Roaring Twenties Rubric


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A rubric used for Mr. Lehr's Roaring Twenties Project.

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Roaring Twenties Rubric

  1. 1. Explanation – Accurate Interpretation – Application – Effective Points Possible - Why is that so? Meaningful - How and where can we - What explains such events? - What does it mean? use this knowledge, - How does this work? - Why does it matter? - What makes sense? skill, or process? - How should my 15 points thinking and action be modified to meet this particular situation? Sophisticated: a thorough, Profound: a powerful and Masterful: fluent, 5=A elegant, and inventive illuminating interpretation flexible, and efficient; account (model, theory, or and analysis of the able to use knowledge explanation); fully importance /meaning/ and skill and adjust supported, verified, and significance; tells a rich understandings well in justified; deep and broad: and insightful story: novel, diverse, and goes well beyond the provides a rich history or difficult contexts. information given. context In-depth: going beyond Revealing: a nuanced Skilled: competent in 4=B what is obvious or what was interpretation and using knowledge and explicitly taught; makes analysis of the skill and adapting subtle connections; well importance/ meaning/ understandings in a supported by argument and significance: tells an variety of appropriate evidence; novel thinking insightful story; provides and demanding contexts. displayed. a telling history or con text Developed: the student is Perceptive: a helpful Able: able to perform 3=C making the work his/her interpretation or analysis well with knowledge and own, going beyond the given of the importance/ skill in a few key —there is supported theory meaning/ significance; contexts, with a limited here, but insufficient or tells a clear and repertoire, flexibility, or inadequate evidence and instructive story adaptability to diverse argument. contexts. Intuitive: an incomplete Interpreted: a plausible Apprentice: relies on a 2= account; extends and interpretation or analysis limited repertoire of deepens some of what was of the importance/ routines; able to perform learned; some "reading meaning/ significance; well in familiar or between the lines"; account makes sense of a story simple contexts; limited has limited support/ use of personal judgment D argument/data or sweeping and responsiveness to generalizations. There is a specifics of theory, but one with limited feedback/situation. testing and evidence. Naive: a superficial account; Literal: a simplistic or Novice: can perform 1=F sketchy account of superficial reading; only with coaching or facts/ideas or glib mechanical translation; a relies on highly scripted, generalizations; a black-and- decoding with little or no singular "plug-in" white account less a theory interpretation; no sense of (algorithmic and than an unexamined hunch wider importance or mechanical) skills, or borrowed idea. significance; a procedures. or restatement of what was approaches. taught or read. Wiggins, Grant, and McTighe. Understanding by Design. 1st. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 1998.