The Difficulty of Change

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Understanding change …

Understanding change

it is human to resist change

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  • 1. The Difficulty of Change Intro to Thriving in the Midst of Change
  • 2. What Every human being knows about change... ●Change happens in their lives whether they want it or not. ●Change often catches us completely off guard.
  • 3. The unanswerable contradiction ●On the one hand, we need stability; we need to build our lives around something secure and lasting ●On the other hand, we are forever tossed about in the storms of life changes that require us to not become stagnant
  • 4. ●Clearly we change in little ways all the time, yet still, we struggle with it even though by now we should know from experience that the change we find so difficult to cope with will, in the end, bring about growth. ●On the surface change may feel completely dis- empowering, but behind its dramatic entrance, it more often than not, quietly nudges us down a better path for our lives.
  • 5. Changes we experience: Preparing for a child to leave home Child leaving home Retirement Loss of a spouse Career change Desire to go to the next level Feeling stuck
  • 6. Problem: I know I need to change but I don't know how
  • 7. Solution: Thriving in the Midst of Change Workshop Presented by Glenda M. Thomas Integrated Life Coach Go to for Details:
  • 8. You will: Feel supported Receive strategies for growth Learn how YOU respond to change Explore the process of change Have an opportunity to be listened to Learn new strategies to handle change with grace and patience instead of stress and overwhelm Understand the connection between positive change and personal growth and why change is good Thriving in the Midst of Change Workshop REGISTER NOW!