3 for Windows By Glenn Cake French/IT Dept- Qatar Canadian School
  2. 2. Session objectives- The 5 « D »s …• Discuss the purpose of any presentation• Demonstrate student created digital stories• Digital Storytelling- who, how and why ?• Dive into PhotoStory (Audience Participaton please )• Done (Finished) – now what ?• You will take away and adapt activities presented in today’s session. Glenn Cake- CDLI
  3. 3. Lights, Camera Action !(Movie Video Productions)
  4. 4. Once upon a time....
  5. 5. Student created multimedia examplePersonal/Internet pictures• Compose a Script• Narrate each slide/pic• Produce as WMV file• Share via YouTube, Vimeo, etc
  6. 6. The Tragedy of the Beothuk
  7. 7. The Five WsWho - AnyoneWhat-• a story with pictures• a computer• a microphoneWhen…..Anytime(computer lab, classroom)Where….school or homeWhy….?
  8. 8. Why? Pedagogical Advantages• The Writing Process• Attention to Detail• Creativity and Imagination• Research• Cross curricular Implications• Basic Communication skills in the target language• The audience is REAL !
  9. 9. Why? Student thoughts…• It’s quick, fun and • Easy to move pics and interesting add music (navigate)• It allows us to change • It’s a great way to momentum and practice spoken French direction of pictures & text • It’s easier and more fun to do than having• It allows for creativity- to write a report/essay doesn’t have to be by the “book”
  10. 10. PhotoStory Project Creators• Teacher Producers • Identify key vocabulary terms and narrate the movie • *Take pictures and• Student Producers write story and narrate the movie • Students and Teacher• Collaborative have input into the Production overall storyboard
  11. 11. Step 1- Select & Import picturesSave PPT slides as Jpegs !
  12. 12. Rearrange the order
  13. 13. Narrate each and every slide
  14. 14. Option A- Add text to your pictures
  15. 15. Option B- Customize Motion(Position and Length of picture)
  16. 16. Transition of pictures – Many choices
  17. 17. Option C – Add some music (choice)
  18. 18. Ready for Production ? Be certain to properly name the file title for your movie
  19. 19. Clickhere
  20. 20. Very important !!!!If you not finished your project,choose SAVE PROJECTIf you are ready to “render” or“”produce” the movie, choose NEXTand the project will take a fewminutes to package
  21. 21. WP3- Working version of the movie projectWMV- TheFinished product(the file to share)
  22. 22. Bravo !!! Now what….? • Publish/Render the movie (YouTube, Vimeo, Digital Portfolio) • Place on Student, Class and/or School Website • Create a DVD format
  23. 23. Other PhotoStory Project Ideas “Survey says….”• Graduations • Journalistic reporting• Special Events • School sports event (Retirement) • Student of the week• Sports tournaments • My Hero• Who am I ? • My community• Ma famille et moi • My School• Comics/Graphic • Mes vacances Novels
  24. 24. has released a filter that should beexplored by teachers and students
  25. 25. Conclusion G.I.C.Grab your students attention(….Experiment with Pstory and manyother FREE tools & software at your disposalCreate authentic and enriching presentationsvia free technologies