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This goes over changes in England resulting from the English Civil War, the Glorious Revolution and the English Bill of Rights.

This goes over changes in England resulting from the English Civil War, the Glorious Revolution and the English Bill of Rights.



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Constitutionalism Constitutionalism Presentation Transcript

  • Constitutionalism
  • Essential Questions
    • 1) Many changes occurred as a result of the English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution. What do you feel was the most significant change after both events? Why? What is the overall theme for these events? Explain your answer and be specific.
  • Essential Questions
    • 2) Thomas Rainsborough: “Every man that is to live under a government ought first by his own consent to put himself under that government.” How does this quote apply to what happened in England? Does this quote apply in the United States? How? Explain your answer by providing specific examples.
    • Constitutionalism
      • The gov’t can and should be limited in its powers
      • It has to follow these limitations
      • Can a gov’t do this?
    • Great Britain’s government
      • Monarchy
        • A gov’t with an inherited throne (not absolute) What?
    • Great Britain’s Parliament
        • Up until this time (1500’s) Parliament had little say in the gov’t
    • Compare Britain’s gov’t then & now
    • English Civil War (1642)
      • Causes
        • Read p. 148 - 149 (SQ3R)
          • Survey
          • Question
          • Read
          • Recite
          • Review
      • War
        • The King v. Parliament
        • Royalists v. Roundheads
    • Roundheads WIN!!!
    • Led by Oliver Cromwell
    • Results of the Civil War
      • Charles I beheaded (No more monarchy)
      • England wrote a constitution & became a commonwealth (republic)
      • Oliver Cromwell tears up the constitution & becomes Lord Protector and dismisses anyone in Parliament who disagrees with him (1653)
      • No theaters, taverns, gambling, lewd dancing
      • Cromwell starts wars
      • How do you think the people felt? Why?
      • People weren’t happy
      • Cromwell died and Monarchy is brought back (Restoration)
      • Revolutionary
        • Killed the King
        • Wrote the first constitution in Europe
    • Restoration (1660)
      • King brought back (Charles II)
      • Habeas Corpus
        • If you’re accused of a crime, you had the right to appear before a judge ( today )
    I’m Happy…can’t you tell
      • Charles reopened theaters, bubonic plague came back and the London fire (Parliament had most of the power)
      • James II succeeded Charles
      • James wanted to be absolute (didn’t work)
      • William and Mary became King & Queen
        • They understood their power was limited
    • Glorious Revolution (1688)
      • Bloodless overthrow of the King
      • (James fled to France)
    • English Bill of Rights
      • William and Mary had to sign it before they became King & Queen
      • England became a Constitutional Monarchy (What?)
    William and Mary English Bill of Rights
      • Monarchy limited by law
    • Bill of Rights
      • NO suspending Parliament’s laws
      • NO levying taxes without Parliament's consent
      • NO interfering with freedom of speech of Parliament
      • NO penalty for a citizen who petitions the King with a grievance