Does my DIV look big in this?
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Does my DIV look big in this?



A small set of Grails UI refactors that make it easier to manage the view tier.

A small set of Grails UI refactors that make it easier to manage the view tier.



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Does my DIV look big in this? Does my DIV look big in this? Presentation Transcript

  • Does my <div/>look big in this? Putting some DRY in Grails UI with Glen Smith
  • Ancient Hacker Wisdom…If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success. Solomon, Ecclesiastes 10:10
  • Why this talk?
  • “The only thing I’maddicted to right now is winning.”
  • Since we’re talking… Sort out the DRY upmess of JS event Resources, handling… Forms & Nav… JavaScript HTML CSSDRY up CSS and standardise fonts/layout..
  • Best Case Outcomes• Learn Grails Resources• Pickup some UI Plugin Love• Try Less CSS & Twitter Bootstrap• Swap stories & have fun!
  • Could be handy…
  • App Demo
  • See Food DietAccount Meal Picture
  • <html>
  • Refactoring Resources
  • Benefits• Much DRYer Grails views• Dependency management of view tier stuff• Bundle and Minify/Compress automagically• Stops duplicate inclusions• Defers JS for performance• Caching forever (intelligent hashing)• Makes plugins for UI play nice (standardised)• Blah, Blah, Blah, it’s worth it, ok?
  • The 3 Essentials1. DEFINE (/grails-app/conf/MyAppResources.groovy *)2. TEMPLATE (<r:layoutResources/> in head and body)3. REQUIRE (target page <r:require modules=“growl”/>)
  • 1. Define Modulesmodules = { growl { dependsOn jquery‘ // order is important resource url:/css/growl/growl.css resource url:/js/growl/growl.js }}
  • Also: Disposition Tricksresource url:/js/growl/growl.js, disposition: ‘head
  • 2. Change the Template <r:layoutResources/>
  • 3. Change the Page<r:require modules=“a,b,c”/>
  • Look at the ChromeX-Grails-Resources-Original-Src:/bundle-bundle_jqplot_defer.js, /js/jqplot/excanvas.js, /js/jqplot/jquery.jqplot.js, /js/jqplot/jqplot.pieRenderer.js, /js/jqplot/jqplot.barRenderer.js, /js/jqplot/jqplot.categoryAxisRenderer.js, /js/jqplot/jqplot.pointLabels.js
  • Resources Demo
  • Lesser Known Goodness• <r:img>• <r:external>• <r:script disposition=“head”>• Module overrides
  • Debugging Resources?_debugResources=ygrails.resources.debug = true
  • Tools that play nice…• Cached-Resources• Zipped-Resources• And millions of 3 rd party library ones (blueprint, 960gs)
  • DRY Forms
  • Coming in Grails 2.x…
  • bean-fieldsUNTIL THEN…
  • A Typical Grails form…<ul class="errors" role="alert"><g:eachError bean="${authorInstance}" var="error"> <li <g:if test="${error inorg.springframework.validation.FieldError}">data-field-id="${error.field}"</g:if>><g:messageerror="${error}"/></li></g:eachError></ul>
  • Add tons of field code…<tr class="prop"> <td valign="top" class="name"> <label for="name"><g:messagecode="" default="Name"/></label> </td> <td valign="top" class="value${hasErrors(bean: accountInstance, field:name, errors)}"> <g:textField name="name"maxlength="200"value="${accountInstance?.name}" /> </td></tr>
  • With bean-fields…<bean:form beanName=“account” properties=“name,email”/>
  • Or Probably…<bean:form beanName=“account”> <bean:field property=“name”/> <bean:field property=“email”/> <!-- etc --></bean:form>
  • Customisation…
  • Beans Demo
  • Strategy• Create a GSP that contains all your <bean:xxxxTemplate> tags.• In your layout do <g:render template=“/common/formconf"/>• This will set up all your field styling for your pages.
  • TAMING THE DREADED…navigation
  • Geez, you don’t want…<div id="tabs"> <ul> <li id="${request.forwardURI =~ /entries/recent/ ? current : notcurrent}"><ahref="<g:createLink controller=entries action=recent/>">Just In</a></li> <li id="${request.forwardURI =~ /entries/popular/ ? current : notcurrent}"><ahref="<g:createLink controller=entries action=popular/>">Popular</a></li> <li id="${request.forwardURI =~ /entries/lists/ ? current : notcurrent}"><ahref="<g:createLink controller=entries action=lists/>">The Lists</a></li> <li id="${request.forwardURI =~ /account/ ? current : notcurrent}"><ahref="<g:createLink controller=account action=edit/>">My Blogs</a></li> <ul></div>
  • Get DRY with Controllersstatic navigation = [ group:tabs, order:99, title:Admin, action:index, isVisible: {SpringSecurityUtils.ifAnyGranted("ROLE_ADMIN") } ]
  • And the markup…<html> <head><nav:resources/></head><body> <div id="menu"> <nav:render group="tabs"/> </div> <g:layoutBody/></body> </html>
  • Going Custom<nav:eachItem group="tabs" var="item"> <li class="${ ? active : }"> <g:link controller="${item.controller}" action="${item.action}">${item.title} </g:link> </li></nav:eachItem>
  • Navigation Demo
  • .css
  • I mean, what could be better than css?
  • CSS:the deathof 1,000cuts
  • How about Less css!?!?
  • Enter Less.css• Variables• Mixins (with parameters!)• Nested Rules• Functions & Operators• Compiles to real CSS (or use as .less files with JS)
  • How It Works • Write source.less using variables,myfile.less mixins & nesting • Precompile (or use JavaScript compiler Lessc or less.js straight from the DOM) • Generate .css file for your browsermyfile.css
  • Compiling Lessgrails install-plugin lesscss-resources
  • Variables@color: #4D926F;#header { color: @color;}h2 { color: @color;}
  • Nested Resources#header { h1 { font-size: 26px; font-weight: bold; } p { font-size: 12px; a { text-decoration: none; &:hover { border-width: 1px } } }}
  • Mixins.rounded-corners (@radius: 5px) { border-radius: @radius; -webkit-border-radius: @radius; -moz-border-radius: @radius;}#header { .rounded-corners; }#footer { .rounded-corners(10px); }
  • Less.css Demo
  • Doing this stuff by hand …is for bozos
  • It’s time to get really, really, ridiculouslygood looking…
  • Meet Twitter Bootstrap• Grid system• Fonts & Styling• Forms• Nav• Alerts
  • Everything* you need to know .span16 .row.container OR .container-fluid .span12 .span4 .row .span4 .span6 .span6 .row .offset4 * For very small values of everything
  • You do design on paper?
  • Integration Options1. Plugin (but you’re stuck with updates)2. CSS (but it’s hard to tweak)3. LESS files (like a complete boss!)
  • Getting Jiggy with UI You’re going to like this…
  • </wrap>
  • What we’ve learned… Sort out the DRY upmess of JS event Resources, handling… Forms & Nav… JavaScript HTML CSSDRY up CSS and standardise fonts/layout..
  • Thanks for Coming!
  • Image Credits• Hipster -• The Knives -• Giant Backbone -• Tangled Wires -